j’cole grape juice and merlot

Yall better thank j’cole
Forget it
I’ll thank j’cole for inspiring me
Now I feel like the fella is wiring me new money
What the deal I ain’t new honey
I’m in the big truck should I feel funny
I got a goal and it aint got nothing to do with my teeth
I see my past trying to chase me its ok I matured
Turn around and tell it face me
Yet it runs away
Aint that the way of a coward
Something about when the man get the power
People want to supress’em like the silencer on pistol
Should I be inaccurate
Is that what you need to know I miss you
Blow a kiss to you light a candle
One of them little tea light joints
Now I’m moving up in the paint to prove a point
More tim Duncan than Dwight howard
I don’t care how much you tried to frustrate me
I got a whole team waiting on me
So if I have to play dirty I poppe’m like john Stockton
Please don’t expect to get it for free
At least not from me
I’ve grown tired
Maybe I’m wired from the caffeine
Skittles and pepsi replaced
By black rum and oreo cookies
Now I got to get ready for the season like nfl rookies
I do my best to prove myself
Burn down the 4-40 till there is nothing left
If I have to I’ll get some prostetic legs just to make an advantage
Haters probably steal the prostectics just to get an advantage
It don’t matter I got my head on straight I’m made to manage
Give me what you got if you can handle it
I’m coming down off the top
Don’t let the flow stop
And don’t let me get sloppy
I beg you just to be by me
I mean I’m waking up to heart palipatations
Heart attack or angina
I play it off I’m tough no vagina
But I’m feeling burned like the bottom of the lasagna
Scrape me off the curb like a dead armadillo
I’m crying into the pillows
I’m weeping savannah weeping willows
Dig down deep into the ground and suck up the waters
Swamp waters pull in deep like a father with six daughters
I’m dragging like the back of a Taurus station wagon
I’m packed up backed into a corner
Not feeling like myself
Just trying to like myself
So I can’t blame you for not reading me
But I’m might have to kill you if you don’t believe in me
The truth is these blood suckers bleeding me like the
Dark do the evening
Ok now I’m just rambling whatever I’m out yo
Please believe
Detroit please beleive
I will be a slim timmy when you see me
Thank you and I love you
And I need you and you read me
So you must believe me
I love you and I need you
Even if I don’t tell you I’m following you
And I’m following all your friends that follow you
Cause I love you and I need you ok
I’m still bobbing my head to that j’cole
Lets get it
I’m out


its ok…be mad

Scotch and milk

Cayenne pepper

I get my wallet

Off the dresser

Don’t knock it

I’ll make you better

Upgrade cashemere sweater

Ford explorer pin hole leather

Kentucky burbon

Hold your own

Make  your bones

Borrow money

Keep your stones

Tighten my belt

I got no complaint

When I see jay

I buy him a drank

Cut to the bone

They way you hurt me

Its ok I’m copper only

Burn me up

Melt me down

Change the face

Tears of a clown

I’m super certain that you will come around

game over

Maybe I’m freaking out

I need a weekend out

I can see with eyes

I just do without


No one is happy unless you feel pain

Bleed from the shoulder

Wait for the bus in the rain

Then they smile for minute


Until they realize you don’t  have a  limit

It’s not a gimmick

You in the rain so that you can get it

You bleed from the shoulder and pitch no hitters


First day jitters

You knock there socks off

3 times your quota

No more knock offs


And even your closest partner looking funny

Till you toss’m they cut of the money

Stand in the rain

Bleed from the shoulder

 I’ll be just started when there game is over

the realest poem i ever wrote

This will be the realest poem I ever wrote

Merlot and cranberry juice…negro mimosa

I used to be a hit Sammy sosa

Now I done fell off ….tim tebowed ya


Oh now that’s cold but you know what I mean

Im feeling green new jersey jet

Like its my first week at gulfstream

And I don’t have no friends yet


I’m under scrutiny by my intimate family

Man its going to take the man in me to avoid a calamity

I must be al gore

That one important piece of history they love to ignore


When they gone learn

Rookie quarterbacks always get taken a back in the draft

And people rather sit back and laugh

Than stand up and create


Sleep on my page frown up and hate

Whatever I’ll be in your dreams

And when you need a way out

I’ll show you that its not as hard as it seems