so much for that

i think the haters are on to me i’m having too much fun so i gotta go
i almost had 3 for you toda….
maybe well c


Don’t Mess With Will

You might not know so I’m going to tell you Will is my brother-in-law
the dude is so bad i don’t even have to put his name in capital letters…keep it pushing

Don’t Mess With Will

Don’t mess with will you saw the boy when he came in
Don’t mess with will they don’t call him Big Will for entertainment
Don’t try to match wits with the impossible or pull supermans cape
Don’t mess with will he will never say that he is great

Don’t mess with will unless you want to see that crooked grin
Don’t mess with will I really shouldn’t tell you again
You think the poet would right a poem about an average joe
I’m talking about will that’s like talking the cosmos

Don’t mess with will unless you want you name on a piece of paper
Don’t mess with will you never seen one greater
Yeah there are two will’s and you know which one I’m talking bout
The one that live across the street from my mommas house

I know the critics gone say you ain’t said nothing
But consider this a warning as I did said something
I said don’t mess with will then I put it in black and white
If I was you I wouldn’t mess with will especially not tonight

i got at least one poem for today

i’m struggling over here my co-worker says i’m no longer sick and that it is all in my head ok but that is killing my inspiration
i do have some prison poems in the works but i need to do some research and go to the bible…hey you know how that is always go to your roots i was listening to T.I.’s papertrail album and if you know anything about me then you know i have to listen to it about 300 times before i will even pretend to understand, my mom and grandfather are from the south but i can’t pretend to know there struggle till i really get in there…

didn’t mean to go on a tangent here is your poem you can thank me later
big shout out to my kids arie ant and papaya daddy loves you i will be home soon

I Hope You Stay At The Table

When the morning reaches your eyes and you feel your chest fill with its first breath of the day
When you think about the struggle but you don’t get carried away
When it’s 7:08 and you think I might be late
When you think you have some problems that you can just as well let skate

That’s when your actions reflect those of the true believers
The ones with wisdom dig my son they are not just receivers
When I ask old men what will I grow up to be
The tell me that I am the only one that can limit me

My father talks to me with all sincereness
When the man speaks I feel like I have to hear this
He never had to have 2 or 3 degrees
But if I ever feel like I’m hot then I know that he’s hotter by a few degrees

What do you think you came here for
So that you could smile and wave and see the door
If it was up to me you would be inspired and then inspired some more
So that when you do your dance moves out on the floor…

Just know we see you shining even when you think you alone
Front to back just like a palindrome
I didn’t say that to get you running to the window
Like when you hear the ice cream truck coming and you see him out the window

The poet brought food for refreshment so have a meal
And if you want to play a little bid whiz then have a deal
Ill serve the beverages with the utmost zeal
And when you get exicted at the table…that’s when i know how you feel

you could learn something from jay-z

i’m still not sure what but i just found this fascinating tidbit
i wonder did jay do this intentionally or was this coincidental
i really don’t believe in coincidence

Jay-z third album
The Life and Times of Sean Carter Vol. III

Fredrick Douglas Third and most revealing book
Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

Trust My Selection

The only writer that never burns out
Even if I write a day and a fortnight
I stand by my diction as long as I can breath
Take as much time as you want to stay here and read

I wrote this for every hip hop head with a mind to think
And even when times got hard I did not blink
I did not shrink
I threw everything at you including the kitchen sink

When you pose the hard questions I never backed down
I came with my pad ready to put the smack down
Now I’m 100 percent can’t nobody doubt me
And I just don’t know what hip hop would be with out me

Give me another chance to put my work in perspective
I just pulling new rhymes from the Paul Laurence Dunbar collection
I’m making you tune in were you might not have got reception
And now give me the benefit of the doubt and trust in my selection

walking thru jello

look i dont’ mean to be over dramatic
but i caught a montreal quebec COLD this aint a normal cold
in the states this would qualify as a the level between flu and pneumonia
ok i’ve been dizzy sleepy sluggish not to mention the green that’s right GREEN mucus that lunges forth out of a cough anytime it wants to my nose is runny crusty and red at the same time the inside of my mouth feels like i tried to swallow a cannon of baby powder…i can’t smell anything besides jordan’s cologne which is not so bad considering its the ONLY thing i can smell
i said all that to say give me a second because even if i didn’t have the good sense to take the day off today…well my brain did and your poem might be a little delayed…

not during her vows

I got sick today so nothing got accomplished
Here it is the end of the day and I’m trying to push a poem out for you
I got you
you know I can do better
I will but for today this is the deal

now for your poem….

not during her vows

You cant feel you feet as you stand
Your knees feel weak as you stand
You reach out your hand to brace yourself
Searching for something
Anything ….just something to hold onto

You feel like the monkey has got a hold on you
You feel your breath getting shallow?
You try to swallow
This is important
You can’t go out now they will remember this tomorrow

You know the boy is sorry and he would
Tell his man
But the girl is the one mad
She will never understand

How could you go down in the middle of my vows
I swear he did that on purpose
Your boys are so foul
Oh well try to take if for what it was
Yesterday was hard and you barely slept off the buzz

Ford Tough

I am that F-150 Supercrew Silver
I’m so out cold and I know that you feel it
I’m riding so high I can look down on the clouds
And I don’t see nothing between me and the ground

I am that dirty truck with the stepsides
Short box 5.4 almost did the flare sides
I’m so Ford tough I’m built to last
I’m like a sugar rush baby I’m about to crash

I’m pulling these words out like the tow package
Put your truck against my truck
I bet you can’t match it
When the tires lose grip they always gone catch it

Then I bounce down the street like a ghetto jack rabbit
When I first say the truck I said I got to have it
Then I took a second look and couldn’t look past it
I don’t mean to be flashy but I love this truck

Put my name on the list
Now I’m built ford Tough

right quick

Don’t stop trying and don’t stop fighting for what you believe in
Just be sure that what you are believing gives back as much at least as you are receiving
What is the point in going to war for what you want your lot in life
If you can share it to help another who doesn’t have a lot in life

Grandma’s house

Pudding in the cup pudding in the bowl
Pudding on my tounge feels so cold

A cookie in the hand is better than two on the plate
And if I can get the cookies that would be great

Sweet is the candy
Sweet is the tea
Pour it in the cup
Get some off the tv

Mama makes pudding
Mama makes cakes

I going to have some pudding
Aye make no mistake!

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