i only got these two eyes to see thru
why god give us eyes if the eye could decieve you
the nose breath in air
could breath in gas
fall to the ground
your old life pass

not to depress you but since you let me address you
ill take a little time to nevertheless you
bless you with
a couple of observations

emotions run high
as the hands reach out of tv stations
newscast and blogs
i tried to stay away from the tv
hide from the 40″ eye and hope it couldn’t see me
but i swear that thing watched me sleeping
got up in the morning went to work and tried to act like it didn’t see me
but it must have
cause before i could open my mouth my co-workers were talking about
his wrath
the display of a psyco-path
and none can be forgiven for the misgiving
that cause the deaths of elementary school children

and without a political agenda i watched a discusion that said we need an amendment
when i could think was we need the new system
and how long can i pray to god
and have him say
dave hang in there
i think i’m losing my grip
quiver my bottom lip
my knee are weak
cause all i get in a week
is an attack on my constitution
and i don’t mean to be patriotic
i mean the droning on of wrong is becoming hypnotic
if you looking for the end of the world
it ain’t hard to spot it
blah blah blah do dee dome dee dome da dit

last but not least i lay my kids to rest at night
unsure of the morn
worry causing my stomach to burn
anxiety giving me heart palipitations
i wanted to focus on writing but i got no concentration
can i say it
i feel like the batter at the plate
anticipating the ball
if you throw it my way i’m going for the wall
cause it just doesn’t help to be slow with the swing
the only one getting proper treatment is the guy with
his name on the wing
the only person eating is the one fishing
the only one hoping is the one that stopped wishing
i could only strike out some many times
before the rules have to change
i don’t have no neck…that’s the only way to maintain
going for the throne has become a game
to everyone….except the kings


snide talk

cracked up like the open sidewalk

snide talk

abide by the words written in the chalk
washed out the sand, open my hand and try to make you understand

written in a code like hood debriefing
i think i need a ghetto pass this weekend

i’m trying to out write
the author of reasonable doubt

but i doubt that what i write
could out write the hot pocket theme song

“haut pocket”

and its just me…

no team so what to do later
when i get more hands coming out then a pack of nowa laters

stress got me dying to stay sober
nursing the hangover of coming up short with the deposit
on a grey range rover

i don’t mean to be shallow but if your mom couldn’t afford to ride the bus with her
don’t be surprised if they grow up thinking to get it how they live

the only thing i can pass to you is a soda
give myself some closure
and hope you draw close to jehovah

no if ands a buts, nothing to lose
not when i’m the one responsible for all the school shoes

its just you
then do that
i thought we went thru that
back and forth like google chat
you would have made out better to copy cat

instead you sleep in your bed
trying to figure out how to pinch off my bread

and not to be stingy
but i got thick skin so you probably couldn’t pinch me

finally to put it quite simply
how about you send me a royalty

now the lights dim
and the appreciation is slim
and all the backs turn like i need something from them

i learned long ago where to go when the times turn grim
i just tighten up my belt and taste the roof of my mouth

never let another make me doubt
can you tell me what this all about

dont be so confused make a decision
or settle for having lost the battle in your own competion……

buzzer beater

time seems to pass before i can even put a thumb up
i keep smacking into bricks looking for a one up
standing in the sticks looking for a come up
narrow my field of vision
maybe i should stop watching the clock
sometimes them last few seconds are just a passing thought
you know how many times i thought of just passing the rock
i can’t do it for the block there are no accolades
nobody really cares where thier car is made
where the man is built
no one cares about the hand your dealt
no one cares if you wear your seatbelt
only the next chapter and what comes after
will this life make the poet a rapper
make the rapper an actor
make the actor a musician
and the musician a politcian
let me cut to the chase before the time passes
and you start to listen to the past intern competion…
with the present
life wont teach a lesson without
a few regrets…

i got next