Bible Reading Tonight

 I have the bible reading assignment tonight it is taken from Exodus 9:1-19.  In this assignment I read aloud the passage from the bible to the congregation. I take this assignment very seriously. In order to prepare I first listen to the bible on mp3 which you can find here.02_ex_e_092 the recording is from there you can download the NewWorld Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

I have to listen to it like a hundred times then I read the passage aloud in the mirror about 5 or 6 times till i’m pretty sure of the words and inflections that i want to use. I’m going to do the reading and a discussion of what i do to prepare at 9:30am this morning on my web cam then i will attach that to this post. i look forward to seeing you then…..

10:00am ok so it took me a tad longer than i thought that it would but everything is everything and this is my practice reading that i promised you i would show using the web cam. the theocratic ministry school is very important to the developement of christian ministers and i would encourage those of you who qualify to join if you haven’t already, now for the video….