Now now now

They say I switched my writing style

I just smile and relax

Though at first I was taken aback

Now I’m just taking a crack

At making an impact


Let me stop

Or let me stomp

Or let me stomp on those trying to stop me

I just put some cream in my coffee

No I’m lying I take it straight black

Like the comb in my hair that goes straight back


I mean really who does that

I might just let it grow out

Get the fro out

Bring back the blow out

Maybe let my hairline come down

Looking in the mirror thinking

Man I’m brown


Last but not least

“Feed me Seymour”

Read me see more

Back to the PLDunbar

Shopping in the krogar

I might just bogard

Right up to the throne of asgard

And get a little money for my gas card


detroit on my rhyme

Every poet from Detroit got a story to tell

A nice singing voice

A talent that we are trying to balance

Against the everyday struggle and malice

Breaking out the pencil the mic the songbook

Just trying to get a feeling from callus


I mean “I put on for my city”

Feel like a drone in my city

I’m home in my city

Sean comb in my city…but

 I just can’t take it no more

Its heavy on my shoulders

Trying to settle in a score


A remorse for success I feel pressed

Folks just waiting for me to make a mess

Take back ten steps for the past five days of progress

And that will never happen

I mean lets be for real

With all my zeal my ship only goes one way

I’m on a path to the moon

You can’t stop a lit cannon

You can’t recall a rumor spread

And you can’t keep my feet in the bed


Long as I’m living I’m working

The money keeps chasing me

The day keeps facing me so I keep my running shoes tide

I keep my Detroit inside

I don’t got to show it to be showing it

I don’t got to know it to be knowing it

Its in every footstep


I never knew about the swagger

And I’m not from Texas

Detroit wasn’t something I could just put on a checklist

What that mean he in the coney at five thirty for breakfast

What that mean he moved to the burbs to make a connection

It all rhetorical,

If it mean heating up noodles I’m still supporting you

If it mean hot and ready’s I’m still just courting you

If you want to be surprised look and see what I bought for you

A couple more days and I will have all of you


Not playing I’m just saying when they go back thru my


When they go back thru my poems

Not to be overly dramatic

But I wrote every line

One at a time

Waiting for the moment

When I could Fredrick Douglass the remix

When I could Langston Hughes my sheet

I just wanted talk the Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Of my era I did my best to Dane Cook up this hot plate


From Sinbad to Soulja boy I covered the landscape

Typed up my mandates

And sold my soul for mandrakes

Which just means that when I was dead tired

In the heat of the night

I still kept treating you right

Thanks to the Homie for throwing up the rock

Thanks for the couple seconds we all had with pac

Thanks for the memories  #Biggie

Thanks to Nas for being illmatic

If it hadn’t been for that work mine would be less dramatic


Last but not least I suppose I’m an addict

Cause even when I’m writing I’m not writing

And when I’m reading I’m just talking

And as long as I can breath read and think

As long as I’m allowed to drink

As long as I can keep my eyes open past a blink

I’ll keep washing them greens in the sink

Putting up a plate for the playas from the D

In Detroit there are no easy streets