come right back

Back to back wall to wall stay with me
Don’t leave help me put this drywall up
Ok don’t do that you can run to the store for me
Don’t leave I’m really gone need all hands on deck

Yeah you funny stop joking I got work to do and you just fooling
Now I need you to just cool it
Can you bring me back a grape faygo an some honeybuns
I would say get a hot and ready but lil ceasers is probably closed
This was not supposed to take this long

Ok shoot out
And come right back don’t be poking

can’t touch me

They used knives and couldn’t cut me
They used pitchforks but couldn’t touch me
They tried to chase me but couldn’t catch me
They tried to trap me but I got past that

I refused to be oppressed suppressed or crushed
Cornered bruised or rushed
I’m just standing here waiting to duck
I won’t let them take my block off

And you know what that means
If I can shoulder this household then I
Can hold this congregation
Next comes the neighborhood then the nation

Picture the picture that I’m painting
You not just on the pavement
You rolling with the most down to earth
Gifted forever working never shiftless

I only downshifted to get around the curve
Hit the gate but I almost missed it
So let me just spitfire flames
Backfire my name is not important

All the while fly as this weeks Jordans
Or the 85 classics with the hat to match
Let’s get back to the track I was on
Never fail never miss never derail

All my arrows are thrown to hit the target
And when I go thru the market
I don’t haggle unless its worth it
And I don’t make a purchase that might
Turn out worthless

And since I just showed that my sense
Is so common I shouldn’t even have to keep
Rhyming I should just be allowed to get my coat
From the coat check yeah mines with the purple

on your mind

Pushing thru the jello
Melting all off the plastic
My style getting drastic
Naw really I’m turning classic

Starting to feel myself
Turn jurrassic
At the same time dope rhymes
Got me killing these philistines
Like I was sent by God to do it

It’s a blessing
I dare not see ruin
I’m on the ground
Out in warren where they do the proving
I’m liking this I can feel the words moving

If you not going with me
Then do what you doing
Otherwise lets get on the train and ride
I wrote this rhyme just so I could
Get on your mind

stretch money detroit rapper over beatbox

i mean for real this is how its sposed to be done
like right in front of the crib with ya boys
that’s prolific

find your talent

I be dancing but I don’t have no dance skills
I got two left feet and a block of cheese in my pocket
So I’m leaning to the left and it looks like I’m rocking

I be singing but I never had lessons for that
I wish I could sing like the r&b cats but I go no musical talent
And the truth is I might be tone def so I just laugh

The fact is I wanted to rap but that was just embarrassing
Because you either have that talent or you don’t
You could work on that but in the meantime I had to get a job

I tried to write everything from stories to essays
I wasn’t really that good at it my attention span is far to short
To even write short stories but they told me

Dave you just might be a fantastic poet
I tried it I liked it I’ve been criticized and still survived
Its time for me to leave now so peace out

ironic isn’t it

this is my way of collecting copper
you guys look at this document i found they call the product copper30
the document is funny when looked at in the context of hip hop
click on the blue letters that’s the link 😉


another one me reading poetry

running with my hands tied

Want to tie my hands
I would rather take my chance running with my hands tied
I refuse to let these fools tie me down
The most valuable thing I have is this brain
Yeah I had a teacher in the ninth grade
Everybody thought she was crazed
But everyday she would say use your brain
And think she was teaching geography
I hated geography but I learned to use this brain
And now my thoughts flow thru the whole earth
Just for what it worth

I could just put in work with all these muscles
My back is so strong you would think I had steel in my spinal cord
You would thing I had iron nerves and cast iron plates in my spine
Instead I insist that my greatest power is contained in this mind of mine
And the thoughts I have will long outlast the cars I built
These letters and words will be found after me and as you read
You will in fact have resurrected me
Watch ill be in a glass case then you will have protected me
And when they reprint me then they will have connected me
Just like the circuit board to the circuitry

Lastly cause they won’t let me talk to long I’m looking to grow
So let’s get what we need and let’s just read
I’m bout to learn to speak Spanish so I can flip flows mannish
Get to the bedroom rocking nothing but a bandanna telling my girl
Cool stuff like I’m Antonio Banderas I done lost my mind but you
Know I’m not just silly not just chilling not just the realest really
I wear many hats and one of those caps requires me to carry a bat
So please don’t tie my hands when I’m trying to knock the ball
Clean out the park no posing I’m the one you got call in the closing
And as far as the ones trying to hold me those are the ones I’m goading
Because I’m just itching to go off so even though I’m running
I’ll never go soft brazed copper I’m bonding I see the haters
But for them I’m not responding

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