yeah right…fool!

She’s singing her song
But he’s not listening
Dancing on the table with the food still on it
Seems silly but they are all laughing so it must be all good

Settle in and make a religion of your intoxication
You will lose your woman to the nations
Fall off the table and land on the congregation
But most of them won’t help your situation

Its taking to long for me to explain to you lames
That you got to appreciate a wife with a mean shoe game
Thanks Jay for helping with that
Open you eyes buy a doormat if you need one

Love a wife if you see one
The rest of yall believe a poem when you read one
Stand to the left of a fool and you will be in the wrong
Step away from a fool and you will sing this song


i dont but if i did

I don’t


I don’t


I don’t


I don’t


I don’t

Like loudmouths

I don’t

Mind working hard

I don’t

Care what you got

I don’t

Care where you been

I don’t

Care who you know

I don’t

Care if you fat

I don’t

Want to have to but I will if I have to

I don’t

Want you to push me

I don’t

Back down

I don’ t

Run from nobody

I don’t

Hate my baby momma

I don’t

Need much

I don’t’

Lose touch

I don’t

Need the negative

I don’t

Have any regrets

I don’t have to do nothing but be black and die


But if I did


I’d have a beer every other night

I’d take a two swig while relaxing

I do take my friend out to eat

I do smile at each person I meet

I do crack mad jokes

I do pour out the bravado

I do drive a minivan

I do not like driving a minivan

I do take care of my kids

I do love my wife

I do love my wife

I do not tell her enough but I love my wife

I do stand by my words

I do read my poems

I do write for you

I do use ‘I’ in all of my poems

I do know myself better than you ever will

I do write these poems for kids in middle schools

I do want you to be motivated

I do want you to try harder

I do think you can do better

I do wait for my brothers to do right

I do pray for each one individually

I do celebrate when the come back to the fold

I do hold some thoughts to myself

I do promise to keep creating and motivating forever

i know i can

Like its spring training camp
Focus and dedicated
Working off the extra weight
Can’t wait for the ball to come across the plate
Swinging for the fences

Knock this into the next dimension
Not to menition the awards
And honorable mentions
Can I please get the attention of all detractors

“Well dave I’m not really into poetry
At least not like that”

And that is precisely why I keep writing
Until I get attended to by the titans

Keep respecting the grind
Wear away at the stone until my reflection will shine

So bright not to be melodramatic
But I would rather add the fabric softener
Then walk around with the static

Still on top of a shaky rhythm
The Aalliyah back and forth I give’m

With all those A’s I’m shooting for an A plus
But I’m in an E class not far from failure
But it feels so good surrounded by calfskin leather
More like procrastination

Unlease I adjust the prespective
and see a six50
Then I’m so I high or is that 420

Better yet g5

I’m so far from failure
I could probably connect my context
To the likes of Biggie


I’m just kidding
Still writing to the best is written
Or till the best is written

Why encode it if they won’t take the tine
To decode it

You know they say ya’ll don’t read
What you talking about

Give me a chance I’m still trying to flesh it out

This feeling, cramps in my eyebrow
Might as well do it now

I’m the rock

Cause when the game starts and I walk
Out on the field
There won’t be no room for practice
Iverson keep it real

Got to be on point when your competion is Jeter
Got to be a genius when you trying to attract
This field seem like the desert somedays
But it is just a mirage
I know you out there with camouflage in the sand
So I stick to my Nas
And just say “I know I can”

next to nothing

They push past the pain like players on a playing field
But when the situation calls for a mace or an axe then its hard not to keep it real
What you talking bout son you work in a lillie field
But when the lion comes out the woods the sheep get killed

Even the most passive find themselves at war
Kill a foolish beast for the sake of the Moore
Run down a bear with a rope and a stone
You would do anything to protect your home

Try to protect your own with some bullets home grown
They got they guns at walmart now they sharp shooters full blown
Something in this picture look so wrong
but who am I to complain Im just a poet with a song

The AA can’t help you triple A can’t save you
Caught up in the matrix don’t you see who made you
And you wonder how they played you
With the sun so bright you wonder how they shade you

on those lonely nights