In Savannah

So I tried to walk the three miles to the local kingdom hall about 3/4 the way there I got picked upamd dropped off the rest of the way it was crazy hot
When I got there I was met by brother Amos and brother Walden or Warren not sure but the were doing something with the electrical and offered me a ride to the hotel and to pick me up this morning so that was great I met a bunch of the friends and they are so sweet.

As u know I usually don’t monalouge but this was a really nice experience for me


Boo broke but UN broken

If the girl sticks with you
When you got the donut on the Kia sorrento
Don’t forget about her when you pull up in the Prius rental
Feeling like somebody should complement you
Other than the one that’s with you

If she ran the race like Mario andretti
Even though all you had was ramen noodles and hot and readies
You better splurge on your girl in the jcpennys like its a holiday sale at jcpenny

If you only had a dime and a nickel and she only wants a quarter
You better do what you gotta do to put things in order

Ain’t nothing wrong with what you lacking
Long as you lacking together
So long as when the landlord says get to packing y’all packing together 🙂

Tracy Morgan

I started grinning
Charlie sheen is winning
I should have seen this coming
Knew from the beginning

What had happened
I can’t stop laughing
Its like that time
My mom was rapping

Let me chill
I’m gone be for real
I can’t read my notes
But I bet you will

In fact I’m counting on
A couple hundred views
Not just one to six
Not just twenty six

I need the kids to pick up on this like pixi stick
I’m no longer boring
This year I’m Tracy Morgan