whew this one is long and i couldn’t cut it down
i’m going in today kids so hold on to your seats
the poem is about loving somebody
first you fall in love
then you argue
then you have to try to maintain that relationship
lets see if any of you have ever done this before

LOVE part I

Who could know love like I know love
If it’s real love then you could show love
The love that binds and holds the both of you
Helping another draw close to you
Closing out the sea of doubt
The kind of love you can’t do with out
The ooh and ahh I need you back
The kind of love that won’t leave you
Without hope of coming back
This the love they write songs about
This the love you need to know about
This the love that consumes your soul
This is the love you can’t control
This love that makes men build houses
This is the love that makes a man buy a boat
This is the love that compliments hope
This the love that faith sustains
This is the love when no love remains
This the force that actuates the mind
This the love you hope to find
This is the love that makes kids runaway
This is the love that makes a man seize the day
This is the love that makes you dedicate you life
This is the love that makes you keep loving your wife
This is the love that has no price
This is the love that would make you give up you life
This is the love that don’t take no thought
This it the love new lovers caught
This is the love you cant’ take away
This is the love that never goes away
And if it leaves
Then it will return so quickly
This is the love that makes seven years pass just like two days
This is love that we want to make
This is the love that we want to make
This is the love that gets carried away
I don’t mean for you to be over taxed
And I know you think I should relax
But that is not where I’m going next
So prepare for the truth in this act
This is the love that keeps the lights on
This is the love that you can’t try on
Naw cause this type of love always fits
Yet this type of love you still practice
This is love it exist for sure
If love doesn’t exist then the heart is not pure
You can be sure that you are in love
Even if you are the only one
Love is lonely but it’s not alone
Love is on the phone all night long
Love is always in striking distance
Love is calling are you listening
Love is poetry all the time
Love is a poem that does not rhyme
Love is the only real reason to do a thing
This is the love that satisfaction brings
I’m going to stop in just a few bars
I just want to say love got me this far
Love is stronger than any horsepower
Love will keep watch till that fateful hour

Love is going to find us without much space
But love will always have a place

LOVE part II

I never pick up after myself
I never take out the trash
I always leave my plate on the table
I always think I’m right
I never ask I just do
I always have a double standard
I’m never on time
I’m always late
I’m always in a hurry
I’m never really great
I always say hurtful things
I never give compliments
I never spend time with the kids
I’m always broke
I always take
I never give
I’m always negative
I’m always leaving
I never go away
I always want to argue
I never stop nagging
I’m always hiding something
I talk too much
I talk to loud
I say the wrong things at the wrong time
My bills are always late
I’m never home
I’m never home on time
I always go places
I never want to go anywhere
I’m always selfish
I never share
I never care
I always act funny
I never smell nice
I never dress nice
I always get mad
I always make a scene
I never speak up for you
I always talk down to you
I never take turns
I always get mad when we play board games
I never play board games
I always talk during the movie
I never listen
I never talk
I’m always talking and never listening
I’m always complaining
I never get anything done
I never try
I’m always trying the wrong thing
I’m always in the way
I never have any money or did I say that already
I’m lazy
I’m corny
I’m fat
I’m big but not big enough
I get on your nerves
I always want things my way


And you thought I wasn’t listening
I told you I heard you
Now check me out
Cause I really am the bomb

I’m there for you always
I’ll never leave you
If I ever leave you I’ll be right back
I’ll be gone till November
Maybe December
February at the latest
Plus I’ll be right back
I’m chewing with my mouth closed
Working on my diet and if you never had Sharwarma
I think that you should try it
I don’t mean to hurt you
I want to talk nice to you
I want to be there day and night for you
I’m not really lazy just a little tired
Worked so hard on the job didn’t want to get fired
I know I never have any money
And I might be broke
But I save some money for later on
So we won’t always be po
So you have to just have hope

I might seem so aloof but I really care a lot
And if you need the proof all you have to do is watch
I can learn to dress better bought me an Armani sweater
I don’t know where to wear it but I think things are getting better
I don’t like board games I get bored with them quick
I was only talking bad cause I’m so frus-tra-ted

I don’t me to complain I’m just working my problems out aloud
If it really bothers you I promise I will tone it down
I don’t mean to do the wrong thing this is like a wrestling
Plus it gets harder when I’m stressing
But now I’m in the gym trying to get my muscles strong
So if I’m going to make the progress I have to leave the drink alone

I swear baby girl I am such a change person
Yes I am a changed man
I had to really think it thru but now I got a game plan
I can’t always right way and never be wrong
So I’m down on my knees singing my song in a low key
This is true to us you mean the world to me

So if you don’t mind and I don’t think you do
I gone to make a change in what say and I do
Or should I say did,done or am i out to sea
If I was always right before I guess now I will never be

And I hope I’m not wrong
And to tell the truth this is my fight song
And the way we go together you probably want to sing along
But I want to end it right here cause love got me this far
And since I love you so much I hope you always stay
And since I love you so much I hope you never go away
This the love they write songs about
This the love you need to know about
This the love that consumes your soul
This is the love you can’t control
This is the love


Take Some Time

when i wrote this poem i wasn’t thinking of slam poetry
and so maybe there is some type of evolution going on here
because i was thinking more paul mcartney, i kept hearing like the voice
of elton john, its wierd i couldn’t hear the voice of the black artist that i usally listen to
i’m trying to pick out somebody but this poem sounds so folksy to me
but it is what it is and i’m shooting for thirty days of poetry and of the four poems that i wrote today
not including the three i threw away i like this one the best so here it is entitled

Take Some Time

Tied to the times we stayed in tuned
Nusance and abatements let them leave the room
Creating closure where none was before
I hide behind my bedroom door

Deeply hurt I try to work the locks
Can’t get thru the combination as I cry these tears
I thought they were lost in my broken heart
But here they have arrived after all these years

Drawn in by the sight of fire
You can pull your eyes off the reck
My train is derailed and its off the track
And I walk with a brace on my neck

No w let us all take some time to breath as we relive the good and the bad
And if we find this is our time to leave then I’m sure they will all be sad
Take some time
Take some time
Come back to me but first take some time

Just to find out who you are you search and you look in your books
Just to find out where to go you give the past a second look
You lie awake in your bed at night hoping to make a new day
And as you see the sun arise you don’t know what else to say

Take some time
Take some time
Try to create a new space
Take some time
Take some time
You can’t live life with out enjoying the way

We all would like to believe that the sun shines down on us
But sometimes when we are down we have to come up from dust
In the cloud the lonely eve finds himself taking his stock
And in the day the lonely me finds myself watching the clock

Take some time
Take some time
You won’t believe what is owed to you
Take some time
Take some time
You won’t believe what you can do

Finally we walk roads alone
Hoping to stay on the path
And as we carry our number on we lose our own silly memory
Yes our memories are gone
And we hold our toungues alone hoping that the path is not slippery
Yes It is slippery
and we’ve said some mean mean things
Some things that we didn’t mean some mean things

So give us now a chance to make our little peace
And if we can ask forgiveness mate would you please give that to me
Give that to me
Please more than the time
It’s the memory of the mind
We take the time
To give the memory a day away from the sunlight
And this is the moment
We won’t let it go
But if we let go of the moment
Then I’m sure you’ll get to know

That you need to take some time
And breath
Calm down the mind
And flush those old memories
They mean nothing more to me
So take some time
Take some time
Please take some

I am a poet so I could just write away the stress

somebody ever stress you out so bad that you can’t do your job, your normal function you just feel like depressed and angry and more mad at yourself for letting this sucka put you in this position

hear feel me if i could work my dream job i would work as an apprentice with jesse james let him teach me how to cut and shape metal build cars and motorcyles

then i would build bikes and cars and just cut the tops off just cause i could and if anybody had even an iotem to say about it i would tell them to eat a rock

sorry i went off on a tanget but pick this up i’m not on some violence tip but im so mad if i had a brick i would definitely….here check this out i wish i had a foam brick then i could have hit him in the face and he wouldn’t really be hurt i could have got a good laugh out of the deal…

sorry that was me on my confused soapbox here is the poem i promise it will make your day and take away some of your stress…

put the darn brick down sheesh!

I’m pissed

 Sometimes the only way to change minds is to be so forward so aggressive
So passionate so drastic so caustic so weapon wielding fierce so loud
That they cant help but hear us

 Then there is the chance that these guys that we throw rocks at from the nosebleed seats
Really are not worth our effort
 I’m going to buy a stadium big as the roman theater

Forgive me mom but I’m sick of being held down by the neck

 These suckas got to show me some respect or I’m going to burn the building down
And that’s not a threat that’s me being repressed
I’m stressed
And I cant see a way out of this mess

 I’m a poet
 So here I’m going to add flowers
Here is a field full of Iris in the early dawn
Dew drops on her back smell like ripe pear nectar
 An my chest feels like its caving in and the only way to save it then
 Is to relieve the pressure like a cool autum breeze
Write when the air turns brisk and the evening comes

But the darkness has yet to arrive
And the kids play in the leaves
And I’m trying to paint a picture but I never been an artist
 Give me the chance to describe the yellows and the blues
And the light of the shade and the darkness of the rain
But its so refreshing it is God’s blessing
In the form of a life lesson
And I am is and  was
but I’m not so let the stress cook

In the piping hot boiling pot
 And I’ll have  a stew a soup for the soul
A moment to lie awake in the mold of life
And it can be molded into whatever you like
And I just want the hills and the bridge and the park

So I will get the hills and the bridge and the park

I am after all
I am a poet so I could just write away the stress
And let them know in the quiet of words written
That they have once again been belligerently smitten

Bible Reading Tonight

 I have the bible reading assignment tonight it is taken from Exodus 9:1-19.  In this assignment I read aloud the passage from the bible to the congregation. I take this assignment very seriously. In order to prepare I first listen to the bible on mp3 which you can find here.02_ex_e_092 the recording is from there you can download the NewWorld Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

I have to listen to it like a hundred times then I read the passage aloud in the mirror about 5 or 6 times till i’m pretty sure of the words and inflections that i want to use. I’m going to do the reading and a discussion of what i do to prepare at 9:30am this morning on my web cam then i will attach that to this post. i look forward to seeing you then…..

10:00am ok so it took me a tad longer than i thought that it would but everything is everything and this is my practice reading that i promised you i would show using the web cam. the theocratic ministry school is very important to the developement of christian ministers and i would encourage those of you who qualify to join if you haven’t already, now for the video….