My 22 two’s

I can’t be somebody that I’m not but I got a vision of blowing up the spot
I’m not talking about suicide bombs I’m talking about supersized rhymes
Flipping flows like buster rhymes, mos def, stretch money
I am not a blogger in the since of blogspost
I’m not pressed to wordpress
I know you hate bloggers but tell the truth you love the Detroit Tiger
And it only takes one talker to dislodge it 22
I say
Too many times I listen too lines design
Too waste the power of too many minds
I’m at
A different spot then the average too poets
Too times I’m put the best on notice
This is me drawing closer too the guy in the poster
The hero with the shoulder holster
The twin pipes on the the too blue roadsters
Just incase you let the fans move in too much closer
I refuse too be one of too posers
I’m just here carrying the world on my shoulders
Waiting for a spot next too the water coolers
Muching on too kruelers
I’m not sharing with any too losers
I’m surprised that no one else picked up on the method
I learned my lesson in too listens
Turned my head too the left and kept bobbing
Brushed the dirt off too shoulders and keep rhyming
Pushed the worry out my mind too fulfill the mission
Too bruises too much admonition not enough people
Willing too listen
Too what end must I advise you
You let too many things surprise you
Too verses standing in the shadow of a giant
Too persistant to quit tryin

What I say I get up for this thing man
And I make it look easy
But don’t even move enough to do a two step
I stay on pace like the second hand on a timex
My x factor might as well be precalculated
Can nobody catch up to my trigonometry
Even if you had telepathy
You probably couldn’t read me
I desire that you keep trying so I keep
Rhyming off timing
Nothing more than the music in my mind
A barrier like mucus lining

I’m not sure why it seems like you want me too fail
I chased down the win too catch it right by the tail
I only took two phone calls too clear the matter up
Catch up with two rappers and the latter put the batter up
Too many occasions that I confused the reader
Too many times my grammar didn’t check out
And I didn’t care too many styles too chose from
Two choices pay homage or back out like I lost inspiration
Two more pages and this shitick gets us too outrages
Two rhyme pages just playing AA till I get too the majors
Who gives you the chance too make up the verse
Coming too you with the gift and the curse
I write I didn’t bite and I did it too death
You want an apology keep holding your breath
This is too the best writer a chance too make amends
Two fingers too my two friends
That’s dueces man