So much for a liar

Stay on the path or blaze one
Stay on the blocks or make a run
Shake the dust off your feet when the unbelievers don’t listen
And stand on your Bible if you trying to reach Christians

I believe in the truth
I ain’t for the apparition
I can see a lie coming way off in the distance
I just let it past never stopped to listen
Spend a couple dollars put a prophet on a mission
Check my line of sight still looking for a vision
But I wont say nothing before I get permission
Hopping on one foot like the cars with the switches
It ain’t that serious
sometimes I’m in stitches
Other times I’m trying to store up my riches
where the thrifty can’t get it and the moths can’t eat it
The rust wont change my coin thru oxidation
And I can spend the whole treasure in gentrification
Using ten dollar words just to reach a nation
Of casual observers that need real motivation


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