Give Me Give Me (Gimmi Gimmi)

Always working to push past the limits
Not to be without restraint
But just to make sure that we are not restrained
… unreal limits
In fact I feel No Limits Master P
When he says no limits
That just tells me
That there is no limit on me
I want to be free
Then I must act like the freemen
And work my hardest
To empower the free men
You might not understand
But if you with me then
I need you take your stand
Like Morgan Freeman
In that movie invictus
Tell the whole world
That this is a stick up
And we came to get in
Even if they won’t admit us
We gone act a fool until they commit us
Or commit to us
The type of trust that we deserve
Let the power of hip hop
Go to where it is best served
The street the block party
The curb
Keep trying to sell mixtapes
Where nobody sees them
Then you claim your mixtapes
Are the reason
When the truth is
The streets go thru seasons
When its hot in the summer
We can’t complain
And when the spring comes
We stood in the rain
And when the leaves fall
On the autum ground
Hip hop still stood on the soapbox
And held the flow down
And the dj’s moved indoors
For the winter snow
And I don’t mean to be cold
But its 20 below
And that’s awful cold
So if I seem that way
Believe me when I tell you
I seize the day
Keep it in my hand
Like the big kids playing keep away
The difference is
 what I’m trying to give away
a brighter day and a  new move
hip hop stand up show improve
that’s the path to freedom
that’s the move to find
me on the streets
like a chalkline
just trying to walk mine
in these trying times
I’m not trying to rob
I’m just trying to rhyme
And if you like mine
And find it genuine
Then I need you to help me climb
And the bottom line
Is that once I’m done
The kids will one day recite me for fun
Like I was mr davis miles
Or dr Hendrix jimmi
That’s the freedom
That I seek …now gimmi gimmi

Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag inspired by KRS-ONE written by me

The pressure is on
 and it is hard to relax all the air I breath
feels like I’m breathing in wax
 in other words
 I’m not getting the oxygen I need
 and for what its worth its getting hard to breath
I didn’t say this to take your breath away
believe me when I tell you
 I would take death away
 and never bring it forward
instead I’m trying to document your words

So that we will have a history
A spot for us when they say that hip hop is gone
 I just want to give the kids something to carry on
You think when paul Laurence dunbar was writing
he would have ever imagined
That maybe the kids wouldn’t know john henry

You think that when james Weldon Johnson was alive
 he could have know the impact of his scribes
 or should I say scriptures
because real hip hop artist know from where it is conscripted

I hope I can make the kids listen
I’m not that old so why am I tripping
I suppose that I can see where this thing is heading
And if you going to the party then you got to get ready

Hip hop’s most notable wont even have a seat at the table
If you can’t adopt those who are not only able
To give you cars clothes and bottoms bouncing on cable
I hope that you study your history from cosby to moms mable

I’m done
 I don’t really know none
All I’m trying to do is make my last run
Im brett farve’n it the people starving here
That’s why I keep serving up more common sense

Cause I swear they put stupid on speed dial and
Thinking ability on slimfast
And I don’t know how much longer
My people will last
Behind the iron mask
Posing with guns
What happen to freeze tag and being frozen for fun

Now we got body bags and being frozen ain’t none
That you could come back from
And it might as well be freeze tag still the same
Because If one got bodied then nobody can remain
Until there is no one to blame

And its just a shame
The bullet bout to go back to wence it came
Shots fired on the block
Fall silent on the plains
Words written in the book
Fall silent in the brain

She Wants

She want’s a real man can you be one
She want’s a real man but she don’t see one

Could you do all the things that she needs from you
Could you have heart have soul that you keep at home

There is a lion inside and he seeks to roam
Can you tame that beast and leave the streets alone

She want’ her man to come back in one piece
Could you do that and still come back to she

Can you keep a style that’s clean and neat
Take a bath at night and wash your feet

Could you keep the beard trim and tuck in your shirt
Could you get up every morning and go in to work

Could you come back to the home and provide her peace
Could you wisper sweet nothing till she falls asleep

Could you treat her like a princess and wisk her away
Or are you shut up in a cat and mouse game

She want’s you young brother all the same
You just got to love when you call her name

She will work with you tirelessly
But do you have to insist on tireing she

I’m telling you man they love your brown eyes your swag your style
But you got to give them something besides a mean profile

Show them the depth of knowledge the proof of prowess your
Skill your inside your heart your immeasurable power

Then you will be the man that she wants to see
That real man that conscious g

Unblemished and unburned by the winds of nature
Untarnished and unturned by the pages of hatred

Let it be know that your innerself,
the blood that runs thru your veins

There is where the treasure remains
Beyond any place any spot on earth,
 God made you man

A real man you have the qualities inside
Step up to the plate serve eat and provide

Provide serve and eat for real
That is what she needs for real
no fictional man of steel
Just a real man who keeps it real


Writing from the heart is obviously part of it
But that’s not the whole and that is never what started it
Some where in my past I came across a spark
That inside of me left and indelible mark

I couldn’t help reaching
Trying to do better
I wanted to write
Perfect every letter

I practiced my calligraphy
Moved on to drafting
Started freestyling
Tried my hand at rapping

I came to realize and respect
The different aspects and subsets
Of a craft that only had love as its prerequisite
The aftermath is me working like a madman
Trying to be the best at this

For the future of the flow
For the future of our readers
I can’t help but believe those will be
Hiphop’s leaders

I insist on leaving them a legacy
And with the truth in rhyme
I will have captured there very memory
You will know that it the truth
The way that you remember me

The Reason

The Reason by David Knight

Back to basics down to fundamentals

I’m talking about throwing out the laptop just the pad and the pencil

Me framing in my life I’m doing this without a stencil

If you think it’s easy just check my credentials

I’m at the books digging thru the substantial and existential

I wouldn’t lie to you

In fact that is elemental

What’s the point in rhyming if I’m fake to you?


This ya boy Dave that’s not the way I do you

In fact what I put into you

Has the kind of value

That you might be new to


Studying the craft so you can walk away taller

Break down the complicated into bits much smaller

If I was in school you could call me a scholar

But since I’m just working you can call me a pauper


I’m going to keep scraping

As long as the sheet can take it

One day I will be like biggie smalls

And you will say that I have made it

Black on black vehicle guided by a chauffer

Crib in the mountains accessed only by helicopter

Gold chain that I’m going to keep tucked

Just out of respect

Because Detroit is that tough


A handful of spades a family full of doctors

I’m going get a degree to but it will be by proxy

For now it’s the pad and paper that I’m boxing

Trying to get these lines down

Before they out fox me


I can hardly think straight

And I don’t mean to be crooked

But when I try to write my lines keep booking


I’m so overtooken let me stop

I’m overtaken

What kind of sense I’m making

The kind that leave a ninth grade English teacher

With her head shaking


I can’t let you down not after making my promise

I’m going to make history just like Clarence Thomas

Tiger woods and Colin Powel

This is my fire this is my trial


you want to run with me

We run by the mile

So don’t be slowing down

Looking for water breaks

 because if the water breaks

I’ll have to speed this thing up

 for the family sake


Sorry kids but once again

I’m going in

 as soon as I’m warming up

 that’s when the rhyme ends


But since I’m not running out of ink

 and the words are my friends

 I suppose we will have a party again and again

You can bring the thought and I will bring the diction

You can take dictation

But only if you listen

 I don’t mean to aggravate men


Just destroy them with my prowess

Naw I was just playing

 but for real don’t be a coward


The renaissance will not start without you

So if you like what I’m doing and you just don’t know how to

Grab ya sheet of paper and do you little dance

Light you some candles and set up for romance

I listen to the blueprint depending on the circumstance

If I feel like I need something to make my rhyme enhance


Then I might just turn the radio down low

And listen to the people argue in the room down below

If that gets cold there are always the people in the hall

And if you step out there you can here the kids screaming thru the wall


The history I been thru some of the spaces I have seen

Dirt in the corners none of the place clean

Cock roaches with jobs punching in on the proper time

Wino’s on the streets begging just to get a dime

The ones who were better off had already fallen into a coma

I thought it was sad but sadness I suppose is in the eye of the beholder

Sometimes I am on and sometimes I am off but one thing I can’t afford to be is soft


I come from a place that’s full of trials and tribulations

People getting taken just going to the gas station

In everyday life we been on high alert

So when the level went orange

most of my folk just went right back to work


Unless there wasn’t no work to go to

Then with unemployment

we had something else to go thru

And believe me when I tell you

I’m not trying to depress you

I just told baby girl “buy what you want

 it feels so good to dress you“


And still inside a part of me is crying out to the concrete

And I don’t want to idolize

because I know that it can’t hear me

But sometimes I feel traumatize

when these thoughts will start to scare me


Like what happen to left eye

and why they won’t talk about Brittney Murphy

I suppose that I should just close my eyes and be happy

 that I’m still breathing

But I’m from a different school of thought

 so be carefull what you believe in


I went off on a tangent there

 and I wasn’t even rhyming

You in the wrong place


 if you just looking for crazy punch lining

What I do yeah…its fun sometimes when I’m just signifying


Sometimes I’m dying

Sometimes I’m just trying

To find the silver lining

And other days I just say forget it

and give up on the rhyming


You ought to hear me read it

Then you would believe it

Otherwise you are in my head

And you might not even know the reason

Featured Artist MC Qham

Here I have posted for your enjoyment in its original format all four parts of MC Qham’s poem entitled Buying Back My Soul.  Over the past week we wet your appetites with parts 1-4 and now we have them all together…check us out

And now without further ado…..please lower the lights ….Ladies and Gentlemen I give you MC Qham

Good moments started decaying to tough times
The spark of light was gone like the night transiting sun rise
It could have been something normal and not out of the ordinary,
But I refuse to give in to this speculation.
The color in my soul was fading away
My angel on guard was standing at a discreet distance watching with a sword in his hands!
There must be something wrong with me
But, before I give it a deeper thought,
Instincts shed some light for me
With my third eye I see the shadow of an eerie figure
Silent and looking relaxed
I turn and before me is another angel – in black!
An agent of the fallen soldier –
A traitor to Yahweh and all goodness.
In an almost fraction of a second I understand the scene,
As flashback & of inner self fill me with higher intelligence!
All this time my mind had shifted focus to the events of my inner globe
The zone so calm and clear like am in a trance.
From far my body feels lighter with every depth I go in this semi-dark world dressed in stain-patched white!
And my heart is not in merry
Coz my world is falling apart.
Am buttered (possessed) with 2 spirits, each with a conspicuous possession of represent authority.
The later, or so I thought, with sense of independent sovereignty
I don’t feel my body; all I see is a deserted combat field
And in my hands is the sword of the angel from the independent sovereignty
Heavy not with the mass of tangible steel
But with great power!
And at the far centre end of the arena – is my third element (soul)
Chained & locked in a cage and carrying a heavy yoke
From that moment I understand the battle I had to fight
To win back my identity in the Sovereign Authority
Fighting to the end to bring back sanity, freedom & light!
A war to reclaim back my soul!

MC Qham – poet’s name

Web address:

Location: Mombasa, Kenya.


What’s Up This Week

My friend from Kenya MC Qham has agree to contribute a 4 part series. The first part of this series will post tonight with each piece riding for a day and night. So you guys get to build anticipation for the week….Hit em up with the feedback let us know what you think. How is the poetry making you feel.

See Ya Tonight


User Submitted…MC Qham

you guys might not know…but it really takes a lot of effort to come up with original content for you on a daily basis

while you  are in the house sleeping on a saturday or at the tim horton’s getting your coffee for field service

here i have been developing the poems…i met someone from kenya who i’d like to introduce to you thru poetry

the name is MC Qham andyou can check the group out at

lets do the thing here is the 1st poem get ready to go deeep!



I’m trapped in a house with no windows,
 the door lurched insanely.
In this room no light penetrates.
From afar I can here the owner’s steps fading away.
The keys, as it seems, are hanging loosely in his hands –
the medium of freedom being taken away from my tenure
as far as I can neither tell nor speculate!
Chains are heavy,
clinging tight on my limbs.
 This room is madly quiet and the darkness so immense,
 I could feel it creeping against my skin – or was it?
I could hear my own heart beating with a thud I thought would split my chest –
or was it fears in me?
No comfort completely;
 just an angry presence – so I wasn’t all alone;
at least not in my outside world
 coz inside I was empty like a coffin 6 feet under after ten years!
With absolutely no hope, I just waited!
MC Qham – poet’s nameWeb address: www.xylaws.blogspot.comLocation: Mombasa, Kenya.

in to deep

sometimes i don’t write the poems they write themselves…..

In To Deep…

She made that boy cry
Like he was a little kid
He might never recover
From the thing she did
Stabbed in the heart
Cut down to his ribs
Took all his money
Poisoned all his kids
Left him in remnants’
Torn apart
Feeling desperate to the heart
And worse yet
She has no conscious
And somehow
 he’s still filled with regret
caught in a contest
of who could cause what stress
he got swallowed by the bed
and depressed
sucking on his thumb he regressed
pressed to kill himself
he doubts the value of life
and still he know there is a purpose
even if he does feel worthless…

David’s Ether

I’m sorry but i can’t understand…if a person is real closed minded and knows that they ain’t never ever ever done a darn thing worthwile with there life how can they even form there lips to comment on the life that you have.

Listen its 2009 if you ain’t grinding if you ain’t struggling if you putting on airs and you know that your foundation is as small as a pinhead do me a favor and shut your tulips…

Like for real don’t even speak at all ///we are heading into the year 2010 and i don’t want to hear nobody telling me what i can’t do what can’t be done what’s hard to do

real quick these people are standing on the titanic watching me on a slow moving sailboat and they are complaining that i’m not moving fast enough

for that i say do what you doing and i’m going to do what i’m doing “i don’t know who yall racing cause i’m already at the finishline with the flag waving/ C’MON” [Jay-z Already Home]

Now for your poem…

David’s Ether

We give you the best
we want you to grow
in your mind somewhere
I know you think we don’t

It feels so bad
The reciprocation
I’m working hard
But somehow I’m on vacation

I’m in the yard where all the slaves are
But all you can see is
That we outside
In the sunshine

In the morning light
Or late in the day
I’m feeling the kind of pain
That makes even angst fall away

I’m getting calloused
To being challenge
Ain’t nobody saying nothing
To take me off balance

And now just for you
To come and rescue you
I guess I’m supposed to do
What the best would do

I just don’t have it in me
To lose my mind
I really did that
For the last time

Now I’m on something new
We on a sailboat
Just passing thru
And the weather’s fine

So it’s never mine
To all the ones
Trying to waste my time
They telling lies

Cause they don’t appreciate the struggle
But it 3rd and long
I’m calling no huddle
As we progress

Touchdown with only seconds left
And its all on me
So tell your people
To take a knee

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