How could I know?

Thinking trying doing your best
Take your hands out of your pockets
Don’t give them a rest
You never know where the seed you planted will grow
You been working with your girl
Just wait till she show

I ain’t trying to scare you take my words with salt
Let the spirit move you till I say something nice
We been working in the heat
Got a hat for the sun
Steve McQueen on the bike
A-team on the run

That just means its innocent fun
Not to promote violence
I’m just talking out loud so one day you can recite one
knowing that you making us proud


Shake my head

Who you think yo sposed to be
You don’t fight
So how is you mayweather
You don’t advocate for the youth
So you ain’t no Micheal Eric Dyson
You ain’t deep like talib kweli¬† really who is you sposed to be

You posed to be the illest but you ain’t Nas
You ain’t funk master flex you don’t drive them cars
You ain’t young jeezy you never delivered no mail
If they ask what it weigh you probably couldn’t even read the scale
You sitting in Savannah and never even been to the A
So you ain’t Andre 3k
Or deandre or bow wow
You don’t rhyme well cause you don’t know how
You might be from the d but you never met trick trick
You don’t know m&m never met the Dayton family or the Cartier boys
You never drop a g in the brass key or watered the black orchid…so you tell me who you posed to be

Yes indeed

Knock me over with a feather
Do whatever…whatever
I love my people an I m not just being clever
Reaching for your heart strings let me pull the lever

You ever
Stand in the hotel outside in the cold weather

Inside the man is just an empty shell

Wondering if the 3 sixty wave pattern will hold up

His ego swole up

An in his head he feel so tough
Inside undressed

Unimpressed with the amount of stress

Fully prepared for the days contest

And his place is the simplest

I live on a the shore
The street is a tide
I’m trying not to let a wave take my pride
But I feel the crash every time we will collide

Am I not real
I see a hill talking to a mountain
A faucet talking to a fountian

Tell me I’m not a spring when I’m having a beautiful summer


Thoughts used to ebb in flow
Or stand in line
Waiting patiently
To escape my mind

Nowadays its not that way
Every minute of everyday
Seems so crowded
Jammed packed
Thoughts rush the gates
I can’t hold them back

My hand trembles over the keys
What must I say to fill the need
What must I do to cage this beast
Or should I just set it free

You can feel the tension
Read my angst
Now all I need is some space
A little time
Maybe vacation
Kick off my shoes
Sit on the couch wit the PlayStation
Eat some carbs
Drink a brew
Sleep for a week

What else to do
Go back home introduce my city
To this silk and purple man its pretty
Lose myself in an afternoon
Take a flight off to the moon
Give my kids a silver spoon
They so copper I don’t know what to do