death on a tuesday

I hope I don’t die on a Tuesday
Whatever happens to me let me sleep in peace
Lord please let my grief subside
I’ve seen to many who on a Tuesday died

I don’t want to die on a Tuesday and I got my reasons
And please lord don’t liet me die during the rainy season
If I’m going to find peace in death
Should I have to fall asleep in death
Please let me find relief in death
Please don’t let me leave any grief in death

I’m trying to leave something peaceful to the people that gave me strife in life
That’s why I took the time to write
I want to say I didn’t hate more than three people
And the people that read what I wrote
Would never know the people of note
So don’t give grief to my worst enemy
For all you know then he is a frenemy

Can I go out to the badlands and find gold
Can I go to Detroit and find out that they not building cars
Can I go to St Louis and chill in the barbershops
Don’t give me grief if I slide thru New Jersey
And give me minute if I find T.I. going to jail unnerving
……for the second time….my head is down
I wonder who will wear that crown

Give me a minute to share my feeling
And if you got caps for me
Spar my feelings
I’ve been capped on snapped on popped and dissed
They all thru shots every one missed
And I don’t mean shots fired officer down
I’m mean nit picking
Trying to take me down
But you can’t take me down from the inside
That’s where I am
I know who I am
So scram
I just keep clipping
This is for real my real position
I had to step back just to listen and from what I catch
They keep on missing
The associate the loser with the win
And I can get nobody to tell me where it all begins

Oh well forget them I can’t lose my sleep
I won’t let one dummy give me grief
I’m going to bed and my eyes are reddening
I feel bad because if I’m a poet should I have to lose
I am a poet I think I get to chose
And if I get to chose then let me pick
I hope that death on a Tuesday won’t stick



I’m sure that if you don’t get a grip on yourself
Somebody else will
If you from where I’m from
You might as well chill
The ones on the chase
They real as they are real
And if you don’t know what the means
Then you might not be that real
From the engine to the tires and wheels
These guys don’t play…you might get killed
Even real killers sit back to keep it real
This little petty stuff not worth real skill

Look here I’m not trying to offend you
Back off my level if it don’t recommend you
If you look in the mirror and the mirror upends you
Then you might be upside down right now
Boom pow surprise right now
Up in the middle of the night right now torn between two thoughts
Like I can believe it
If I give you the love you might not believe it

Lifestyle change
The people don’t
See thru the glass
What most people don’t
I’m not in publication
But I’m syndicated
And if I simplify the point consider it simplicated

On last point its not meant to delay
I bit my tougne but I got something to say
No more foolishness no time to play
Perfect people working in a perfect way
Working out my perfection in a perfect day
In need a few dollars what do I have to say
I’m not hurting I make the stupid pay
So I guess you could say I make stupid pay
And really to tell the truth for dave
It only seems that way because of the amount I saved
Worked a few formulas that turned the numbers game on its ear
And now I can see the money seaside
Like the ocean

love you in a second

You don’t got to check for me
To know I’m still here
I got that love for you
So I chill here

Detroit lions fans will change the game
And even if we lose the winning ain’t strange
I go thru the day with something on my shoulder
Waiting to change a my life with the notes in my folder

Give me second to think
Kool aid in my cup I need a second to drink
I got zinfandel in my glass but I’m not on wooze
I’ going to wake up tomorrow with the alarm on snooze

There was a minute when you thought you lost me
And I wonder what that cost me
I just need you to trust me
I turn the page and get you to love me