what….people like

Allowed to create space I put a GT 40 in my drive way
Moved to a loft apartment in midtown overlooking the highway
Showed my children the life of freedom
Put them thru schools where life would teach them

Where art and creativity are cultivated celebrated
And not just appreciated by dry eyed capitalist
Not that there is anything wrong with capitalist because
Artist need them, we need to rub shoulders with them
So they can feed our need to feed the masses from half full

Our vision of a life with no pain
Fast driving full bank accounts and pizzas every Friday
Ice cream and Oreos, butterscotch as a mainstay
All the flavors of life that we love so much
Cashews honey salted not just the dry peanuts

The simple things in life that we really can’t measure
No scraping for raises working to another man’s pleasure
Just you and me I’ll perform if you like
Light a few candles and turn up my mike
Open my book or maybe just recite
At the end of the day this is what people like


john davis henry

My boy big and strong
Arms look like corded copper
And hands look like he been pounding his name in asphalt all day
Feet big as manhole covers
And eyes wide as his mothers

This boy can hold hammers
Just good as the next man
Yeah I fought to get him this job and he gone keep it if it means
His untimely death
Fake it till you make it work
Them hammers till the earth shake

A simple machine
Could cause and earthquake
And it’s my dream for him to out pound, pound for pound his closest
Competitor, they can’t compete
They don’t have the meat…the moxie
Look in the boys eyes and see the
Shadow of death

The summer came alive
On the backs of mosquitoes and flies
What I would have given just to be worthy to hold one of the hammers
And now this boy will wield them
With the strength and pride
That only god provides….
….john, john. John Davis Henry
Everything I never realized

concrete politics

If you can’t stand up for us
We gone to ask that you stand down
Cause to tell the truth we need the man now
Not the future you not who you want to be
We need the person who you front to be
And it just seems that all our hopes and our dreams
Keep getting caught in the life of dukey Weems

So despite the trials and despair
We got together with this here and scraped up the money
For a two pair
Now you telling us that ain’t enough to gel
And then when we say that’s all we got
You say oh well
And to that we do say NO WAY

Back to beating the bushes and burning the barn
Tearing up the floors and unrolling the yarn
We dare not accept these situations lying
So first we deal with you
And see who’s crying now

Our tears have been shed food taken from our very
Teeth and the teeth of our children
And our children’s teeth and we didn’t complain
We accepted that when along came this cat
Who said-who insisted that by his will and insistence
That he must be the most gifted and the best to ever coming
And what did we have in common with those country bow ties
And brogaine shoes
Those thin pinstripes and that smile from “lady sings the blues”
Nothing at all and now we lament
As our hopes have dried up like cement in the summer
And we didn’t even get….to so much as write our name in the sand

word obsession

Sipping on watered down scotched
And leaning over my keyboard
Eyes heavy mind racing
My heart is slowed
My words glowed
You feel my soul
I bob my head
To the keys

I’m just saying
That if I should croon
It would put you in the mood
To swoon away
Ahh yes the poet is not the opposition
I am the situation
I am the reason that Carmelo is going
To the Knicks
I’m Lebron James I’m quick
As a duck in a soccer game
I am in love with the way the words run together
Like the brother and sister that jog side by side
Working hips and thighs
Staying away from fries
Chicken wings and
Texas toast

You better than most because if you know
Then you know that the poet must indulge
10, 20 crunches fight the bulge
4 slices of pizza despite the bulge
I’m just grinding stop me whenever you incline to
I just wrote this to remind you
That every day is a blessing
Every verse is a session
A minute with a poet
is a word with obsession

copper machining

I could appreciate you for all that you worth
And for taking me as far as you could on this earth
But now it time for me to move on to other planets

I got a table made of cast iron and granite
I measure out the metal and layout my brackets
I’m ready to cut steel maybe melt down alloy
I said I’m the man of copper so it’s not just a ploy

I say to you as truly as I can I created material and never moved my hands
I ask God how he brought in the light
And he spoke that into existence the same way he brought in life
So I chose to do the same faith light a fire and hope caught a flame
Push past all the bad and only good remain

Now I’m high on the hills overlooking the plains
And I don’t feel bad cause you can do the same
Draw back you bow steady your hand take aim
And if you don’t believe then stand on the sidelines
with the lames
Faith moves mountains off paths unblazed
and love finds the reason to leave that mountain in place

copper value

I could strike a match
And catch my breath
Turn right and go left
Leave my past behind
And head out west
Ride my wave to the seashore
Walk the sea floor
Drink as much as you could pour
Then drink a little more

I could talk that barbershop talk
With the best barbers in detroit
But really I would do more listening
Than talking and isn’t that the point
Cop a coupla bootleg copies of the latest joint

I could poke a hole in a rock solid defense
I could make a sinner repent….
I could give a loser a nickel and whatch them
Make a mil
I could turn 10 dollars to a hundred dollar bill
I could not have a dollar and still just chill

The plan is to bend a little but never ever break
And I don’t care what you think about a plan half baked

I really want to listen got hear what you say
But to tell the truth we should do it my way
I wear new shoes on a muddy Sunday
And I run much longer than any subway

I’ m the man of copper you don’t want see me shine
But the value of copper has stood the test of time
So I’m going to climb mountains and sail over seas
put a fork in my potatoes and a spoon in my peas
let the snow fall to find rest on the trees
I’m a couple ticks short of a full 45 degrees
But I’m running parallel everything you need

blowing thru time

The wind is blowing thru the trees like the seconds minutes hours that I spend waiting….
The tounge burns more bridges in one second than a lifetime I spent building
I wish I could go back knowing what I know now
but regret only brings comfort to those who don’t know how
To learn from the end of a lesson

Only a fool refused to ask questions
And I’m so polite but I stand in the dark
if that means digging my way out the cell and swimming with sharks
All for the purpose of making the most forth coming standup poetry to ever come forth

And it just spills out and overflows runs down my overalls
I keep my yellow gloves on till I can get this thing resolved
Late into the night the trouble rips through my soul

In my prayers I let it go
to some of which you might be privy
But that’s another day another time
A whole different city

You won’t need space
and you won’t need time
you won’t want to travel
and you won’t need rhyme

All that you need is the same state of mind
Like the picture your bedside
I can picture you and I in the same state of mind
Blowing all our time like
the trees like the seconds minutes hours that I spend waiting….

who would you rather be

Permanent marker written like a sharpie pen
Don’t forget about me I’m walking thru the dark again
Trying to see the light right from where the curve will bend
The only thing holding me is, knowing that the day will end

The time over opportunity burning my equation
Like mass over volume this is the density of my situation
A moment in time missed by a nanosecond
Now tell me if I have time to collect it

I can’t let go…I give this thought no peace
the people so hungry for metaphoric release
and is it mine to provide
I personally feel like I’m just along for the ride

Dried up inside like rotten almonds
Most of the lyrics sound so common
Dictionaries abused like orphans
Taken for the words used most often

Where is the style the flare for that
Everybody wanting to be everybody else at that
Even I would dare to be any other poet
……….than me

The beginning

Rose colored raindrops call for me to let my guard down
From behind my armor it feels odd now
Still the sun gleams over a dew laced horizon
Falling to the wayside I can here a voice crying

My eyes are squinting my vision is not quite clear
Is it a child or a woman I hear
Am I in peril or am I in fear
Am I the savior or am I the lost cause

I try to stay positive
I remember I’m the soldier
So I must be here to put the burden on my shoulder
I can here the voices closing in as I get closer

I refuse to back down and my heart won’t stop pounding
The mace in my hand, seemed lost now I found it
I can hear the chains rattle and see the weapon spin
This my friend is where the story begins.

The power of a lily pad

They told me that the only way to get power was to take it
You want something you got to make it
Straight up look at nothing and create it

The next lily pad that comes past I need to jump
At the risk of making a splash

This looks like the one
I won’t let it past
And just that fast I was up in the air
like a marionette
Thinking I’m in the air and
I ain’t landed yet

Maybe I’m flying
Maybe I’m lying

The feeling is so good so different
So adolescent so beyond answer

So what’s the question
Is this the blessing
And before I could get the answer…

I had to do again what I’d done before

Sit here and ponder
Look around and wonder
Be darn near taken under

Go on, stretch a leg out
Think to head out
Start to spread out

Be prepared to breath thru a reed
Take a shot for the innocent
I bleed

But mostly make it to the next
passing lilly pad
Because I cant rest
on the good will that I had
And foreasmuch as good is
I will feel bad
But I must be the best
Cant sit still like the rest

The drive to be the best
Its like a poison I ingest
Its given me a quest like Zelda
And now my only goal is to have and
To hold
If it means tuck and roll
Then I have to let this lily pad go

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