I’m going to practice writing my forward in this area. I’m going to edit it add to it brainstorm whatever…so here we go

I’m kinda hoping that I will be underestimated
I’m hoping that friends and family will pick up my book and say no way David wrote a book. Then you know the next question will be why? Then the action will be to look at the cover set the book on a coffee table somewhere. Maybe my book will be a nice conversation piece so that when people come by the house you can say yeah my friend cousin brother nephew son David wrote a book. It will be funny too because when people ask what is the book about you will have to say poetry but if they ask you anything beyond that you might have to say I really don’t know I didn’t read that much of it. That’s ok because one night when you are restless or one day when you are heading to the bathroom and need a little motivation you will pick up my book. In which case it is my personal goal to be so compelling the you won’t be able to put the book donwn. When you finish reading this book I hope you say wow, that really wasn’t that bad I can see where he really tried.


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