win forever

mayweather 2


chamillionaire dont shoot

Jehovah Willing

(this poem is an acronym)

Just give me a little time and
Eventually I will do as much as I can for you
Have a little faith I mean just believe in me
Out the gate I appreciate how you are receiving me
Very impressive how you stayed here thru the hard times
And acted like everyday was mine
How can I repay you

Will you have a time of need?
I know better than that indeed
Lend me your strength in my every endeavor
Let me draw close to you forever
I am indeed doing my best
Now I have
Goals and all are set

you’ll get it

You don’t got to wait for me I need you to be where you need to be and I think we both know what you need from me so you probably will get that eventually
Until that moment comes I’ll probably lace up these trainers and get ready to run like the a free man being chase really to tell the truth I need you to give me my space
In the days that pass we will count the multitude and one we will let the many days be one year and the many years be one space of time that we can call to mind later
If you don’t mind later you and I should sit down and talk maybe over coffee and this time you can pick up the tab because according to my math you owe me this one
Now cry later skate off the scene like an ice skater eyes up shoulders back look at my swag I got on eyeliner but I’m not dressed in drag
You laugh
But you down now how the stage is set how my account is set how the my rage is set how the page is wet from the words Iet drip from the pen, I mean I did it before and now I’m bout to do it again

sorry i missed your call

You shoulda paged me ten minutes ago
Really well I called you nine times
And if you check you probably go 8 missed calls
I left you 7 dollars on the dresser
There is a six pack in the fridge
Don’t touch it
Ill be back in 5 minutes
I got get in touch with 4 more people
So let me go
3 days from now we will all meet up
Even if its just for couple minutes we got to get together
I said that the last two times I saw you
Oh well at least we have this moment
I suppose I should tell you at least one time
I’m sorry I missed your call

smart poo

This is your chance to do you dance take your hands out your pocket man
I said you on a rocket man heading somewhere past the stands
With the people at your back and the whole weekend out ahead of you
You will never fail and and succeed is what you better do
This is not a minute and this is not a day but tomorrow is just a minute away
And I’m crashing
The mind is in a soup
The body is in a coupe
The body is in the trunk
And the sky is now the roof
I have African in my roots
I got cotton on my back and dandelion in my tea
You think you in the front can you really fire breath
There is a minute in the day a moment in the way
A spot in the line of a fire drill
Something that belongs to me

Leave your books on the table then go ahead and leave
Get that chip off your shoulder rip them names off your sleave
Its time to turn the tide
Take a moment just to breath
Now you are so relived and contrite at the same time
Game time

What you thought was a minute you assumed was a day
Was really just a moment standing in your way
If you come out the other side and manage to cross a bridge
Then we might just draw you out a path to show you where you live
Back off of the wrong
Spark up the light
Now you see the difference
Now you see whats right
Sewing your disposition to the lining of your suit
Changing your direction
In your timing you regroup
And if what the poet sais is not true
Then he don’t know the truth
And the wisdom that you seek
Will mean nothing more than the green in your poop


Looking for wisdom in a cookbook
Without understanding the fractions
Or ingredients
Need to get a cook in here to teach us about obedience

The bottom of the oven is filled with crumbs
And the cabinet underside is lined with scum
Something hidden behind the fridge is giving off an odor
Something in the sink is looking for closure

We get a chef up in this piece to teach us about pastry
A chef to show us how to mop up the floor
A chef to show us how to clean up
A chef to help us cook up what we dream up

In the mean time I read the book nowIt seems so profound
The ingredients the instruction and the know how
Short order today master chef tomorrow
Does anyone have some sugar I could borrow