I’m not trying to be rude
i’m not trying to get sued
but when you hear the name that invokes quality
the name you can trust with a coke and smile
the name with its own fresh money style
the name that trumps the other names for cash
I’m stuck here trying to dash
give me your cash
I’m going to spend the money on donks and
princess diane hair brushes
a fresh set of clippers with an electric motor that’s brushless
i’m going to buy a set of steve urkel suspenders
and take my wife to the chop house for a steak one dinner

call me crazy call me trump
redecorate the park redecorate the dump
give me a beer i’m not trying to get drunk
five hour energy cant you see i’m pumped
i’m amped i’m over the fence and off my dougie
i’m going in on the chef and cooking with my buddies
if you feel a lil kim and you love foxy brown
if you listen to waka flocka with your windows rolled down
if you got polyester in your socks and silk in your seats
if you got a hair comb and bluetooth ear piece
if you stay with the lyrics and you don’t rap with the beat
call me trump call me new york
i came from the D live in ypsi for sport work in A2
cause the economy is on life support
if i don’t get my degree i guess i’m coming up short
i’m going all in but i feel all out of sorts

yet i digress cause i can impress you with my character
by latching on to another
that’s why i title this poem to get some money for my mother
i mean just say it three times fast and wait for the cash
free advertising i can’t wait for the cash
i read kyosaki and don’t got a rich dad
i listen to the seminars with pen and pad
a little motivation i don’t feel so bad
10 trump cards and a penthouse pad
10 trump workers got fired so bad
10 trump cars with the tops rolled back
10 rolls royce with trump penstripes in the back
10 more minutes and i might can relax
if trump try to sue me i’m gone have 10 heart attacks
now this is the reason you shouldn’t write late
cause you start thinking about winning and what it might take
or what you might give just to have bump
just to have a day in the life of a trump


the process

so the way this works is i treat writing like a discipline who knows and who cares whether it is or not
this just explains my personal approach
so you got those people that practice tai chi and they are up in the early morning right at the crack of dawn trying to see if they can get there knee to touch the back of there head
well here i am at the dimest point of night getting ready to write


if you had to walk over glass
if you had to drive over ice
if you had to swim with the sharks
then you would at least be cautious

if you had to deal with the obnoxious
if you had to clean up the toxic
if you caught a snake with you bare hands
if your girl said she wanted to be pregnant before you planned
you would be cautious

if you was riding around town with your tags expired
it your license was suspended and was on worn out tires
if you was waiting for the bus and you was real tired
then you would be just like a bird on a wire
watching both ways trying not to be nauseous
drinking pepto bismol just to be cautious

i’m not trying to do damage
i’m just trying to be cautious
say the wrong thing and i come across obnoxious
but if i say nothing then you would think i was unprepared
hiding out…i must be scared
just cautious

change for a dollar

With nothing more than a strong desire for pure thought
I pulled out my pen and began to flail about painting word pictures
Like a man passionate about painting
Dolluping in all of the wildest colors of red and green and orange and blue
A word picture should not be lost on you

The truth you want but it must be sought out
And who could trust the words from a poets mouth
Forever your entertainment he seeks to mend
To tickle your ears his only bend

The fence is mine and I’m jumping over it
And yet you would say that my point is unclear
And yet I only gave you these words
So that I could clear the fence

Again I take back anything that I may have said that you found offensive
And still I ask if did you look at my words defensively
Let that never be the case
With a shadow of doubt you will end up with india ink upon your face

I poured out my heart and soul
I left my undergarments as a surety
And still I stand here hoping not to leave early
I’m working with you the best I can
And you got me here with out any underwear
Ah now the point is clear
So just give me my drawls and let me out of here

I said the last line in jest
For as much as I need my drawls I would never leave them with you lot
Unless I didn’t need them at all
And yet with these words you have seen me naked
And I am now worse for the wear
Now the poet takes heart and shows his appreciation for your care

writing for you

Cant even make time to display talent
I suppose it will lie on the shelf
That’s fine one day I’ll dust off what’s left
If there is anything there

Someday they will make a compilations of my
The simple scheme
My simple dream

I never said much
And yet its everything
You would never have to ask what does it mean
If there are no illustrations
No metaphors
No weapons used
No war of words
It just me cranking the wheel
The wheel is turning
Im sitting here vegging
My thoughts are burning

I’m so tired of just existing
Every day never feels like living
Even if I was only giving
That should have allowed me some satisfaction
Yet none is found
I’m treading water
Without the option to drown
I’m in the middle of the sea
Never to be found
I’m just a bouy bouncing around

What does this mean
What can I do
I guess I can keep writing
These poems for you

cant go to the club
the bartender give me more shots than tupac
and it don’t cost me 50 cent
so now i’m trying to lean back
cause i’m high off contact
talking on the cellphone
i do it without a contract
like i was dropped from your label
but that would be foolish
like dropping food off the table
i’m so able pops to mom’s mable
pull out the tupperware
store it till its vintage
cats reading this now wont even understand it
till things turn out the way i planned it
i figure that’s what would happen
and i’m taking it for grand

read this and help me sleep

i’m bout to go to bed but this is stuck in my head begging to get out
i can’t even read it as fast as i can type it and i hope that you like it
read the poetry
read the poetry
read the poetry
out loud
here is the poem…..

Before i sleep
You know what you want but you not sure what to give back
you want them to add to you but all you can do is subtract
You want the interviews the photo shoots the people with the deep pockets to recognize you
give a little money to your project

Do a movie and get a little respect but you don’t know the first person to make the connect with
So you sit in your house writing feeling a little disconnected
not sure exactly what it is the you are trying to connect with
The teachers won’t give you A’s for this and you can’t imagine a way to get paid for this
Yet you keep writing despite the lack of a reward
maybe when you leave this place they will admire your words

Treasure your structure study it and see that it’s rhythmic
I don’t know I feel so misguided
One day on the street
My purpose and I will have collided
But until then this is the poetry that I ride with
And I would write some more but my joints is acting up
You know that I can’t get enough
No way that I could say enough
Each and everyday the reason that I’m waking up
Is just to break some ice with you
Wow it feels so nice with you
And if you have any idea as to what the knight will do
Then you might want to bring a knife with you
Because I’m trying to cut the cake
And I might need you to help me cut a slice or to
A slice or too I mean also
Please try to follow me these words I don’t take them easily
See what I am on about
This thing that I can’t do with out
Not a single word out my mouth
Every one written down
I can hear them calling out
To me
But I don’t know how they sound
And I think that they may echo
Or maybe they will bounce around
Or maybe they don’t make a sound
Maybe they just ache me now
Begging me to take them down
And I just don’ know what to do at all
I hear Detroit cry to me from inside of my hall
I don’t know what to do
Maybe you can help me dog

pick your face up

I keep trying to hear my voice in writing
Most of the time its just me fighting
I got all types of weapons
And I’m usually so quick to use them
Now I don’t want to move them
I don’t want to pick and choose them
I would rather blow write thru them

There nothing for me to say
I got no path to follow
Maybe if you check back later
Come see me tomorrow
I’m sure this writer’s block will be gone
I got the tools and weapons that help me chip at stone
I swing this hammer and almost break a bone
I break this axe out
To cut some cactus
That’s what a warrior does when he needs some practice
I can’t be to far removed from my machete
The last time I left it home
I guess I wasn’t ready
I always keep my sword
Marked for survival
For this I need a shield
Or else I might be liable
Cause they gone shoot arrows in my direction
And I don’t want you to get killed on some ole deflection
Get behind me be out the way
Light the path or go away
Yes there are clever things that I could say
But you know those already
And that ain’t really dave

Let me cut you loose but before I do
I need the bullets
I got to have the juice
I’m over tired hanging off the edge
I take a swig send red bull to the head
Now I got wings
No I had those before
And from what I can see I don’t need this bull no more
I’m not trying to trifle I’m just trying to tell you
Stand on my team or I will assail you
You can cross the street when you see a pit bull
And you can run home if its after school
You can get out the way of many things
But this knowledge is a boxing ring
And wisdom is the opponent
If you don’t hit him …find a way to own it
Then you will be on the mat
Face first
You don’t really want it

no new shoes

Breathing better now my nose is open like a service station
I’m posted like a light post still they be steady hating
Hate to see a brother doing good on his own two
Catch me in the hallways still in the same suit
All black with the Stacey Adams chalklines
Chalklines have seen some wear but I keep the polish on them
Go them broke in with care plus it’s a sign of my own wisdom now
I wearing shoes that will never fit your style
But it ain’t jus the shoes man some call it swagger
Some call it steez
Me I call it me at best
Just wait till I bring the Birmingham
Rock it like I’m fat joe trying to get my lean back
You gone know it me and say that boy is clean jack!

pick up

Lift you like a pick up truck
Let this be the pick me up
You can ride along with us
You just let me hook you up
I’m in the neighborhood
Chilling like a lightening bug
Trying to bring you insight
Steady in the morning glowing all thru the night
And I’m never losing power here
Never going to burn out
Follow thru on what I say and just whatch how things turn out
We don’t need followers
Let’s harness the power of leadership
This is getting harder
But I cant just leave it quick
I hit this with a high kick
Really it’s called a haiku
But I’m not Japanese so what can I really do for you
Man I’m all off the page
Standing down beside the stage
Outside the theater
I may never come of age
But I’m trying
And if you find your self down or crying
Then this is not going to be enough
I’m going to have to come and get you
Let me come and pick you up

good grief

lately ive been having more off days than on
one good thing though…this weekend i went to the district convention of jehovahs witnesses in toledo
that was nice
i cranked out this poem
i don’t really like it but whatever i hope you do

pressed out

Broke my cadence lost my patients
I’m on this motivation trying to take my medications
Got a couple loose screws and I’m feeling new sensations
It wont take long to break my concentrations
Coming down the mountain I cant stand the elevation
I’m in noahs ark on a forty day vaction
I’m white as a carnation covered in the powder
From a strange combination hungry for the power
It’s a strange revelation ambition got me on a mission
To cauterize the opposition cut them off at the root
Send them into a remission coming down the track
On the pole postion