I missed it

Robert. Bobb was on TV this morning and I missed it


and they chuckled

Sugarcoat the prophecy then you deny the prophet
3 in the corner pocket
Keep talking keep dropping knowledge
Keep the kids dumb no money for the college
Turn up the collars
Trying to face the cold
If you make this shot its going to be so bold
Really on the real they just be hustling
But they would rather work a nine to five and have a
Top floor apartment…7 in the side
I’m just trying to figure out why the people give robert bobb so much slack
Well really what you expect with a name like that

Then we chuckled on some conversation tip

Let me tell the truth
Then the truth shall be told
I ate some bad yesterday and my bowels most explode
Aw naw here hand me the chalk over there
I must have had some dairy you know I cant’ have dairy
Naw I know I don’t care…here yellow right here
I must have had some dairy cause when I sat down
It thought I wadn’t gone get back up

Then we chuckled and got on for our 7 ha ha’s

Naw look I ain’t gone say nothing else bout this
Just this one more thing
Why they don’t just let the man breath
You know what he trying to do for the city
For the city?
For his self he just want to do like that asian lady out in Washington
So he can go tell white people how he got the whole Detroit in line
One man can whoop everybody in Detroit
That ain’t happen since sugar ray robinson come thru here
Back fore I was born

And they chuckled on some conversation tip

stand by the mirror looking for me

Thoughts in my head try to run from me
Hun you be right by the mirror trying to look for me

No one can understand you when you talk like that way

And plus you keep exasperating me

Well for what its worth
I have to talk in code
Whyfore wherefore oh romeo

The reason must be that as these thoughts escape from me
They might just have a closed space for me
And besides to let them read my poems
They could read my mind
And what do you suppose behind the mask they’d find

Just stand close long enough to break my thought
Then run away with all the positive you brought
Leave me with nothing but the negative in exchange
Then ask me to explain
Then complain
Then wonder why I won’t explain
Could it be I’m feeling drained
Like I’m hanging with some lames
Like I am being lynched
And hung over oakbridge lane

And if that you can’t understain
I mean understand
Then it must be just because
You don’t want to stand by the mirror
Looking for me…

in a different moment of doubt

in a different day and a different time
in a different rhyme
under different circumstances
with different chances
in a different state of mind
or out of different eyes
then maybe I could realize
what seems to elude me

with a moments notice
behind a moments span
out of a moments hand
with a moment to spare
and without a moments care
I could stop shouting in the air
Run a comb thru my hair
And go and sit some where

Without a doubt in my head
Without doubt on my shoulder
Without a doubt to cloud my mind
Just a minute to myself
And a moment with Jehovah
And a different day that’s yet to come
I could just close my eyes and let
My mind run

One post at a time

From the frontline
Aint no time to practice
Only time for action
No questions
No relaxing

Just working 
My assumtions
Till they cAn work for themselves
Positive say stay pozitive

From my new droid phone

Ha I am on a roll I

am now blogging from my phone!!


give me all your money

give me 10 dollars for every negative thought you got
give me 20 bucks for every head shake of doubt
pick me up with 50 bucks that you want to contribute to my cause
give me a 100 dollars if you can see my flaws
that wont be enough so lets double up

i’ll take a pair of those gym shoes that the young boys where
when they live with the mommas and don’t buy tissue or underwear
give me the carefree stacks of money that get blown by rap stars
give me one of soulja boy’s cars
i’d have to trade it in for a dodge caravan
cause if i’m going to drive i need a ride for my kids
give me one of them cars that the donk riders drive
the kind with the flip flop paint job and the pecan woodgrain inside

give me one of them homes with the marble foyer
and the china with the gold on the plate
and a stable for my horses cause i’m going to buy horses
and floaties for my swiming pool cause i got a daughter
who loves the water
and i’m the kind of dad that wants to be supportive
so give me a thick pad of 100 dollar bills
better yet pay off my credit and really keep it real
give me a card from american express

i’ll take one of those exclusive cards the kind that they give to the vip’s
i don’t want to be materialistic i just want to cover my needs
cover my wifes knees with some true religion jeans
and i only know that cause i read it in a magazine
give me a bracelet with the tiffany charms in fact
give me two so she can have one for each arm
give me two xbox’s the video game system of the future
give me a 60″ tv with the picture in picture
but most of all give me row after row of dollars in
the largest denomination
and see if i do recipricate
by consuming the nation
i’d be buying stuff
beyond imagination
just cash

by detroit’s ode to love

my love for you runs deeper than detroit’s past
detroits reputation for chewing us up and spitting us out
detroit is has seen better days no doubt

my love for you runs deeper than my pain
i can’t live without strain and angst
but i forsee a brighter day
your love is a not a question

my love for you is a slow r and b song
tell motown to come along
and detroit don’t have to build cars for us to know
that love is like a garden in the midwest
yes it will snow but the greens will grow

the asphalt runs hot in the summer thru the vein of 94
and the love for you boils over forever, forever more
i don’t need to see the seashells on the sea floor
i just need to see you more
i just need to breath in the fall thru the screen door

detroit is so country you can find georgia love
in the middle of the city few stars above
in my own home you can feel the love
in the middle of the day i belong to love
focus hope pony down i’m vernors love
true to the corner this is my ode to love
ford motor car company come over love

fantasy football (a poem by david knight)

i’m reading the script, i’m following plays
first and ten
i could do this for days
but i only got four plays

a playbook forever, but to keep it concise
i’m only using four plays
each designed four ways
under the guise of the past mores

creating my current morality, the flesh an enemy
to my current morale
i end up in the zone
with some bull to corale

i dip and i dive driven to score
no pain no gain
so forasmuch i ignore
anything besides the goaline

what’s in the past

don’t look back unless you just referencing
your previous preferences
but if you find your self dancing on your own grave
or sleeping underneath regret
then face forward and forget…the past

don’t mourn unless you mourn for others
there is no piety in self pity
just throwing sand on your own head
when you find yourself behind
that is no way to get ahead…get past it

the man in jail need not focus on the bars
underneath steel floors
you sleep beneath the stars
and the luminarys of legends long gone
you are the future not….the past

real is a realist not to be overly dramatic
not to be anti-climatic
the poet was sad but sadness is just
building friction for the static
i wont be shocked by….the past