if you un hand me I might stick the landing
just let me flow
had a couple good points just let me go

like why people with degrees gotta keep telling me they got one
or do I just hear it so often cause I want one

what would it cost for me to win
i’m playing for a dynasty so if I win once
I will win again and again and again and again and again

How is that for a mantra
Congrats to diddy on the Oscar
Tell Russell simmons I bought the book
Meditated for a minute now I’m off the hook

I got down on myself call it writers block
Then I realize you only get that when you don’t write a lot

Put chia seeds in some malt liquor will that make me well
Ask Gary Null cause I can’t tell

What up doe to homies back in the D
How you doin iris I know you checking for me
Tell the kids I’ll be back in a minute just signed my papers
And I might buy a house get some new neighbors

Catching up on my reading my friends writing blogs
I’m trying to leave comments cause love you all

These poems be myself defense
(me myself defense)
life got me on the ropes trying to box me in

I’m so Floyd you have to slo mo replay my hits
Get on my level like 50 cent the actor not the rapper
I’m doing my thing creating a new chapter
You don’t have to stick around long to find what comes after
Just don’t make a slap bet cause I really will slap ya

I’m on a tangent but if you still reading let me leave you with
Something to believe in
All day all night I stayed in prayer
And for all my days faith got me here
I’m no tebow and I don’t know j lin
But if I won once I’ll win again…and again..and again


on break

Tried to pick you up brush your shoulders off
Hit you with a kiss, something angel soft
This the real world I could only wish for a story
Roll the credits go out in a blaze of glory

Nothing doing no ruin no bleach no bluing
I’m sighing I’m crying I’d be lying if I said
I wasn’t sitting in denial
I’m spry
I’m young
Hair trigger I’m sprung
I might get old before I’m done
And from what it looks like I’ve been undone

Jim Jones
The rapper
Cut back to me
Starting a new chapter
I’m hurting
And I’m nervous
Got to get more time in service
But how can I help when I feel anviled myself
Anviled is when they drop and anvil on your head
You don’t die you just walk funny instead
No now looking back if this life is real
Somebody tell me what the deal
I can’t even read the bible
And know how to feel
I can call my mom
To keep it real
I can’t let go
Of what
I know
I feel

its not a problem

Liquid poured out to form

Something out the norm

Something that you do for them

They don’t understand

We all got problems

But can you weather the storm


Stand with your head held high

When sky is falling

Can’t close your ears

When this guy is calling

And who could really know what to do

I ask you


If you was standing in my shoes

Playing on my court

Do you pass the rock

Or take the last shot

Put it on your shoulders

And carry the whole team

Wake up from a nightmare

Crawl out a dream


We are doing this just for you

Never leave never die never lose

Even in death sing a tune

No dry eyes in the house

Just love in the room

Ride out the storm

Light a candle in the gloom