Let me get my coat

I might just lose it
22 days I got no music
Stand on two feet but that’s just pausing
If you catch me in the street I will be walking

Ever been where I’m going
Tell me if you know what I’m knowing
Hey look Beyonce’s showing
Meanwhile in Greece the panic is still growing

This is my light work and yet I’m still flowing
Its going to take more than a knights work to get this wheel rolling
So I’m still toiling put this pen to the midnight oil and
See if I can be forgiving for leaving my thoughts on paper when the most prolific poets make claims of abatemet
I mean not to make a belligerent statement but if they wont write why should I quote
And if I ain’t write ill just get my coat
Seeings how we got nothing to read at a poetry meeting
This might as well be an aa meeting
Not dissing aa meetings just that if I’m at a poetry reading where no one is reading
Then I’m going to have a few questions one or two suggestions ..I might want to teach a few lessons
But if no one listens or cares or cares to listen and take note
I might well turn right back around and get my coat.