pennies in the drain

The boys daddy was a chemist and his momma played the guitar
The girls father was a drug dealer and her mom a stripper
The boys daddy played college football up in nyc
The girls daddy sold crack right across the street

The boys momma played back up for a host of stars
The girls momma danced on tables in a host of bars
The boys parent live together on a farm in the Midwest
The girls parents wouldn’t recognize each other ithey tried there best

The girl so smart the streets taught her well
The boys level of intelligence is nice as well
The girl put it in her heart that she’s going places
The boy got heart but he’s frustrated

The girl walked to school catching a bus a train another train and a bus
The boy got dropped off at school and skipped class because he was fed up
The girl can’t understand her work so she stayed afterschool for tutoring
The boy don’t understand what the teachers are tryin to do to him

The boy really just want to keep it real
put these math classes down and just go chill

The girl just wants a better life,
reads everything and works her math all night
The boy met a girl and she looks like her life is hard
The girl met a boy and he looks like he is living large

he told the girl all his problems
The girl knows away to help him solve them
The girl told the boy all she needs in this life of sin
“is me and my boyfriend”

While the boy tried to understand her rhythmic prose
She gave him the kind of kiss you get with both eyes closed
Far to young to feel this kind of sensation
The boy feel that much deeper into his frustration
The girl kept working her plan because of her situation

Told the boy just wait till graduation

The girls momma ain’t coming home no more
The girl pays her own rent don’t need nobody else no mo
The boy so sick and tired he’s at a loss for words
But for him to stop going to school would be absurd

The boys parents was sitting together on the third row
The boys parents got a child that they do not know
At the graduation they found out they got a grandchild
wait till he tell them what they don’t know