killing them without a (s)word

The heart is pounding its like a rush
The touch of satin is not cool enough
To describe the moment the real feeling
Instead of losing it like appealing
Getting a second hearing
Getting the chance to win
When all you could forsee was losing
When your backs to the wall because of an accuser
When you come up a winner
When every one said you were a loser

Beyond the influence of a negative environment
Create your own space
The said go so I went
I haven’t even made it to my spaceship
And people are asking for souvenirs
They can see me about to fly away
From all my peers
A man with no fears
And few bounds
Just got my heart out the lost and found
Just found my way past the brush
An now I’m running like a fountain
Of orange crush

In other words with other words
The few I used are getting heard
The moments we had just to remember
We can keep them together till next December
It will take a day to make a knight
And its going to take a way to make it right
I feel the passion
I walk off the pain
Downshift the pleasure
In the turning lane
Its time to be the better me
I turned around and faced the beast
With out a sword
Just a shield
Waited it out and refused to yield


in the zone

Ticking off the minutes
Knocking off the hours
Thinking for a minute
That I’m so empowered
Thus this verse
Something to share
I’m in the zone
Wish you were here

in a minute

I m going to need a minute and I aint’ talking about 60 seconds
At home out the bed in the shower clean everything
Brush teeth comb hair deodorize and powder
I need a minute might need an hour
Jump in the car let the sunshine thru
The top aint invisible and its cold enough this morning
But the grass still holding dew
You know know dew that’s a word that poets use like roses
But I don’t mean to impose this or be an imposter
I told yall its back to harlem with the style
And the renassaince is mine to bring
From the street to the ring I’m kayne the monster
Only I’m not kayne cause I got my first degree
And I’m working on the second
And things is so hard for me I’m going to need a minute
I need a minute to get these kids ready for school
Bathe dress rush but if I can get a minute I’ll be right on time
Like the the third line in a Michael Jackson song
You might not know what that means but I got a feeling
You could google it
Go ahead take a minute

i want to give you money

I want to give you money
That’s right I want to give you a couple hundred thousand
That’s right tell me what you need
Maybe you just need a buck fifty so you can catch the bus in the morning
Maybe you just need a five so that you can get a lil some for lunch
And extra value meal
Maybe you just need a 20 so that you can have gas for the week
Well guess what I want to give it to you and when they get it to me me
Its got your name on it
Maybe you want to buy a house with your name one one it
A shame you can’t get the usual credit
Well your credit is good with me and I ain’t talking about a loan
I’m saying 5o dollars why you playing might as well ask for a 500
You really ain’t asking for much
So get in touch

i’m fred astaire

What does fred Astaire have in common with mike Tyson
Perfect timing
Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley
The point its almost frightening
Stop me or match me
won’t catch me
I’m quick with it
Quick witted
Smitten by the one bug
Paul Laurence dunbar, tupac, jay-z
One love
Influenced by vodka and no drugs
Stronger than motrin
I’m sober than most men
And putting my time in don’t hate the blog
Don’t hate the blogger
I’m just ducking the traffic
Like the little frog on frogger
I’m a super Mario one up
I’m having a good time writing my own gangster flick
It’s about lawyers and politics
Black guys in black ties and suits
With their fashion needs met
And the rate of unemployment at an all time low
But until I sign Denzel for the lead role
I’m going to go back to my pad
And turn down a page and slip you the jab

in 2z

Head swimming face flush
Still dancing
Bar rush
In the line you get crushed
Don’t leave without the pairs
Absolut flavored pear in a second glass
Rum and coke
Lime and straw
Napkin and number from a bar maid
All in twos even the force ones light blues or all white
Penelope cruz
Don’t stare
Two glasses for the two ladies on the stairs
Doing the two step
Like I’m fred Astaire got my ginger rale an my
Ginger Rogers
Batman and robin throw up the rock to call us


Tried waiting hesitating procrasting taking the opportunity to take in
Continue the growth but the hiatus must end
This is just the point of brainstorm
The stage of discussion
But in a few short minutes I’m going to be rushing
Head for the door like there is a threat in the building
Head for the restroom like you bout to puke on the ceiling
I’m not trying to make you …feel strange
But in the place before the night is over you might feel strange