My Apology

In the night the walls scream at you
And the street calls to you
And the coffee house mocks you
And the bath house begs for you
To come down
Come down
Come see me
Search for me

But….i dare not

I know they are there
Wishing to do away with my life
They could hurt me

Dissolve me

I’m sorry
The angst
The anxiety
Is starting to get to me
The pressure to just not be me
The pressure to cave
To not be…Dave

A road is there

And I’m running down the road like I don’t care
I’m trying to get away from the place I came to
To get away
And now for me
There is no escape
There is no get away
I try to come to you but you want me in a way
This way that I can’t be even when I am
And I just say…Man?!

What am I to do?

And I go off
Then I go soft
Cause I don’t mean to explode
Cause when I do I’m implode
And I make so heavy the load
That I’m trying to carry
And the thought seems scary
And I begin to realize
That no matter how hard I tried
To bring these pressures down
To size
The only thing I can do
Is apologize


In an Hour

In an Hour

Push past the limits of pride
Let your thought be a vision
And in a vision resides
The best of this minute
One moment in time
Don’t be surprised
If your vision is mine

You don’t know the subject
But you will in a minute
It only takes a second
To create a beginning
In less than a second
Repressed fury is spent
And then you ask yourself
Where all your time went

Locked in this prison
Was it all worth it
Sitting on your hands
Each day nervous
Finally there is nothing
That can really unnerve us
Not when we start to use
This time to serve us

I made the decision early
Not to be driven to this space
Now I’m just watching hoping that
The right thing takes place
Its so hard when your pride
Is as long as the night and as big as day
If you give me a minute
I’ll take a shower
And I can get past this pride
If you give me an hour

get some rest

get some rest by copper30

Trying not to scatterbrain
They tell me I don’t do thangs
I should just sid down and remain
Right where I am
So wrong for so long
That I can’t barely hold on

Man what you saying
I mean without playing
I should be going without delaying
As its raining
This plane ain’t leaving
As for me I have a hard time breathing

Then where is relief
There is only grief
I cant’ get no sleep
What do you want from me
Take my peace
Here take my life
Drowning here in misery and strife

You need to let it go
As it is so young
I cant let go even on the bottom rung
I’m still holding on
But I feel like I’m slipping
Awaken from this dream
I must’ve been tripping



When you get mad what can you do what should you do
Should you find a sword and travail the land
Should you take away the pain by opening hand
Should you find laughter out in the street
Should you turn into a bottle to find relief
Maybe you should find a flattering voice
Maybe you should walk off the course

When you find yourself fanned by the flames of anger
When you find your whole life in danger
Just don’t make any decision in fact I believe that is why we have depression
There comes a time when you ought do nothing at all
When you wish you could bury yourself in a wall
When you should just lose all of your power
When you can’t seem to take enough cold showers
When you need to close your eyes and dream the day a way
When any of the usual drugs would just get in the way

You don’t want to pour poison into your poisoned blood
And you don’t want to run your name thru mud
You don’t want to stand I the shadow of pain
And to tell the truth you can only walk so many miles in the rain
I can’t let go of all I built but I could swear that fear in pairs is my
Walking stilts
I ve been to the edge of anger in fact I looked over that edge
And thru my line down
I took a few seconds to consider and then I climbed down
The line that I had wasn’t long enough
I thought I was going to die from falling
But it not the fall that hurts it’s the final impact
Fortunately anger seems to have no end
Only a deep pit that I can’t recommend

I tried my best then to climb back out
And my limbs have been in pain every since
I suppose the only relief you can get from being that mad
Is that others look over the edge and laugh
Others look over the edge and say to bad to bad
And then the walk away with all the fun you had


i don’t no today we just gone chill lets ride out the tide of momentum  i want you to feel good today

my blog is acting stupid again i don’t know why the spacing came out all funny what i need is a blog manager (anybody want the job)

i ain’t gone worry about it though you kwo what mi gniyas it could come out upside down and backwards and that would put me in a bad light i’m feeling good not in anyway whatsoever negative so let’s get it i’m going to give it up to you right now….

I Won’t WoRry
I don’t want to worry today
I don’t want to be careless
But I don’t want to care today
I’m so not concerned
Don’t be upset I just learned
That the knowledge I just earned
Is going to cost me more
Than the undertakers best urn
And if you would forgive my gesturn
I’m going back to a place were
It won’t matter if I don’t care
And we don’t have troubles here
We don’t have worries here
In fact our skies are crystal clear
And all we do is build cars here
We don’t wonder if the well dries
This is the place where nobody ever cries
And we don’t worry if our daddy lies
And we only cry at funeral piers
And those don’t happen often still…
I just want to go back and chill
Back to when we had the pink truck
Back to when I had my shirts tucked
Back to when I was a million bucks
I think in the D they know what’s up
I’m saying who could feel me
On the porch acting silly
Trying to sneak kisses
Buying a new transmission
Taking this car home to switch for dads
Its all good mines is running bad
And forasmuch I’m not sad
This will be the best day we ever had
And I’m just want to go back to the place
Back when nobody had the worry face
We just made union pay
In fact next week my dad will get a raise
Basketball that never stopped
Followed up by pizza and plenty pop
Man I thought I could fly
I didn’t have a cloud in the sky
And now I just don’t worry
Slow down mama don’t hurry
This is a trip back
So just take a minute and relax

thanks for your time

i want to thank you for stopping by my little blog space here, i do poems

yeah i do poems here is the one for today all original content my friend

Thanks for Your Time

Pushing past the fears and the doubts
The I would I coulds
That causes you to really go without
I’m not putting off for tomorrow
I’m not not doing today what I could do now
I’m not hesitating
I’m not waiting
I can’t be waiting

I can see the pool
Why would I stand beside it just because it’s cold
Yeah it’s cool
Stick your toe in and find out that its cool
I’m jumping in
Not head first
I’ve never been a diver

Yeah I’m a rider

I’m just saying it’s cool to be selective
But I’m tired of being so introspective
That I never get selected
So let me take this chance and connect with
More of the like minded
Or if you are so inclined
Then maybe you have found
This space to have value like diamonds

And everything that glitters isn’t gold
Yes I know
Believe me I appreciate
What it means to have and to hold
Your attention
I would like to
Thank you for your time
Cause this is only the beginning

I was surfing wordpress last night looking for similar sites and I came across one that was nice but I can’t remember the name it was basically something like cool chris dot wordpress dot com but I think the Chris” was spelled with a y like Chrys so it would be coolchrys.wordpress.comI’m going to check for it and get back to you, in the meantime I’m penning my poem

about an hour later….mad frustrated

ok i found the site it is wordpress kills me with this weak search engine of theirs it is straight up horrible

i couldn’t find the site and i had a rough idea what it was imagine if i didn’t know what i was looking for i would be lost in limbo forever

anyway the site is quite dope and you know i’m not even mentioning someone else’s name unless they got something going that i like it looks like she’s putting together a poetry anthology called daddy’s maybe and i want to submit some of my work if its not to big a deal and i can find the time to format my stuff i’m going to kick them an email…i wonder would they even use my stuff hmm

anyway nothing beats a can’t but a try right i find it funny how the personality just flows off the site so i’m going to plug it for the last time and tell you to go and check it out cause as i said it is dope

darnit wouldn’t you know i missed the deadline i just checked back and the deadline was in august oh well on to the next one…

ok back on to my own business

i’m writing you a poem i just have to get it together here in my head as soon as i can i will post it up for ya…

back in a few

seal my love with a kiss

seal my love with a kiss
Not wishing to drift about aimlessly
The wording is chosen carefully
Could I be care free
Not enough to speak carelessly
Poetry to show your care for me
So if the lyrics lose you
Then you are losing me
Are you accusing me
Of using me
To draw you close to me
By this point I thought you were
Supposed to be….(sigh)

Giving you his best
Is just
Less than what you would expect
From the outside looking in
Everybody wants to check
Or to have a check
With all due respect
I can’t give you a check
Take all this time and break my neck
Just to be jilted
And guilted
Exploited and condroited

Last but not least
We could have a feast
But the more you feed the leech
The more the leech eats
And I’m feeling depleted
In the back is where I’m seated
And still I’m being entreated
To come to the fore and
Read it
So I read it
The way that I had said it
And the people would allow it
So I spoke up loudly

Just to let them know
That I had to the mode to flow
And before I let you go
I just have to let you know
That know matter how far I get
How much I am remissed
I still get the feeling
That I could seal my love
With a kiss

a peace of the woods

Peace to the woods and the lakes
And the streams
And the footpaths that lead
Down to the asphalt
I just want to ride thru
And survive you
And enjoy you
And feel your cool breeze

I just want to see the reflection on the lake
Make no mistake I want peace
Vying for the eye of the moon
Needing the song of the bird
Walking with the foxes
And feeling the fingers of the brush
My imagination is in a rush

Foreasmuch as I just want peace with the stars
In the night
The momentum of the clouds riding the wind
And the volume of the rain returning
There is a time for us to leave
And it arrives to soon
Still I smile at the peace of the moon



On the fast track to winning you dig your heels in
We all want to relate to the feeling
In fact we all back you and start cheering
And we will never forgive you if you give in

In fact the price of a failure is far to high
You need to have patience
You need to try
We need you to fly

You know that you can do it
Fear is lost on you
Brush it off your shoulders
Don’t let it frost on you

If you missed the final shot
If you didn’t break the record
If you didn’t win the MVP
That would be a true surprise

Still we cheer for you until
The prize is realize
Until the moment is met
And then all the sacrifice defeats regret

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