MC LYTE tribute

I can’t stand no closer
To this MC Lyte poster

I would wrote a letter
But I ain’t a groupie
No stalker
No Stan poser

I just feel like she’s that deal
Never sold us out always stayed real
Kept her focus in a room full of jokers
Took the lead in a world full of followers
Be yourself create your own outcome

Despite a industry that promotes a lack of substance
She never showed up empty handed
Kept the lyrics coming and the party jumping
To me that means something

She never tried to baffle us NY speaking over our heads
Never used strange terminology
Always stayed 100
Just like pimp c
So certified she could be
Really she remind me of a P.A.

Y’all not feeling me

And for asmuch its killing me
I wrote this staring into a flame
Hoping to reflect the LYTE

It might seem heavy
Really its just nice
To see and should gratitude to a real MC


Boss lady

All I could see was her patent leather shoes and power lunches
Genius ideas came from her hunches
She got a gut feeling that is never wrong
On the go lite Mayo Ham and provolone
I’m just the assistant I get the phone
Tell the 2o’clock that she’s running long
Keep the coffee black as expresso strong
I’ve said too much
But somebody should write
Such a female powerhouse
Got the whole world excited
I can’t see the whole picture
At least not fro where I’m standing
But her position looks like leadership
And she seems quite commanding
I could write a thousand words just on hair and nails
And still miss a thousand words leaving out the details
I just took her a Newsweek gave her the days mail
She bout to land another deal
I can tell by the earrings small hoops she calls them her pirates gold
She only where’s them into wireless when something big is sold…..

Pray about it

31im so grown
Moved as far from home as China is from Rome
I am so alone
If I left myself I couldn’t be more alone

Nappy no hair comb
just staring in the kitchen sink
Trying to figure out this inner pain
Staring into fire all day brings eye strain
Ask Tim Ferris I need to up my game
Sick o the foolishness what’s my next expression

Focus on the positive
Create a jam session
Add a little peanut butter
Lets earn some dance lessons

I feel like

Cue the music I’m Richard roundtree up in here
Put you hands down
In fact take yo left hand and slap yourself
I’m aunt ester up In here
Naw naw I ain’t Tyler Perry up in here
No disrespect like I could disrespect Madea up in here

I’m Frank bullit up in here yeah I’m Steve McQueen up in here
I’m feeling like Chris Tucker up in this…house
I’m Dave chapple playing Eddie Murphy in the biography of Eddie Murphy written by Chris rock circa 1996up in this…

I’m feeling nasty like redman in this monkey
I feel like the whole wu-tang clan wit my brothers
I feel proud like I’m Beyonce’s mother
I feel black like the tar baby
I feel like I tripping…yeah maybe

I feel like young miles in this peace
Like I could go to highland park and get something to eat
I feel like langston Hughes in this peace
I feel like I’m Clifford the big red dog
I feel like hazzard contusion boss high
I’m feeling like Mary j obliged first album
I feel like y’all got reasonable doubt on this poems out come
It don’t matter I feel like Colin Powell not all of Colin Powell just Colin powrls eyebrows. And that introspective frown.
I feel like Chris brown not hitmaker Chris brow I’m talking bout my sister Chris brown

I feel like Savannah late at night
I feel like Detroit any day and night
I feel like kwame should keep his head up
I feel like you fed up
I feel like I might let you down
I feel like tupac sound happy sad angry glad mad excited at the same time
I feel like Katy Williams in his prime
I feel like Floyd mayweather my best days ahead of me ill be rich forever

What do you want?

Select the fresh
Freshen the freshest
Don’t look depressed
Look for refreshment

These words insist
By there insistence
That the gifted get

Not for me
Forsake my ego
Push you up
That’s how he grow

Boost you up
The booster will
Freeze you assets
You should chill
Defrost underneath a fan
One after another
Its a caravan
A money plan
Runs in this direction

Repeat these words
And thru repition
What was fresh on my mind
Starts to freshen
It took a minute
To learn the lesson
I finally asked
The right question…

show me some love

Stress and pressure not so bad cause they help the writing flow
Help me to see what I’ve never seen
Like them colorful stars that come
When your eyes are squeeze

If I can get a minute a second or two
I’ll give you a verse
A word
A couple few
Not trying to lose it
But I feel the marbles rattle
Be up out this peace
Straight skee dattle
Its like a trap
A vaccum tube
That’s all they know
It seems so rude
You on the path
You migh not know it
But that’s the reason
I never show it
Flash my light
Tippy toe it
Flip the switch
Light the glow switch
I mean the glow plug
Fire up the motor

Show me som love

taken by the mothership

The way the I was thinking
What was I really thinking
I guess I wasn’t thinking
I should have known from how you blinking
Left off in confusion
Trying to smooth occlusion
Stuck doing what you doing
Trying to form a new conclusion

I guess you will never get it
I could have wrote it
Could have writ it
Could have done anything but
Quit it
Now I’m stuck in the middle
Trying to find my own direction
Got four points on the map
3 more than I need for a selection

And really what’s the question
How you feeling how you doing
If you ever knew it
Cut your heart out your chest
And send you off the deep end
Walk the plank on this pirate ship
Only don’t ever slip
Fall into the deep blue see
See if Jonah got a place for me
Stuck behind the looking glass
Looking like a glass maker
Pop a bottle break a glass
Your daddy was not a glass maker

I see you on a Tuesday night
Looking with a sunken face
What is in a white sheet
What is in a backspace
I’m not losing ground
Just doing more to cover it
Feeling like I’m spreading thin
Taken by the mothership

power of thought

Power of a thought

Today I took out two post it notes size pieces of paper
I wanted to convience myself that my positive thoughts are strong and that my negative thoughts are nothing, they are weak and nothing becomes of them
They are just to be buried destroyed or flushed away

So on one post it note I wrote all the negative thoughts that came in my head
Just words no sentences and just words that led to other negative words
No cuss words because to me those are not thoughts they do not actually express my own orginal thought

On the other post it not I wrote out all of my positive thoughts
For example I am strong and fearless and I am powerful beyond measure
Designed to act and react in a fearless and powerful way
I also wrote out how strong my positive thoughts and desires are
And how much stronger they are than my negative ones infinitely so

I took the negative post it note and rolled it up so it was real tiny
Then I wrapped the negative note in the positive note
Then I took both notes and I flushed them down the toilet
I wanted to free myself of thoughts both negative and positive
I want to be focused on the present and not bogged down by what
Might or might not happen
I feel free

Yes indeed

Knock me over with a feather
Do whatever…whatever
I love my people an I m not just being clever
Reaching for your heart strings let me pull the lever

You ever
Stand in the hotel outside in the cold weather

Inside the man is just an empty shell

Wondering if the 3 sixty wave pattern will hold up

His ego swole up

An in his head he feel so tough
Inside undressed

Unimpressed with the amount of stress

Fully prepared for the days contest

And his place is the simplest

I live on a the shore
The street is a tide
I’m trying not to let a wave take my pride
But I feel the crash every time we will collide

Am I not real
I see a hill talking to a mountain
A faucet talking to a fountian

Tell me I’m not a spring when I’m having a beautiful summer

I must have a vision Stevie Wonder

Need motivation put that Jeezy on  “Yes indeed I’m trying to stack my bacon up

I need extra cheese”


Get well soon

Just to encourage you
Not to worry you
Take your time
Not to hurry you

Its just the way I’m rhyming
Its based on the timing
Put a transparency over the blueprint
Then I traced the flow

I’m really not one for losing
If the math is proven
Then that’s the way I’m moving
If you was from where I’m from
Life was a movie
Satellite family
Dad stuck it out with us
Thru ups and Downs
My parents never used drugs
Never took a vacation
And if we wanted to go to the magic kingdom
I guess we are still waiting

I wanted to be a graffiti. Artist
They didn’t fight me
Let me write me on my bedroom walls
Till krylon fumes filled the halls
My dad let me paint the garage inside And outside

Took me out of school early
Not to retire I’m working
Still admiring the thug life but afarid of the danger
I’m meek and naive
Parents still trying to protect the seed
And the only time I feel free is when I’m on my fo-macs
Nothing like the feeling
Just free wheeling screaming
Flying crying
Releasing all my frustrations

I don’t know what would become of my situation
Even jesters want to be kings
Pages want to be squires
Squires want to be Knight
And I just wanted to take flight

Put my eye in the moon and promised to hit it with a popgun
Forgive me the flow is gone now I’m just talking

You want to know why I walk like I own everything because when I was a kid my grandfather was my godfather
My uncle Donnie owned everything and my older brother lived with him
My uncle Clarence had more toys than Batman
My aunt Harriet had gossip and hush money
My aunt Nancy showed me what grace looked like when I never got to know my aunt Doris and I couldnt  prove that my grandma loved me when I know she did
I got serious anger suppression from y uncle junior silence is golden
Some of the secrets I be Holden I wish I could just tell off but if I lose my discretion then I lose my weapon
$0rry bout the tangent but my sister got me frantic trying not to panic go out anti climatic

Its OK sis when you pull it back together or even if you never do
Ill always be there for you

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