John McWhorter’s All about the beat

Ok I just finished reading John McWhorter’s book all about the beat and I must say the book made me a little angry. To be truthful I’m far too lazy to cite page numbers and examples if you want that then go read the book yourself. I’m reading the book and getting mad and I’m thinking man I should just not read this book then I wouldn’t be mad, no one is forcing me to read this book and it is not a school assignment. Then I begin to realize that I wasn’t so angry as I was really just outside of my comfort zone. You know people seem to take one of 3 sides there is the MLK we shall overcome someday march in the street be peaceful go to jail side. Then there is the Malcolm fiery red hair angry Black Panther take down the man burn down the village go to jail side. And finally there is the my name is binnet I hate the oppressor but I’m going to stay here where it’s safe so I don’t have to go to jail side.
Now I’m not a sociologist or a professor I’m a poet I write to entertain you so take what I say with a grain of salt especially when I say I think John McWhorter missed the point. Fair enough you take a Michael Eric Dyson statement and you turn it into a book title now how hip hop was that. I could swear your book is the very embodiment of what you are writing against i.e. confrontational he made it a hot line I made it a hot song (or book).
And what does this book “do” to help anybody. The only thing this book could do is take a culture of inherently skeptical people and make them even more skeptical of the music they listen to. Its books like this that make it hard for professional artist to make a living.
Is it all about the beat or not, the beat is a comfortable place and that whole call and response thing is a comfortable place. It’s somewhere you can go after a long week of work and with a swill of drinks and a little swagger wash away the pain of working for barely enough money to make a car payment.
I guess where John is from they don’t worry about car payments. Additionally for what it is worth nobody is expecting lil wayne to jump thru the stereo and save the day. Mr. McWhorter writes this book as if his favorite audience is a group of hip hop sympathaticos who have listen to rap since its invention and they just can’t understand why anyone would want to hear soulja boi tell’m.
Lastly let me say this if the beat moves you then “that is what it is” and you don’t need a book to tell you otherwise. This will go down in history as my favorite book to love to hate. I feel like I get this book but it is dry and it flounders as a dying fish as it pries the essential element out of hip hop which is the emotion, be it love hate sorrow or dread this book comes up clueless in that regard.

I said all of that an you would swear that I am hating on the man so let me add this as a compliment. This book was easy to read and it never once felt as if Mr McWhorter was in some way against listening to Hip Hop music even if he does hold it under the light of suspicion.
Mr McWhorter seems to be very educated and I know he has some other books and I plan to read those also. You know you can’t get to know an author by reading just one peace there editors publishing company and whatever else redlines them can sometimes get in the way before there true voice rings out.
In light of this I’m going to read a couple of his other books and try to determine what the deal is.
Bottomline I felt the book was very educational, it must have been inspiring you don’t see me posting reports about anybody elses stuff, and lastly it was definitely worth reading.
Just don’t expect this guy to pull you away from the comfortingm, familiarity of Michael Eric Dyson because if Dyson is one of your favorite social commentators then he will definitely retain that position after reading McWhorter.


dont worry

i’m still here if you want to send me an email or what ever
i’m just reading
i finished up micheal eric dyson’s “know what i mean”
that is a dope book it puts your vocab off the planet
dyson talks in a way that you had better know what he means or you WILL be lost
now i’m reading john whorter who is like micheal eric dyson’s younger evil twin
he’s tough it takes him twice as long to get to the point and he has the typical young mans ego
its all good though i am enjoying the book
i also did a once over of “the dead emcee scrolls” i think its by saul williams i have to double check the name though cause im trying to rember without looking at the book

i don’t have much opin of this book other than to say i wish i were hearing it rather than reading it because my reading didn’t do the book its proper justice
ok i still have a smalll truck load of books to read

i’m listening to for at least the second time micheal crichton’s “state of fear”
i have “the godfather’s revenge” on cd for the first time
i read that and the second one by the same author Mark something like i said i’m trying to remember off the top of my head so i can give you the author names if you need them

just email me and ask
i got tech drawing books from the library or the” busha’ ”
as my toddler calls it
alright i’m out
i’m trying to get a catia license and since we are sharing with our parent company this is a weary road to follow


Seepage (a poem)by copper30

Overwhelmed by my own thoughts
I guess that’s why I think aloud
All the thoughts keep seeping out
Even if you wondered what I’m thinking about
I never let my thinking out
Its like an oil spill
I only let the seepage out
They don’t reduce the price of gas
And my thought never loses the value that it has
Now what does that make me
I used building blocks so I believe
That I can make something real
From make believe
And if you don’t know for sure
Add some maybeline
My skin is pure
And I’m not talking about my color
I’m saying that I’m the same brother
Who 30 years ago came from my mother
And even with the different changes
And the fact that life takes us thru stages
I can let what hits these pages
Prove itself to be beyond my age yes
Indeed I’m on sure track
Even though you might think that I was sidetracked
I’m just trying to keep my mind in tack
Cause I don’t want to deal with the spills
That come out of me
So I’m chill
At least I try to be
I keep it bottled up inside of me
So when I spill there is no mystery
Maybe somebody oneday will put a cap on me
But until then somebody take this rap from me
And spin it into a rhapsody
Something from my mind
Without a melody
Just the thought that dwells on me

knowledge base

I don’t know you might not believe this but sometimes I am completely wiped out and uninspired
Sometimes I read my own stuff and I see such a limit to my knowledge that it can best be described as “over humbling”
This is something that makes writers block look like a speed bump
To tell the truth I’m always writing but I’m not sure that I am coming across the way that I want to
An artist only has real freedom when he can be confident of his own work
A workman with nothing to be ashamed of like a carpenter making straight cuts thru wood he doesn’t have to worry that the work will speak badly of him
I said all of this to say that I have a pile of books that are high as an elephants eye that I will be ploughing thru over the course of the next month
The one on my desk right now (here at work) is Michael Eric Dyson “Know What I Mean” I didn’t know that book had and intro by Jay-z understatement of the year would be that he kinda influences my writing then to compound dopeness if dopeness could be compounded the Outro is by Nas now check this out you know my favorite rapper is Nas I said that before he completely captivated me when I heard a rendition of “One Mic” with not beat behind it just Nas rapping his rap is straight spoken word on a level I don’t ever expect to attain but it is fun to dream.
That’s jus one of the books and this post has gotten longer than it is interesting if you want a list of what I’m reading send me an email cause I got books and dvds one I just took out my bag yesterday I think it was called the hip hop project or something like that I couldn’t watch the whole thing it was kinda sad for me but I think that you should check it out for sure….i got some poems coming but first I want to add to the knowledge base…

the supposition of paradise

Drill thru the ocean floor don’t stop till you find the devil
Then you wonder why we in so much trouble

Shoot tin foil into outer space
And you wonder why I wear a helmet

I don’t want to die but I can’t live like this
Jah bring your day
Let me sing today
Whatever happens don’t let me drift away

Cars run on batteries
I don’t know if its safe
Not time to sleep
I’m trying to keep awake

Earthquake in place after place
Foodshortages you can see it on the peoples face

We trying to make it just from day to day
Work like a slave and never buy another day

Cry worry fear the only thing press me on both sides
Then the tidal wave came in and washed them away with the tide

Little Africa hati Detroit there is no escape in Louisiana whats the point
Jah bring send the troops our trouble is outlasting
And I’m not for sure what it is that I’m asking
Great tribulation…I got one of those
Armageddon…I’m not sure I what to see one of those
A thousand years till perfection I’ll do it with my eyes closed

Live forever on a paradise earth I suppose

the alien in the little spaceship

My guess is that I couldn’t get back to my spaceship fast enough
An alien on this planet it is oh so tough
Man I thought I was scary but I suppose I’m not scary enough
I was going to pull off my whole abduction thing but now I don’t know if I even want to
These people up in this mug is crazy
I’m bout to bust up before I can even settle down good
I seen some ole terrible things
Folks sabotaging one another before they can get going good
The ones that look like mothers turn there backs on there own children
The husbands leave the wives for roadside bandits
The kids don’t know the father and the father has no place at all
I was seeing some crazy things
The people where eating and drinking poisonous chemicals
And they thought I was strange because I’m just a little green man
Trying of course to get my groove on
But round these people it aint easy being green
And I think I’m going to have to move on
So its back to the space ship for me
An I’m up up and away and hopefully without delay
I put some red bull in the tank
And I 90 degree bank
And even though there stares are blank
I already know what they thank
I mean what they think
They wonder was I there and am I gone in a blink
When the only real memory of me
Is that I’m writing my way out the whole
And flushing this faygo pop down the sink

i just chuckle

With a little chuckle I just thro w my head back
With a little chuckle I just throw my headback
I try my best to stay on track
The see me breathing they would swear I was on slack
But I’m not a slacker my mother didn’t raise me like that

If you thought I was goofing off I was socializing
Network building
Doing my best to instill in hearts a spots for me
Ten years in the game means a lot to me
So if you thought I was off the track
Well that’s not for me

I said I have to throw my head back and have a little chuckle
I’ve been placed under pressure
But I would never buckle
I might flex but that’ only because I got the muscle
I might have to back away or gracefully bow out
But I would never bow down
I would never cower

For some reason they get overnervous by my power
I’m going to take a time out leave them for an hour
And when I get back they will still be in the same place
Complaining about the same things
And doing nothing on the court
To get championship rings
With a little chuckle I just thro w my head back