new announcement

so on this blog as most of you know i am new at this and all only been doing it about 3 years now and i try to keep the talking to a minimum and keep the writing up on the creative side…anyway

from now on i will only publish every 7 weeks
of course i will still be writing
but you will only see my new material every 7 weeks
i hope this works out ok
my new book will be ready for publication early january 2012 so check for it
i haven’t chosen the publisher yet but when i know you will know
later dave


Move your soles

Stepped out on beach long before the waters edge
Somewhere on the sand the sun had formed a ledge
I wasn’t quite prepared for my feet to heat
It felt like I was walking on asphalt out on the street
The sole of my feet was hit
But the feeling liked to cooked my brain
I bet ill never look at the beach the same


Popped in popped out stayed up to see
What by the sand would rich the sea
Payed by the level to much is he
The system the structure our crutches be

Couldn’t take his job
Don’t want his position
U.s. fighter pilots so on a mission
Locked in be will stuck on stupid
Couldn’t see past the apparition stuck on stupid
Brain dea

So much for a liar

Stay on the path or blaze one
Stay on the blocks or make a run
Shake the dust off your feet when the unbelievers don’t listen
And stand on your Bible if you trying to reach Christians

I believe in the truth
I ain’t for the apparition
I can see a lie coming way off in the distance
I just let it past never stopped to listen
Spend a couple dollars put a prophet on a mission
Check my line of sight still looking for a vision
But I wont say nothing before I get permission
Hopping on one foot like the cars with the switches
It ain’t that serious
sometimes I’m in stitches
Other times I’m trying to store up my riches
where the thrifty can’t get it and the moths can’t eat it
The rust wont change my coin thru oxidation
And I can spend the whole treasure in gentrification
Using ten dollar words just to reach a nation
Of casual observers that need real motivation

Stuck in your teeth

Haven’t had a clear thought since the second of March

But I’m focused as shirt starch
The poet can let the hurt start

You let the search start looking for clarity in a book of philosophy

Let this be a warning against the apostacy…borderline prophecy

But I digress lest a poet make a mockery…never let iPod pocket me

Can’t have NASA try to rocket me
I’m doing well on another level

Even when I’m down I fly high as jet blue

I bet you look for respect…no well I do

And to accrue it I write my new script on a sheet that get stuck in your teeth and have you looking for a tooth pick

detroit gentry

Give me floyd’s money
And I would be jesse james
I don’t need the fame
Just need a torch little fire a little flame
Pounding out the copper
Trying to make a name
For a renaissance in Detroit make a change


Cortez Nikes
Flat front khakis
Tere Mckinney
22 pennies
16 years old
I don’t have no problems


shell toe addias
khakis with the pleat is
Tere was in law school by 23
23 feeling so incomplete
I had that problem

Now back to me

Trying to swing the pendulum of gentrification
Cecil fielder couldn’t knock this one out the park
But if I could just make a spark
I wouldn’t have tolight a fire
Just be the ingniter
Trying to inspire
These writers
To be better

let me stop

Live my dream call me dr Kendrick kang
Grab my metro phone I’m about to do my thang
Got into this just so I could create new slang
Now I’m trying to get gold like slick ricks ole chain

on Red Bull in my light skinned Stacey adams
In love with my dark haired wife like Gomez adams
I’m popeye on spinach
It aint no way around me I’m wide like grimace

I’m raisin my hands like I just did the dishes
And I don’t need a geni to grant four wishes

I’m stuck on stupid in this form
And this poem is different from the norm
Like bee’s in the swarm
or savannah nights when it storm

I send the roll of thunder like mildred d taylor
If you need a ghost writer you can holler at me later

Right now I got my Steve Harvey line up
and I’m bout to see the tailor

get on the ball its time to hate the player
I might leave the city but I’ll be back later
Trying to catch tim ferris so i can start debating
the adverse effects of sleep deprevation

The plan is to meet John Salley and get up on the positive
Maybe meet jeezy in Atlanta and try to get an adlib
This the spoken word you can pull it out in class
If the teacher don’t like it
Then get ya hall pass

You can tell it to the mountain
You can tell it to the sea
You could be like waka flocka
You could be like nikki

But no matter what you do
You better learn to read
Breath life in the words

Def jam russel simmons
Build a platform for your venue if the people don’t listen

Pull a puff daddy and just keep dancing
Get dirty with the money you got to take chances
Spill a couple bottles of ciroc but don’t scuff ya Aldo’s

Cop a watch like rick ross where you can see your own reflection
Whatch your taste change as you make your selection
Put your name on the face create your own collection
When they ask why you did it tell’m money is a protection

Let me stop