u only know what u know

Sometimes you’re in a fight and don’t even know you fighting

Sometime you freestyle and don’t even know you writing

You watch your work for what you can’t see hoping to improve


[My own hands deceive me what you want me to do]


My fingers move so fast I never dodge the jab

I just had to laugh as I gave it all I had

The pencil to the pad “your mine” is all I said

I created my own outline broke it just like bread

I never needed a stencil please don’t be mislead


No homonyms no similes I tried to keep it simple

My daddy told me speak direct most people here are see thru


[In alchemy it’s the gold in Savannah it’s the system]


Its freezing cold but they telling me its temperate

I’m in savannah drying out but they telling me its humid

You want me to trust the process you really think I’m stupid

This is where the buck stops this is where the proof is

Come to me I’ll prove it I feel I’m bout to lose it


Third quarter you don’t slow down you see the chains and move’m

Don’t stop the game run the ball hopeing that you lose’m


If I break my stare glance away or begin to get distracted

I swear these jokers think I’m weak they never did a fact check

Cheeto dust on my finger tips my keystrokes is salty

Tipped off like a poolstick but I won’t let you chalk me

A sidewalk full of loud colors what would you do without me

Don’t fear the noise you worry when you think that I stopped talking


Change a tide by swimming change my life by living

I’m doing all the dirty work and praying to be forgiven

You want to see me scraping crawling thru the basement

But all my basements finished and I’ll be upstairs in a minute

I hope the time spent was worth it stay steady smirking

Where I’m from no perping more or less for certain

I’m more about that murking “green leafs” on the gable

If I did it for the Vine then its only cause I’m Able



Dirty shoe strings pet rocks and mood rings
Thought I was locked and loaded who knows what the mood brings
Gold ropes and plaque bracelets that match the earrings
Life sets you up which way to go sit back and laugh step into the throw
Which way does the wave fall which way do you fall
Roll over to your back and crawl
I never thought I would see the day….when words mean nothing at all