Jonah’s copper

Pandora radio let me holla@tchu

Hey D let me throw some dollars at you
I smile and front like its nothing
On a mission?
But you better do something
I’m trying to write Bible verses from the belly of a whale
But I can’t stand the smell and its hard to see
I pray to jah
Woe is me

Who else is it supposed to be?

For everyone close to me you wont see me grit my teeth I just  tighten my belt
Stand in the mirror frightened myself thought I might whiten myself…naw
But I will enlighten myself
Sharpen this bone sharpen my stone and it still wont matter

Because even with a bad swing I’m just the batter
Not the real reason that Goliath’s head will shatter

Not even self directed what I projected
Should be so well respected
Because of what i get you to connect with….let me tell you

“…it would been a best seller money cash…money cash,..”


Copper home

A lonely house in Detroit
Still chilling with his copper wires
Sat there and watched when the other houses caught fire
Stayed in step with the city as we lost power
Felt the heat and the rain of a cold shower


Its not that I’m shining
Its that I’m polished
Yes I’m polished and that’s not from the pocket that’s from the heart

From the very start ballers shoot pool on felt covered pool tables
The eight ball shines because he is polished not because the table has deep pockets
Now having learned that a polished surface requires a light source to reflect light

I respect the light

Let me tell you what its like to break down insight into small bits
So that when the light hits
Its like light hits a diamond necklace you reflect the wisdom of light put thru a prism

So many true colors fools can’t deal with them

Was that to much did I reach to far to draw you in

Let me ease off so that you come back again

Only Chris Will Understand This Poem

I’m feeling like the president
I could grow and afro
I’m going to say a couple things
Some of it you should know
I said as much as I could to try to encourage you
I’m leaving you a message now
You can read it later
I hate to aggravate the situation
But I might be an aggravator
I just want to change my shoes
From pigskin to alligator
Tomorrow will be a better day
Hello to all the haters

I’m feeling like the president
What you want for me to say
I used to be paul Lawrence dunbar
Now I’m going to aweemaway
No more dreams deferred
I fulfill my dreams today
You don’t belive in me
Well that’s not enough for me
I insist that you believe that I am as dope as me
In fact I put my light thru a prism
Kept it so real black and white made you see
Colorific realism

I feel like the president
I’m stuck on talking loud
Running round in a labcoat
Underneath a nightgown
I’m might be young jeezy
Call that a shout out
Will smith is not a scientist
But I find him scientific
You don’t have to see me as the president
But I am quite prolific

the only thing i’ve ever meant

Am I supposed to be a tree
Why would you want to cut me down

Am I supposed to be funny
Why would you want me to clown

I’m chilling in the suburbs
But I’m going to move downtown

You don’t have to be surprise
Trust me I will be around

You think I would leave you lonely
Then you really don’t know me

When you you feel some type of pain
That pain is not apart from me

Trust you are a part of me
I don’t have to catch you reading me

I don’t need a microscope
To see that you believe in me

Now I will be your ice water
I can see that you are needing me

When you are on a morning jog
Then just keep repeating me

And if you think I’ve gone away
It’s cause you keep on leaving me

have a knights day

So well put together I’m feeling like a matchbox
I’m shining like a gt 40 never on the backlot
I’m standing on stepstool cooking out of two pots
I’m not talking about dope if I was you would say that I’m not
Cars parked on the lawn like the lawn is a parking lot
I’m steady with my hand and I’m bout to hit a jump shot
Call dwade in your face pawns cant be knights stay in your place
And when you see a hater smile and tell’em to have a knights day

Help. The feeling

One more minute
One more day
One more week away

I moan and I swoon
I pray in my room
I cried like a stepchild
I wept alone

Mom don’t worry the sadness is temporary
I’m in the field like a missionary
And until the mission is accomplished
I work I sweat I move the chains forward
I buried my sword in the field
And left a treasure map for sons
For my daughter I bought a gun
See me and lord on the run
And Texas can’t hold the sun rays
So let the heat spill over my shoulder stands the task master
My face cast in mask plaster

I smile black as ebony safe as alabaster
Tears hit my pillow that much faster
I just stood on my dresser and punched a hole in the ceiling…
But nothing helps the feeling

No love lost

Put it to the test
Calculate the stress
Stand here withe a hot chili
Take it to the chest….’

I don’t have a problem that a little garlic pepper couldn’t solve
My back against the wall my appetite is huge
I ain’t gone flinch
I ain’t gone move

And you know what I’m trying to prove
But in case you don’t I’m going to play it cool
I’m trying to find away to say it smooth

Never fail
Never lose

I guess I’m trying to say I love you

I need her to sleep

I need her to sleep

Summer sun bent to the nightfall
My sleep not answering to the night call
Tomorrow morning laying where I might fall
Still in the heat of the summer feeling winter withdrawal

In never liked snow that’s not what I’m saying
In this bed alone is where I’m laying
Beside your best friend the mother of your kids
Her heart palapatations become the nights adlibs

So I feel like a drug addict with out his best substance
Only its on a different level you might call it nothing
But it must be something because I feel it deep
Its got me up writing to where I can’t sleep

Win I Canton Skatin Station II’d it

Win I Canton Skatin Station II’d it

I’m on my skate wheels feeling free as a bird
I’m soaring flying I can’t put it in words
Its like I’m space with little green guys
The brought the burgers
I brought the fries
Everybody chips in
We all fly
I feel like
A winter breeze
The only sound is silence
Even though it’s a hundred people crying
Out my name like I own the lane like I’m the reason
That they all came
My wheels on fire
My heart is burning
I cross my legs
And now I’m turning
I get low as I possible can
I almost touched the floor
With both hands
I almost jumped up to the ceiling
I do a kick cause I got the feeling
I step to the music
But off the beat
What do I care
I own the week
Its Sunday
This is my time to shine
All I got to do is tow the line
Let it whip
Backwards skate
Girl I love you
Let I marinate…heh heh
We say that to the girls
The love our dovetails
That’s when you lean forward
And your shirt catches when
You so cool you should earl Flynn
You so fly you should chuck barry

I’m sweating so hard
But I’m still styling
Slip off the floor paper toweling
That’s for amateurs I brought a rag
Used to put perfumed oil on my sweat rag
Now she smiling and she will never know
I’m cool as ole boi with the soul glow
I got a hundred friends we up in the stands
Looking down at the other mans
They dippin and diving
Shucking and jiving
Something beside when
The music is lively
Let them play my song
I bout jumped the wall
I slip a little but
I never fall
Ok a couple times I fell
But I played it off so well
We will keep it a secret
No kiss and tell
And for the moment
I own the scene
Black tee plaid shirt black jeans
No dirt on my knees
No hurt on my bum
I’m so busy flying
Why would I run?

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