standing on one foot

Standing in the clutch like I’m between gears
Got the hiccups like I’m between tears
Shaking in my boots like I’m facing my fears
Got a solo cup filled up with light and dark beer
I just want to go but I’m still staying near
Retreating into my safe haven like a fox in the den
I see the hound dogs coming round the bend

I got a moment in science a few arguments won
Really I insist on not being outdone
I should have double checked my grammar
But I didn’t and now my verbage looks like it was cut
With a chisel and a hammer
That’s ok with me
Let it be ok with you
Read the poetry really just power thru

My eyes focus still hard to read
Like them new bmw’s with the LEDs
Zipping thru the pages like a laser printer
Back up detroits turtles like I’m the master splinter
Never walk away
Never been a quitter
Shadow boxing pretending to be mayweather
Bob and weave thru the flow oh so clever

Trying to flip switches like a board operator
Caught up in punchlines like espn commentators
Shucking and jiving trying to please the man
Call me a sell out I run fast as a ticket can
If you commit me to memory then you get the plan
Wrote to many lines to post on instagram


left alone

Don’t call it a recession
Don’t call it a depression
Don’t stand under the ladder
Don’t kick the bucket
Why would I brag
Why would I stammer
Swing low
Hit you in the shins with a hammer
And who’s happy
One person limping
The other still feels crappy
Slow motion
Stand on a rail
Whatever you do
Don’t stand by a fail
I’ll be with you if you win
I’ll stand with you if you try
Otherwise how could I say
I’ll be by you side when you die
Catching the strong arm
Out living the long con
I just hope you know what I’m on

learning to live

I could try to pretend like the wind don’t blow
Like I’m stand in the north and it might not snow
Who get’s to lead who has to follow
I feel like I might not make it thru the morrow


It’s ok to breathe step back and take a breath
I feel like Mayweather

I want to beat the competition to death
It works out better if I can profit off their loss
It works out better if I can make it rain in a recession


The reason I took so much time to recover


I was learning a lesson about faith hope and a blessing
When you see the writing

you know I’m trying to make an impression
No backlog no lost cause no way out the grey

I’m starting to feel like what more could I say