Playing Dunbar

Not peddling his wares he is still aware that if he waits a minute and appears to still be here
If he talks for a minute and the people marvel and cheer
If he should be so moved that he rises out of his chair
And if the fire should strike off the chest hair
Then take the penned lyrics and lock them in a chest right here
Something restored something ignored something so that the ignorant never get bored
Two things to challenge all minds like a treasure hunter looking for gold that he never did mine
Its not a story don’t sit back nor recline
Don’t look for the clicker there is no channel to find this is the revolution it wont be televised
Really I hate to say that whoever said that almost lied cause when you got the internet influences lives
Then the revolution would be missed if it had been televised

Let the children no longer need game systems they found work arounds even when the parents prevent them
This is a new moment really a new day the kids work like spies the parents get taken away
Can’t really say what you want to say burn your tounge off if you get carried away
Which one is worst what would you say the nine year old who called the cops on his moms
Or the nine year old on youtube who threatened his mom
Kids on the internet admit all the crimes den they scream whoo haaa like busta rhymes
It seems like you might get carried away I say a kid post his home phone just the other day
And on facebook or should I say off some girl ran over another girl and hit two cops
I don’t think the virtual world is virtual
And who knew that a couple blog post could really hurt you
Personally I like Maino and all his music
But I think if I said the wrong thing the brother might just lose it
And I heard some girl said something about Rick Ross now that just crazy
I dance to Rick Ross like I’m back in the eighties
Oh well I guess she got confused cause when she seen him in person he wasn’t
So amused
Me personally I’m just treading water trying not to go off the deep in
Work a few hours and get some sleep in
Take to the power rock the ink pen
Paul Laurence dunbar till the weekend


What had Happened was

When people support you they see your vision get behind and push you
Then you just walk away like the same people wont miss you
Those same people that show up with the mob and kiss you
Boom pow surprise when you ask for tissue
Your nose runs faster than your feet
And your mouth spills your heart on the street
How hard should we take the lack of leadership
How hard should we take the need for ownership

One to one there is no place for thee
You name in the book but we are erasing thee
Your name on the building I am effacing thee
Some one get the krylon there is now space for me

Feeling oddly changed
Caught missed and lost in politics games
There is no need for a fraud to aim
I haven’t been this mad since I couldn’t rock troop in the first grade
Yes my mom knows about the drug dealers closed
About the boy up the street who had the funeral with his casket closed
Me I’m just a kid what could I know; all is see is the shine and yet
There is no more

I’m getting lost in the pleasure if ebb and flow
Sometimes I forget what you come here for
My eyes look off in the distance and forget the moment
Slice the ice like ice skates sluicing my mind producing
A picture for you to apprise you began to see my vision no need to close your eyes
And then back to the issue we came here for
Busta rhymes gimmes some more or was it swizz beats get it on the floor
Either way I suppose we take it long gone the days of polariods you shaken
How many ways from Savannah to Macon
How many days for Detroit to make it

In thought

Put your hands in the freespace
This is how the negative is replace
Look twice hae a double take
Feel your feet lighten
This is the way to incite men

Done this way for ages
Feed the literacy with food
From the pages
And this normative
Nothing outrageous