Trying this hard just to be myself
It seems like this life is trying to break my health
I’m working on it
So I just brace myself
This life of mine
Sometimes it gets hard to see the wealth

I ‘m sure that I am rich
A good wife
And 3 nice kids
But sometimes things get hard
And I question why I live

Why me lord some days I can’t help but ask
And if I ask my mother she says
“this to shall pass”
So though the days seem hard
And the nights seem long

Though days go past when I don’t feel so strong
I go to my knees and pray to carry on
Trust in jah your understanding is not to lean on
Instead pull the wealth of wisdom
From the deepest caverns

And drink in the Lord
Like the swill from taverns
Become engulfed in insight
Deluged by discernment
Awashed in wisdom
And full of faith

Then maybe I can make it thru
Just one more day
I’m only facing one at a time
I only need to be myself one more time


let them eat cake

My eye is twitching its like I can’t see straight
The princess doesn’t care
She says let them just eat cake
So I’m on the battle field with nothing but my two hands
Hunker down
Buckle up
Take a battle stance

Ain’t nothing like fighting when you don’t know what you living for
When you keep giving and giving and you don’t know what you giving for
When you look all around to find yourself surrounded by takers
And no matter who says they are the real
They turn out to be fakers
The level of distrust
The level of mistrust
The misused feeling
The abused feeling
That could send you running for cover
And yet you already feel smothered
So it doesn’t matter how cold it gets
You just want to lose your shirt
Show the whole world your wounds
“look here is where I got hurt”

And as sure as you could believe it or not
No one would care
Not the king in his high chair
Way up in the air
Watching you fight while the banners waving
Not the Queen from her lofty throne
With her days so long all alone
She doesn’t even know why or
Where it is that you have gone
The only thing they know is that you a soldier
Soldiering on
Carry your own load
Till it looks like the pad on your shoulder
Is nothing more than a scab on your shoulder

The pressure means nothing to you
And the adversity is playing right into your hand
With each strike thrown you find victory in your own hand
But in the back of your mind is a mystery in your own land
You don’t really know if you are fighting for peace
Or if you are just fighting to find release
You don’t really know if you are fighting for peace
Or fighting just to find a release

Resting Samauri

You have to get strong to be strong
So everyday I put my face to the win
My page to the pen
My unforgiving heart to the days past
Hoping to mend

Whatever tooth and nail is mine fight
I’m taking my time and making it right
And besides why should I make a rush decision
When the emergency is not mine
When the time that has arise is not one that I didn’t prepare for

In fact if it was war then that is what I’m built for
And if it is peace then let the waters lie calm
If it was to be peacable then I am in fact putting down my arms
And putting my hands up telling you all to remain calm

And yet this situation is not mine to create or to take away from
I could just ride the wave like a beach bum
And still I find myself being put to the test
And it would seem that for a Samauri there really is no rest

i doenot work on sunday

so i’m going to whip off this poem and if it aint good then oh well


cut to perfection
trained by the bristle
shining in the night
to see it would make her whistle

did for the attention
compliemented and admired
coveted and conspired to get some of your own
you can have the 22’s
keep the donk riders
spoke out your rims
yokahama your tires

but if you don’t brush your hair
with that princess diane
then all i can say is
you playin


this my day off you knowthis going to be a sham
i’m bout to go to a pic nic idont really like picknicks but how can you not like a pick nic
tested into math 151 which is abust cause i wanted to test into precal but apparently you can get an associated degree with no math skills so all of you who havent got the degree because you worried about the math..well…don’t be get your stuff together and head on down to the community college a special place for those of us who pissed away our early twenties and now have to play catch up with the nerds of the world….am i bitter…i’m not bitter lets get on for some poetry.

I aint trying to lose

focused on the goal like a pin point laser
escaped convict my thoughts should be tasered
i have to use so much self control but i don’t seem phazered
now i’m sharp like a two edge razor

(ooh i m sweet boom pow suprise)

dont let the ego get away in fact stay on humble
i’m like chocolate chip you want even the crumbles
still i’ll show you away so that you can’t stumble
and i speak clear so i don’t never mumble

we on a different vibe but we riding the same wave
and if you knew me in 01 this aint the same dave
you might remember the bombdiganop days
when i thought i was gone be on hip hop always
back before the hip hop blog days
when mr blunt and 360 wave was a pattern for me
now i got somebody different that i’m trying to be
i lifted myself up like a rock wall climber
but with all these saftey ropes and this controlled environment
i don’t feel no danger at all
in fact i might just let go to show that i wont fall

give us one more second this is started to get fun
i must be crazy cause i’m starting to get done
and if i didn’t have a style before i’m starting to get one
i used to try to hit the target with less than a dart gun
now i could make you laugh like i’m using a fart gun
you probably just shake your head and be like
what that mean
in the meantime i’m bout to flee that scene
cause i don’t want to answer no questions
or take no cues
i ‘m looking for success
i aint trying to lose

say goodbye

She don’t want his money
She don’t need his time
He just steady talking
This is a waste of lines
She don’t like his poems
And his poems are mines
But I had to say some things to get it off my mind

She don’t think he’s clever
She can’t see he’s big
She don’t know he take care of all his kids
She don’t care about his clothes or none of the fancy cars
And she don’t care that he will be a superstar tomorrow
So he’s taking off his socks and wrapping up his feet
Forget what you might of thought of rapping to the beat

He is on a mission hear maybe you should listen up
But she just roll her eyes cause she don’t give a (what)
Care is not her strong suit and neither is supposition
She just steady talking but he just got to listen
He keep walking in the way of the television
She is on another channel while he is on a mission
I’m am so into this I cannot let it go
But it just seems that she can make it so …………..

She will take his poetry and all of his belonging
Put them on a pin head and send them back to chow ming
You don’t know where that is
Well neither do I
I just wish I would have had the chance to say goodbye

i think you are the brightest

i’m with you to the end this is a fact
I’m with you thru the hard times
And the cracks
Thru the caves
And the tunnels
When you soaring
And when you funnel
Should you fall down
Or become cloudy
Should you need me to take the
Wheel when you become drowsy
If you in a darken state and can’t find the light
Ill be there by your side to guide you thru the night
Should you need a hand
Or some assistance
Or if you need a shoulder
Somebody to listen
Ill be there for you friend
Like friendship is a mission
I know everybody is hard
And everybody is thugs
I know everybody got guns
And everybody sold drugs
I know everybody get money
And some many clothes
They got every pair of jordans ever made
Cased closed
I know everybody got girls and they make it rain
I know it’s a recession but nobody feels the pain
Even in the midst of this imaginary world
I will give you the real as time will unfurl
I can’t be your savior nor your salvation
But I can talk you thru this with conversation
I can help you play the game like the playstation
I can gather round you like your congregation
I can walk you thru the thickets and guide you path
I can tutor you when you try to learn the math
I will help you see clearly like the eye salve
And if if matters that much to you I can make you laugh
You are the brightest so I call you best
And I don’t want to keep you up so I’m going to let it rest
There is a minute in time when I lose it
But when we together I will let you chose it
I picking up the slack
So let it loose
And if you feeling thirsty I’ll provide the juice
Come in for the closure
This is the hour
If you in a blackout I will be your power
If you think I’m joking
This is no jest
I think you are the brightest so I call you best

how stupid am i

So I went up to the school today because I want to convert my associates degree in business to a bachelors degree in engineering
Basically the counselor told me I have no math and for all intents and purposes I might as well be retarded
I am looking at about 6 years of classes just for math
This is quite discouraging
These are just my personal feelings not need to make a comment
Now let me see if I can give you a poem

In a daze washed out
Feeling the kybosh out
Cant really talk about
What I want to say

This day keeps reeling
I cant catch the feeling
Of spiraling and leaning
Falling out careening

Down the hallways
I’m falling always
Being pulled on like silly putty
The story is what it is but the plot seems muddy

And things could be better
If I could find oh buddy
Oh well
It’s my dwelling
If I can’t pick, myself up by the bootstraps
Then I must be failing

aint learning nothing

Nothings original just wait for the facts
They running the plays but they don’t know how to act
I’m talking about cool kids who put it on wax
They hoping you smoke it up
Just hoping for crack
But it ain’t dope enough
It ain’t hot enough
Waiting for what they cooked up
To become popular
Putting out pop songs to indie listeners

like serving up meat to vegetarians
for dinner
It loses them everytime
We just wasting minutes

It took the rap game this long To see that its just a gimmick

Now you can come with it
And bring in your reall skill
Bring something ladies besides just your sex appeal
Come like a grown up and not like a little kid
Cause you go be more grown the longer
That you live
you gone need more time
To read in reading glasses
Than the amount of time you spent with drinking glasses
Man it seems time flies when we aint learning nothing
Man it seems time flies when we aint earning nothing
Man it seems time flies when we just burning something
And man it seems time flies we we play good for nothing

show me you

Unbelievable how good you can become
When you don’t sit all day just like some kind of bum

Get off your duff and work
Show us what you really worth

A lot of talk but you not giving birth
To nothing creative no real creation
The only thing you do is play the playstation

Its time to stop staring into the fire
And start burning the bird that’s on your wire

This is me wondering what you can do
I showed you me
Now you show me you

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