whew this one is long and i couldn’t cut it down
i’m going in today kids so hold on to your seats
the poem is about loving somebody
first you fall in love
then you argue
then you have to try to maintain that relationship
lets see if any of you have ever done this before

LOVE part I

Who could know love like I know love
If it’s real love then you could show love
The love that binds and holds the both of you
Helping another draw close to you
Closing out the sea of doubt
The kind of love you can’t do with out
The ooh and ahh I need you back
The kind of love that won’t leave you
Without hope of coming back
This the love they write songs about
This the love you need to know about
This the love that consumes your soul
This is the love you can’t control
This love that makes men build houses
This is the love that makes a man buy a boat
This is the love that compliments hope
This the love that faith sustains
This is the love when no love remains
This the force that actuates the mind
This the love you hope to find
This is the love that makes kids runaway
This is the love that makes a man seize the day
This is the love that makes you dedicate you life
This is the love that makes you keep loving your wife
This is the love that has no price
This is the love that would make you give up you life
This is the love that don’t take no thought
This it the love new lovers caught
This is the love you cant’ take away
This is the love that never goes away
And if it leaves
Then it will return so quickly
This is the love that makes seven years pass just like two days
This is love that we want to make
This is the love that we want to make
This is the love that gets carried away
I don’t mean for you to be over taxed
And I know you think I should relax
But that is not where I’m going next
So prepare for the truth in this act
This is the love that keeps the lights on
This is the love that you can’t try on
Naw cause this type of love always fits
Yet this type of love you still practice
This is love it exist for sure
If love doesn’t exist then the heart is not pure
You can be sure that you are in love
Even if you are the only one
Love is lonely but it’s not alone
Love is on the phone all night long
Love is always in striking distance
Love is calling are you listening
Love is poetry all the time
Love is a poem that does not rhyme
Love is the only real reason to do a thing
This is the love that satisfaction brings
I’m going to stop in just a few bars
I just want to say love got me this far
Love is stronger than any horsepower
Love will keep watch till that fateful hour

Love is going to find us without much space
But love will always have a place

LOVE part II

I never pick up after myself
I never take out the trash
I always leave my plate on the table
I always think I’m right
I never ask I just do
I always have a double standard
I’m never on time
I’m always late
I’m always in a hurry
I’m never really great
I always say hurtful things
I never give compliments
I never spend time with the kids
I’m always broke
I always take
I never give
I’m always negative
I’m always leaving
I never go away
I always want to argue
I never stop nagging
I’m always hiding something
I talk too much
I talk to loud
I say the wrong things at the wrong time
My bills are always late
I’m never home
I’m never home on time
I always go places
I never want to go anywhere
I’m always selfish
I never share
I never care
I always act funny
I never smell nice
I never dress nice
I always get mad
I always make a scene
I never speak up for you
I always talk down to you
I never take turns
I always get mad when we play board games
I never play board games
I always talk during the movie
I never listen
I never talk
I’m always talking and never listening
I’m always complaining
I never get anything done
I never try
I’m always trying the wrong thing
I’m always in the way
I never have any money or did I say that already
I’m lazy
I’m corny
I’m fat
I’m big but not big enough
I get on your nerves
I always want things my way


And you thought I wasn’t listening
I told you I heard you
Now check me out
Cause I really am the bomb

I’m there for you always
I’ll never leave you
If I ever leave you I’ll be right back
I’ll be gone till November
Maybe December
February at the latest
Plus I’ll be right back
I’m chewing with my mouth closed
Working on my diet and if you never had Sharwarma
I think that you should try it
I don’t mean to hurt you
I want to talk nice to you
I want to be there day and night for you
I’m not really lazy just a little tired
Worked so hard on the job didn’t want to get fired
I know I never have any money
And I might be broke
But I save some money for later on
So we won’t always be po
So you have to just have hope

I might seem so aloof but I really care a lot
And if you need the proof all you have to do is watch
I can learn to dress better bought me an Armani sweater
I don’t know where to wear it but I think things are getting better
I don’t like board games I get bored with them quick
I was only talking bad cause I’m so frus-tra-ted

I don’t me to complain I’m just working my problems out aloud
If it really bothers you I promise I will tone it down
I don’t mean to do the wrong thing this is like a wrestling
Plus it gets harder when I’m stressing
But now I’m in the gym trying to get my muscles strong
So if I’m going to make the progress I have to leave the drink alone

I swear baby girl I am such a change person
Yes I am a changed man
I had to really think it thru but now I got a game plan
I can’t always right way and never be wrong
So I’m down on my knees singing my song in a low key
This is true to us you mean the world to me

So if you don’t mind and I don’t think you do
I gone to make a change in what say and I do
Or should I say did,done or am i out to sea
If I was always right before I guess now I will never be

And I hope I’m not wrong
And to tell the truth this is my fight song
And the way we go together you probably want to sing along
But I want to end it right here cause love got me this far
And since I love you so much I hope you always stay
And since I love you so much I hope you never go away
This the love they write songs about
This the love you need to know about
This the love that consumes your soul
This is the love you can’t control
This is the love


thankful poem

I was listening to NPR one day and a lady had written a whole book on being thankful and why we should be thankful and the need to give thanks…that moved me so i wrote a poem about it i hope you enjoy

Thank you Iris

I’m thankful to have you
You be mad some days and I be mad too
You be mad at me and I be mad at you
But we got that mad love
And the love comes out more than the mad do

I keep thinking about snickers bars
Then that makes me think about Reese cups
And then sure enough
I cant thank God enough
Because the more I think about you the more of you I want

I love the way you laugh
cause your laugh is off the chains
And if I divide your laugh by the sound
only your smile remains
And I’m grateful
Yes I said that I’m thankful

I see your hair is such a pretty thing
Thick as the corn syrup and black as jelly beans

You look just like a queen
And maybe I’m a king
Or maybe I’m a fein
Because I’m over here shaking till you get back to me
And I’m thankful to have you
You make me feel safer

And I really just want to see if the words on the paper
Make you think of me
Cause I can only think of you
That’s just me being real
You can be my juicy fruit
And I will be your orange peal
Or you can be my candy coated cherry girl
And I will be delighted
to bite it…..oops maybe I should backspace
Here let me just re-write it
You got me so excited
I would be delighted
It keeps coming out that way ain’t no other way to write it
And I don’t want to overstated
but you the kind of girl that a guy could run away with
I just want to let you know
That I’m forever thankful to have you
I need you to know it
So even if I don’t show it
deep on the inside my love for you is flowing

I done gone off on a tangent but if you think
that you can handle it
Come and go away wit me I’ll never leave you stranded
I want’ you like a bandit
Looking at a thing and he knows he could never have it
I’m not trying to thief you
I just want to reach you
And if you come with me I have some things I will teach you
with love I will meet you

give me one chance just to say what I want to
I’m so into you I thought I could be at peace
Like the peace I have with you and I’m thankful now at least

I never thought I could relax and let time grind to a halt
but that’s just what seems to happen when we recline and we talk
cause a minute by your side is better than any 2 else where
When I’m with you I live with out a care
and the threats go away
my caution leaves me
I think you love me too
Unless my eyes deceive me

so I’m thankful believe me
And in my prayers that is what I say
a thousand times day
Thank you for this girl lord
may she never go away