dude you know who you are

A formidable opponent I’m a little upset I didn’t get to kill him myself
And you fools didn’t kill him in fact he’s only severly wounded
If he is the opponent that I think he is then
Well let s just put it this way you should have killed him
The fact is I might go heal him
Yeah just so that I could kill him
I hate him but you haters I hate more
I could rebuild him just so that he could kill these haters
Then I could go and kill him
Wait some of you will say what the heck is he talking about
He said the word kill to many times
And to that I say
Please go kill yourself

I’m talking about at least on dude that made me fall to my knees
Murked up my destiny took a couple shots but he got the best of me
Once I faced down the depression I learned the lesson
But the void was so vast and wide
That I was changed
I was aged
I’m a completely different brand
I’m scotch single malt
So I like to believe that I got better since
Before I was just hennessy and some of you love hennessy
But when they hurt you as bad as I been hurt then the hennesy wont work
You would need at least 18 year old single malt scotch to find your worth

And now for the enemy said he was going to teach me humilty
With a blunt whack to the back of the neck I suffered a concussion
And I took a cut to the gut and the blood started rushing
The only thing I could do at this point was hope that the pain would
And it did and when it did I was severely injured limping into battle
Just wouldn’t work I had to stand at the top of the hill hurt
And watch the other soldier fighters civilians workers progress they made
And even in the fray
He thought he could hide
but he knows just as I that he is nothing like them
And they figured it out
It took a couple few years but they figured you out
And they cut that fat tounge out your mouth

I’ve been there you haven’t
My dad went there and would have stayed let you have it
But he got back quicker than a jack rabbit
And it aint nothing you could do to change his habit

Now back to this enemy of mine
Tell you what I feel for you so bad
Of course I worked with you hand in hand
Like a son would for his father
And your hands so much bigger than mine
I just assumed I would grow up to be just like you
Then the thing happened and I had to rebuild despite you
I figured I would come back with the mase and knock your big block off
Little did I know that with little more to show than a few penance for my show
Somebody had already taking you off the stage
And now I only have confusion to go with this rage

Well what did I expect two fools cut from the same cloth
I can’t tell you to go back out there just so that I can kick you off the platform
So I tell you what I’ll make an agreement with you right now
Pay attention you insolent disrespectful fool!
And write my words down this time so that you can quote them for next time

Life is too short
Life is far to short for me to feud with you
If we should ever join ourselves to the same body
Then all you will have is my cooperation
But you shall never ever ever receive my trust
Not now not then not again I never trusted you
Because I knew you before I met you
And know I’ve put my promise in print
We will work we will live we will laugh
But I won’t have you reach out and touch my better half
And walk away with the last laugh
That’s why you are down now
I should come and get you
I could come and get you
But that’s not what enenmies do
I won’t run across the battle field to pick you up
When it was my side that knocked you down in the first place

…such a formidable opponent I just hate to see you fall to them haters
A formidable opponent I’m a little upset I didn’t get to kill him myself
And you fools didn’t kill him in fact he’s only severly wounded
If he is the opponent that I think he is then
Well let s just put it this way you should have killed him


don’t send me to the office

I aint going to rush
Ill be here till the toilet flush
You get it all out you feel like your feelings ain’t felt
Till somebody else come and say that they been wearing the same belt
And they didn’t know how to express they self

Finally you said a few words
Maybe just one line
Maybe just one passage
That stops somebody from just passing
They can’t wait to meet you
Shake your hand and thank you for
Taking sometype of action

Everybody on the block don’t got to feel me
I just need to touch the one heart
Of an upstart
Inspire one kid who is so smart
Got bigger better ideas than me

But until that day I hold the spot down
Like I’m going to lose my crown
Protect it and defend it down to the last
And I don’t want them to pull me out of class

stay with me

if you give me ten minutes
then I’m going to make the best
of 6 thousand seconds
I was 15 I wanted a 28 inch necklace
I never got it
Then I became conscience
So I just gil scott it
Work with what I have

Shine before God
Men may never see me alive
Just good enough to know
Who it is that hears my flow

I could care less
Mind you I’m not careless
But I could careless if you ever
Manage to prepare this for

I put it out there and gave the
Explaination I don’t know what more
You could ask for
If I was rude crude violent
Or put you under any pressure at all
I’m going to need a little forgiveness

Why you thinki I spend so much time at the kingdom hall
I can’t do it by myself
I’m far to small and for what its worth I’ve been petty

Get on my knees and tried to get ready
Please God give me the strength of hand
To command these reins
Rein in this beast
Reign over these peeps

And in my sleep the story over me
Washes and creeps
These folks trying to see where I’m going
Stay with me I’m just flowing

And you should feel the feeling
Like when the mic is glowing
The world seemed to be slowing
And the hammer of thor I’m throwing
Just to get back the kick back of a power
That is far stronger than my own

In the matrix or in the zone
The fuse is blown
And so many things I wrote
I can’t condone
But at the same time
They made for some dope rhymes
And some of it didn’t even rhyme
So that’s’ ok it just made for a good story

I tried to keep the kids interested until the last letter
And even then the letters were open
I never closed them with a period or some
Form of unnessary punctuation
Can you open up these poems and
Create the continuation

Then once this has been done
Then finally I might have peace at home
And feel like I can leave these poems
I leave these poems alone

no hating

may all your championships come in back to back
and in threes
when you win we win
so get out there
and get it in

just keep telling them
that we need a few more dollars
let hip hop nation say

let me have just one mic
in fact if I could have it for one night
this night could be mine

also 40 fights for the champ
that’s good
coming for the champ that’s hood
the champ mopping the
floor with you…

well that’s just professional

I don’t mean to be mean
But your win is not my loss
So go get it and I’ll see you
When you are your own boss

dirty money

i don’t know if she washing clothes
or if shes washing dollars
it would seem kinda complicated
but the way things are orchestrated
I guess I should speak on it
if it ain’t something to say

you could look down the corridor and see a causeway
You could stand here and do this always
but its not permanent

The black market work was so illiterate
and yet we work at is so diligent
Like this was the path of the intelligent

and I’m not starting to say that
Its not full of smart men
but this path that we seem to bask in
with such passion

Is the same one that send your boys crashing
into an upside down basket
One where the captives
control the captivated

and those captured for as much
As they really hate it
don’t really hate it

sending letters back home cracking
and telling the track roll
that we got more control than you could
Ever extol

and for what its worth
it won’t matter how good
clean or funny
We going to keep black in this

dirty dirty dirty money
Yes its dirty dirty dirty money

Watching the clock like a kid in a summer school

Trying to hang on like a rock climber
Looking for the roc like a diamond miner
Trying to get money like the ball player from Carolina

I came back to the computer and lay in wait like the shooter
When I get the chance I’m riding to the office
Without rideshare or the commuters

It wont take much to step up step off the platform
As is everything I said was a part of the hip hop reform
And I know that I’m so far from the norm

I come thru with a real serious mug
But I’m nobodies thug
Don’t take that as an invitation thug

I’m like a single hundred dollar bill
I could pull a few strings still
I could pour out my heart till

I find out that no one is listening
Then I start wondering why I give it then
Probably just so that I can feel something

On the inside where the shell seems to have formed
O should I say it has been forged
I had nothing like on my planet black as the borg

A part of me not human I had to ask myself
Where am I going what am I doing
I couldn’t get away far enough to ruin

And leaving was going to be my undoing
They don’t know if I’m coming or going
And I should have knew it

But I didn’t so I rushed to put the pen down
And the only thing that got me was confound
By words compound didn’t understand on thing

Now I got so much joy I sing
On the street I dance like a man crazed
Cause now I stand here so unfazed

By the past…gone for a whole long day
Now I’m back like I never left
And things aint been the same since

who’s idea was that

Here we go again down the same path of foolishness
Having sleepless nights listening to foolishness
We should have been up the hill and down the road
But we stuck in the groove prodded by outside goads

To the inside there are no goals
Listen to other people like the outside knows
Oh how happy we are to dwell in the house of fools
Listen to the courtiers that only and idiot would choose

We have to catch ourselves before we fall out of favor
With the type of nimrods that think they can tough their neighbors
The one whose training catches the sensible in a snare
The one who ruins families and walks away without a care

Ignorance and insolence true crack headedness
Sliding on a bobsled never asking were are we headed with
Took someone else’s debt and decided that we needed that
Believe what you want but I don’t be needing that

the potter

Cant watch tv cant watch movies
I’m absorbing everything I see
I tried so hard to be original
But I am so originally unoriginal
If I can’t communicate with these individuals

Write all these poems sing all these songs
Did all this writing I write it still feel wrong
Who am I to connect to
On touch of the keys I can make this whole shear
Disappear like it was never here

You believe that I been writing for years
But this here I composed over the past year
From past tears and still like hairs caught in a zipper
It tears away from me quicker than expected
How can I be sure that I connected

I suppose you wont be happy till the page hits the stage
I could grab the mike and enunciate
I would just hate to bring to much attention to the vessel
When the Potter is the one worth praising
I don’t put it past folk to miss that and call the pottery amazing

Son of Solomon Joseph

What kind of dude you know can breath thru jello
I walk thru hot plastic
Things got cold
Things got drastic
My heart went cold
My facial expression went into a mold
I left them to walk in the rain
I was so bold
My muscle was so swole
I was so mean
I mean I’m just off the bridge with it
I was over the ridge with it
I lost all my compassion
For when I was on the floor bleeding
And thrashing
That’s when they wanted to cashing
Talk all the trash then
And I knew they couldn’t walk thru
What was predicted
That without me the could know the
Predicament but I had to let them see it
Right thru the windshield I kept my vision focused
And at the same time I never didn’t notice
That the double negatives were attacking me from
All angles I felt like I was being strangled by angels
Like I was unworthy
I was just that low
So forgive me for being just that cold
I didn’t grieve when God struck the king with two strains
Of leprosy
I didn’t look back to find lots wife
And I definitely didn’t look to add grief to my own life
All I need is my 2 daughters my son and his mom
Lets go
As a unit we the bomb
So I must be fly
Otherwise the bomb could never drop
Some many times they ask me to half the poem
The truth of that is you then you only get half the song
And that would be fair real or honest
Not when I’m not thru rhyming
Now back to the time when they tried to shirk me
And think I would take it
I’m not the one to fake it
You can’t captain kirk me unless you expect me to fight back
And that’s exactly what I did
I visualize the downfall of those who tried to kill me
And now everyday they breath life
And I know that its not mint lifsavers
Its more like they chest is full of razors
And when they see me they say there’s david
Still living still chilling and still giving
Move on to the next level and I got as much
As Solomon’ Jo’s children
Because I am just that David Knight
I told yall to respect that


Can I borrow a French fry
Lets trade sandwiches
Taste this my aunt made it
My wife made this
You should share with me some
Of your fries
You got a couple quarters I want
To get a coke
Man can you spot me lunch today
How bout this week
I’m just coming up short
A what’s good homie could
I get a ride to work
O I’m working on chilling
What’s good homie
You gone eat today
What’s the special
Must be mystery meat potatoes some
Rice some pasta some veggies
Ugh I can’t eat here everytime I eat here
I get sick
Man pass me a napkin
Did you taste the greenstuff
You got a pack a salt
Are you going to use your fork
I’m going back for seconds
We got to go in a second
Its all good
We need to walk this lunch off
I’m bout to go for a walk
Do I need a coat
On my way out I’m going to get a coke
Do you want one

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