Scarface for poets

The called me a nerd in my flat front khakis
Said I was a dork cause my clothes was out of style
Wanted to copy my homework but wouldn’t give a wave or a smile
Said I was clumsy cause I couldn’t dribble and I cried when we played dodgeball
They said iwould be nothing gave me no props and waited for me to fall

But now I’m so driven I should move out to Indy
Stay in a Chi town high rise so high its never windy
Pull up in Detroit with a caddilac plane
Just to let see that I came up out the drain
What really care that my shoes never had a swoosh
When I’m the living proof that I can do what I’m gone do
Never believe nobody if the told me one thing I always double check
Then I doubled my checks and double my respect

And I only said that to say what comes next
If I can do it so can you drop that dead weight off you neck
Have some self respect
Put God first everything else comes next
Step out on faith even if you don’t see the steps then get out your own way and watch him do the rest.


Sally on the top

Sally got a kickback
James got to run
Went to his momma house and found his daddy gun

Sally on a one-way
Darrell looking for a driver
So he can hit a little white girl without her going in the diver

Sally sitting pretty
Dave is on the highway should have been home but I had to do it my way

Sally feeling like new money
Jackson making wedding cakes for rich girls at 10 grand a pop the bakery is his world

Say what

Don’t tell me not to trio let me know my shoe is untied
Don’t give me bread help me knead this dough
You see me on the ropes but don’t throw in the towel

My dad was a tile setter so I’m built for trials
Wouldst been a Mason but I was born a couple years to late
And to far north in the states
I would be fat but I lift weights did my pullips and push ups you see me smiling but don’t push up cause I’m timid frustrated
Passive aggressive and ready to pop like 6 pistols

Imma be

In this thing to win it
Steadily defining me till I reach the finish
I should have new from the beginning
It ain’t about the race as much as how well you finish
So I put the past behind me
And let my regrets diminish
Then I swole up like Popeye after 20 cans of spinach

I refuse to fall and due so all I do is try
I never have self pity
Never ask God why
All I do is sharpen my number two
Gone head and get ready so I can do what I have to do
Each day is a day renew but there will be a review
And if we gone be tested I think my desk should have a view
And I’m looking out over my friends that’s in the truth
So from long ago some I hardly knew
I should change my point of view
Just to say I know
That if I ever need a helping hand I know right where I can go


I’ve been working like crazy so let me take a break to get this in……

Running laps listening to android
Killing apparently listen to Pandora
Feeling homesick but I’m on task
Take a two swig from a bone flask swoon away
Stand fast
I just had to ask cause I’m supposed to be on top….
Yet I feel like an upturned mop
Cleaning up at every neck and call
What is it all
Long as I don’t Los traction
Never accept failure
I will deliver
Like a ten dollar mailer
I’m standing at the brink
What you think
You must don’t know. Me
I’m all about the leap
Not one championship
I plan on the three peat
I fresher than febreeze and white sheets
And I put on the same way nightly
So Knight me