To win

Pushed her classes back but she’s gonna finish
She just needs to breath a minute
If she can make it to the boulevard
The she can have a good night
Get a yellow cab

This is what it look like when the crook looks down
the world is crying tears of a clown
the day is breaking and the dawn is near
she is a petal on the waters clear
and as the day is ending she is counting her shoes

massaging her own shoulders
singing her blues
taking a moment to be renewed
eating a bowl of cereal watching the news
her mind is spinning thinking about these dudes
thinking about her dues
missing her classes
catching the passes
the days go by
slow as molasses

the inner patience
the motivation
the children waitng
her standing ovation
leaves her on her knees
as she spares her tears
she shares her years
of experience to bring him near
or let him go
he let her know
with a couple twenties
she brings him debtors woe

not to lose you or remove you
pierce the fourth wall
try to tune you
back in her mind
the sun will shine
the bus will come
at a quarter to nine
and that is PM
since she started
every AM is her tomorrow
and should she live
to see another day
then her goal a promise
will sneak a way

dont’ speak that way

i can’t help it seems the truth
your action tells me
they lied to you
everybody sees what you trying to do
call it your grind
call it a hustle
looks like a pain
in the muscle
a surgery could never help it
and to get away the street wont let it

girl you lava you molten hot
put your foot in your pocket
hurt your feelings not
the real talk
not so straight
ease up on the throttle
don’t hesitate


Spiral mind slide

Flying daggers
Take a chance
Let me do my little dance

Flipping pages of romance novels
Taking sugar from a glass bottle
Pontiac’s last model

Don’t lose you place
Lose the race lose face

Standing g in the rain
Trying to eat a cupcake
No wait!

Rock climbing

Stayed ready like a premix
All natural like a beatnick
Sipping strawberry banana quik

I used the chains on my feet to get a grip
I gained traction
On my dream wall
Felt like I was rock climbing
Stayed positive stayed

Perfect timing
Made it to the top no knightfall
Still shining

Frozen yogurt

Its like I’m waiting for the train
I got my ticket
I can’t complain
I’m thankful to be inside because I’m standing out the rain
So I’m saying
that when the time comes…

Ill be high as paper planes
Driven by my aim
Skyscrapers and the cranes
I’m up here without no scaffolding
To you this is baffling
Forever I’m unraveling
Tossm word like a javelin
Eating with the mandolins
Not sure that you could handle this

if you can then take my hand lets leave this trash can

Crabs in a barrel steady trying
To eat up anybody that’s surviving
I will be elsewhere
Out state like welfare is in the state
I’m across the interstate trying to make winters worth of dinner plates


Just getting started

Running the race while enjoying the scenery
Plowing the field while enjoying the greenery
Hopping the fences looking for access
My mind is so focus that I feel no stress
Feeling so good in my skin I should undress
But I’m not done yet
I’m just getting started


Woman is strong so strong
Woman is deep yes she’s deep
Woman is love
Woman is so much
Who could touch the sun
Who could bottle an iceberg
And lock it in a marble
Who could breath in deep in the shallow
Thru the hollows
Woman is the foundation
The mother
The birth of man
The part of man that is woman
Woman leave no stone unturned
Woman leave no lesson unlearned

No man desired to master math chemistry
……the very law of the earth
Without a womans work
Woman what universe exists without you
Woman who could doubt you
Woman don’t hurt them
Woman do no harm
The love of a man lock in the ring of a woman
The womans arms carry the man’s sleeves
Woman what do you need
Woman when did you leave
Woman carry my seed
Woman will you breath
Woman you are all the we need


Give back to the kids
The days of clear thought
Who would steal from the children
The things that I’ve bought

Who would pay for ingnorance just to keep a profit
Snakes in the grass look to line there pockets
I’m in a uniform with the gun ready to shoot
But why do that when the underlings don’t salute

Respect the authority provided by me
Give back to the kids survived by me
What will there reality really be
Robert bobb save us from Detroit city

There is a code on the arm an some forgot to read
There is a lesson to follow but some forgot to lead
Let go of the resentment and the foot of a crab
Take the hand of a child forasmuch to have

basic renaissance

Catch up with the runners
And chase them down
Don’t make a scene don’t draw a crowd
The artist paints a picture
The poet does that with words
The people gather around
And the poet is heard

You could keep your stories to yourself
Bottle them up like potions
Each one like a self poison
If you don’t take it off the shelf
It will just burst the flask
And burn thru the wood
Spill out one the floor
Burn down the hood

Best to serve it up well
In a cocktail
Over ice with
Rum in a glass pre chilled
I will swig from the swill
Of a mind so ill as I sit on the window sill
Of a time so ill

I’m so far advanced I had to look behind me
Just to get upon the map
Make a way so you could find me
Get back to the basics renaissance so grimy
Detroit city glass houses but we still rock

Now I’m going to get some ice tea
From the store down the block

she love he

She loves him like no other
Go the feeling that he is her king
She wants to be his main thing
She can see him in her dreams
She has so much concern
Everything he knows is all she wants to learn

She loves him from his earlobes
To his toes
From the tip of his nose
To his knowledge and his prose
She is completely compelled
She is all for him

And there is nothing that could ever come between
Not as long as it is left to her
Not as long as she is on earth
She loves him with all a womans worth

the lesson plan

Green cola and blue ice tea
Step back look in the mirror yeah its me
Yellow molassases and a white apple martini
Caught up in the moment I know you wont believe me
Running out of the stadium who would receive me I’m going for twenty
Find me coming out receiving recovering from my recovery put the cover under me
And go to the cabinet
I don’t mean much for what its worth its just talk
Still I’m walking that talk like I’m dressed in all black mocha brown milk chocolate
Leave it to the birds all the complaints for the losers I got tiger blood for the trolls and abusers
Spin my back hand make them step to me hard like
The world is flat
Forget what you heard I’ll never believe that
You got time on potty but you just farting
I’m going on for days but I’m just starting

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