i know you love me

i’m having the hardest time putting into words the reason why i’m loved so i’m just going to give it a shot
hey look you can do the same thing grab a piece of paper and just write down all the reasons why people love you
write down all the things and people you love and why
keep your positive mind sharp because the negative is always trying to stroke out you feel me


You love me because I’m so Detroit
I’m so on point
I got what you want
What you looking for
In fact you adore everything that I’m standing for
I came to give love and thus I receive
People love me like you wouldn’t believe
I know there are many fakers
And people who boast about haters
But I’m bringing down the house with my congratulations

You love me like radio control cars and robots
Old school cartoons like the Go Bots
I get love like the Detroit lions
I guess I could say I get love without even trying

I’m the type of dude that make it easy to love me
I make it easy for you to just be yourself
And the truth of the matter you should love yourself
Like I love mine
Mondays in my life is just another time to shine
I can’t hate I cant be mad

You love me cause I can take away your pain
And fill your heart with a story
I can come into a room and relieve your worry
You got to love me cause my smile is a causeway
And I know you love me cause I love you always
I just want to laugh and cheer you up
And if you down because of fear then let me take you up
I saying that you love me even before you know sure
But I’m so confident I’m so secure I can come at you straight
Cause my heart is pure
I’m walking a fine line on a pioneers path
You can love dave now do the math
If you love me I got to love you back
I never seen nobody die from a love attack
But when love attacks or if love leaves
Then let love come back like the love you need
I said all that because you got love for me
And that’s all I saying is I know that you got love for me



NUMB by D. KnIGht

When they ask what it was all about
maybe I’ll say I was just trying to draw out the light in life
or maybe I just want to see if I could empathize with anothers’ lot in life
after a few days the poet is drained
and all of lifes agony and pain
starts sounding the same
I guess I’m growing numb
They said I would grow up one day
But I didn’t think it would feel this way


i’m feeling bottled up tension
i’m feeling surpressed so i wrote something down
i got to many thoughts coming and going at the wrong time
i need a brain flush
i wonder if you could get a colonic for your brain ha!
that would be funny a brain colonic you know like when
you have all these brain farts….nvrmind
i don’t want to waste your time here is the freestyle.


Out the side of my neck with all do respect
Wrote out the thought just trying to connect
One line to the next they floating around in my mind like
The kind you see when you close your eyes
Don’t be mad don’t be sad don’t be indifferent don’t be glad
This is not the worst nor the best you ever had
But this is my chance to dance for you lads
All this time all these lines
Refuse to stay quiet refuse to stand in line
Or can I say que
Cause if I do then I can rhyme you
Like how I think about you
This poem is not about you
This is about a conclusion I’m trying to come to
This is about the work that is left to do
Trying to make transitions that make us brand new
The tools that I use
Both of my my hands my keyboard and my brain
Lord please help me just to maintain
I’m so ticked these words come across as so plain
And most of the time I can’t get the good to remain
I tried to just bust it out without a conscious effort
But it seems that my sub conscious method
Had turn into a sort of obnoxious record
Of how much my new thought I could actually afford
And is it bad that I like Nicki Minaj freestyles
I thought she was kinda dope I would say kinda wild
And if I didn’t like it I just wouldn’t speak on it
I wonder if that was off the top of her head or did spend a week on it
I’m trying to let go of looking over my shoulder
But I keep feeling the wind on my ears and its getting colder and colder
I just want to be phenomenal the best that I can
And some days I feel like its in the palm of my hand
I just need the time to develop the discipline
But when it comes to the poetry I don’t know when I can fit you in
And I don’t want to journalize
But when I write out life daily then it feels like I’ve been writing
For a journal lately

Now don’t be mad cause I went off on a tangent
Have a seat cause I’m sure you can’t stand it
Sometime I feel like I’m boxing one handed
Like I’m trying to steal something kind of like a bandit
When really I’m just trying to deal
Trying my hardest to get off of this roulette wheel
When will my day come and when is my turn
How much do have to know how much is there yet to learn
I’m on a cot a couch a loveseat type sofa
Every night I sleep but I cant roll over
Every night I’m cold overneath the covers
Never had a night sleep that was worthy of a…
Dream differed
I can’t wait till you get the chance to sleep on these words
You can’t really deny what you observe
And believe me when I tell you faith follows the thing heard
So have faith in this
Just like a cake I’m baking this
Burned on the edges my nervousness
And served to the masses I just can’t resist
If this is a moment of trust then let it be that
Just know that I wrote these words so that when I leave
You know that I will be right back

the early bird gets the worm

yeah i’m trying to get the poem in early today
yesterday i moped around and deliberated i deleted 5 or six poems
and still didn’t like the one that eventually got published
today this poem is me trying to show some discipline some structure with
the lyrics
and i’m trying to get this to you before “haters” can start working on me

i hope you are having a beautiful day
get your mr rogers on
yes i’m going in

Drinking Aloe Vera Water

Drinking aloe vera water trying to soothe my soul
In the middle of the night my sub conscious knows
That the many ways of man even those untold
Had so many secrets some were sold
Others were stold or should I say stolen
If you know the secret then you could be rolling

My attitude in check I determine the best way
And if I start slipping then I just need some rest aye

Stepping out to see the world like flowers in spring
Don’t ask me not to see the world and then have nothing for me
Looking around and everything is like a fantasy some kind of adventure
Appreciate the moment look toward the future
Some said snow made for bad weather
Snow is a gift from God too so it’s whatever

I just need a boost a pick me up
I take another swig of juice to lift me up

Then I could tell that the time would be best spent
Trying to make sure that if you say go I went
Now this is the exponent me making thoughts
Into words and words into action
As a matter of fact if you take each line as fraction
Then the outcome of this formula is to evoke a positive reaction

if you can get it for a dollar

The haters are all around me
People think it is fine to talk when they want to talk
But if you want to do something talk goof off whatever
Then its all
O you should be working the boss is coming
Blah blah blah
Listen homie if you workin in the shoe store writing
Rhymes I’m not going to tell you to write and get paid at the same time

An Artist Got To Eat Too

When the pressure is on they crack like new cement
never relent
you have good reason for being sent
please forgive me if I seem out of shape bent
if they say go then you say I went
And I’m not trying just to vent
I’m trying to make a real event
From a talent heaven sent
Develop orginal content
In a sea of copycats
I’m just doing my best not to copy that

Tell me whats on your mind
I really want to know
I seem so aloof
This I already know
But to tell the truth
There are some things I don’t know
And I can see that you have a way
That you want to go

They want to see you suffering under your breath muffled in
Feeling like your energy is sapped
Feeling like wht you doing is crap
Till it all goes to pot
Now just stop
Got to walk away from pity
You will never see the big apple
If you never leave the city

Last but not least to all the foolish beast
Steady standing there to say shame on me
Well at leat I’m thinking on my feet
I will finding my peace
And as far as I’m concern
I’ll let somebody else pay for it
I’m not going to write out my rhymes on the bus
I’m trying to write my rhymes and still collect my 5 bucks


i don’t know gang i’m crazy missing my fam right now
i just feel such an appreciation for them
and i want to be with them there for them but i feel kinda far off
my dad told me some stuff that was kinda inspiring
people tell you little things and they don’t know what it means to you they just walk off the stage and wait for there next scene
my wife even said some things that had a brother on real time pause
it don’t matter though i keep the emotions supressed though they strain the tear wells
jay-z said make the song cry
so it is what it is….and i want to say thanks for the inspiration, now for the poem

Thanks Family

Thanks dad for giving me the strength
to go out and make a few accomplishments
to be the best me that I could ever be
to make sure that a ceiling I could never see

thanks mom
for straight being the bomb
I feel like you the first person to ever put me on
The first person for which I perform
Forever may you be kept safe from harm

Thanks chris cause I don’t wake a day
Without Remembering to go to my knees and pray

I would thank my little brother
But he ain’t so little no more
His chest is broad like a mountain
And when he speaks he roars

I just want to thank the family in my home
Cause when I’m on the lonely road
My mind tends to wander right back to the door
And I can see all my kids watching tv right on floor

I want to thank iris for staying so close to me
How can you grow so close to me
Many are my needs I feel like a weed
Just living in the grass from which you feed

I want to show my appreciation right now
to the countless family members
The ones that wondered if I would do it
And if I did how could I do it
how could I do more than one thing at the same time

Thanks for believing in me and seeing the truth in my rhyme

I want to say thanks to my kids by name
Really to tell the truth they are more to blame
First to arie seed because I knew you first
And when we met I think my whole heart burst

I was challenged and my ambition got worst
Till everyday poetry became my only thirst

And to Anthony because I see as much in you
And what I want out of life and everything I meant to do
If I got a little lost on the path I just don’t want you to see
The aftermath

And that’s the reason I’m so hard on you
So you don’t gotta do the things I thought I had to do

And lastly my Iah papaya a blessing from jah
That sets my heart of fire a blessing from jah
one of his best
As I write this you take your first ten steps
And every time you step I hold my breath

And I’m just as sure as you are
that if you want to go
Then you will make it that far
Just let me be there when it’s your time to leave
So that I can kiss you and hug you and finally breathe

thank you baby for all this time
tied to this family you are my lifeline
thank you baby for all this time
tied to this family you are my lifeline

sat noon

now usually i don’t do this but since i want to keep the content new
and refressing and i know some of you think i’m slacking
but i got the new poems today is sat
so monday it is on you believe me right
if i tell you it is going down it is going down

i just heard a song called all ready by jay-z
this song is impossible my friend
believe me when i tell you i am so inspired


waiting for the blessing

I once heard it said that if it’s not about love or death
then its not worth writing about
And yet without love or death
The love of death
Or the death of love
I still feel the need
To take a thought and write it out

The poet is thinking about self worth
i’m now thinking about resurrection
yeah that’s it

Waiting For The Blessing

Take heart
Take courage
Have no fear
Stand and face the wind
The end is near

The moment is nigh
In fact is has arise
When with caloused hands
And forward eyes
We walk the walk
That leads to the prize

What is this prize that we reach for most
What is the prize that is overneath the most
It is in fact the hour
The the minute of power
The moment of true peace
When we can put down our tools
And don a flower

When we can dress for the occasion of spiritual bliss
When we can see life for what It really is
When we worship our God in perfect peace
When we finally have that spiritual release
The on that destroys delights and carries us off to death
The one the says the wages for sin is death

A life renewed in fact restored
This is what we are running for
This is why so many have endured a caustic life
This is why so many are here on this eventful night
To see the glory of God and sing praise to his presence
And to thank the One God for his Merciful Blessiings


let me know if you get the chance to read this
if you get the chance to think about it and belive this
carved out a little space
did it without myspace
now all the poets say
that they love me like hart shapes

i’m caught up in the moment
didn’t have the time to create components
all i could do was pick up the pieces
and now whatever is on my mind is my thesis

you don’t have to carry back happenstance
read me once don’t give me a second chance
turn the page say i could do what he did
then see if you even pick up the pen

finally just let me say
i’m as good as the best even on a bad day
i wrote this off the top of my head with nothing to say
and still i manage not to stray
heavy on your mind i will stay

thanks for the forgiveness

be thankful for life
and be forgiving especially to friends
because they need it
and you need it even more than they do

thankfull and forgiving

I didn’t think I could but I’m going to have to
Reach out and grasp you
Now let me ask you
What is important to you
What means the world to you
Can you live without so many things
Do you give thanks for what you have
How about who you have
Have you forgive those close to you
Are you doing what you supposed to do
I really don’t mean to sound corny
But now days I’m waking up in the morning
Thanking God for giving me the morning
And hoping that I can wake again early
I want to feel this cool crisp breeze
Even though these artic winds are threatening me
All if it seems to be part of Gods plans
And who am I to close to Gods hands
So I’m giving thanks for every iota
And if I can just remember that for what I’ve received
I should try to give back what I owe them
Thank you Jah and let me forgive my foes
In turn let me show forgiveness to those
Who would in turn mean to me the most
Because sometimes your closest buds let you down
And I don’t want to have to live life with a frown
And thank you Jah for having me here
Helping me every day to see a little more clear
And I just ask that as the days pass
I can show both thankfulness and forgiveness
That’s all I ask

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