sweet dream

my gps was stolen out of my car today
while the car was in the parking structure
i can’t be to down about it i guess it is what it is

Sweet Dream by D.Knight

Trying to sleep I had a sweet dream
Awakened with only a dry mouth
Wondering how it all went south
Am I on the take \
I must have had this life mistaken
Now I just want to play my part
Play my hand
Every where I look they all appear jaded
I look around the table all the eyes shaded
Am I paroniod
I would think not
But look into my hand and wonder what they’ve got
How did I make it this far
Have I gone far enough
Throw my chips in let them call my bluff
I’m need to stop now I’m acting way to tough
That’s not me really
Serious to a fault
But I could be silly
Want new pair of Stacey Adams and trip out to Philly
Cause I love the cheesecake
Cant have to much I’m trying to be a Slim Timmy
But I’m 2 X L so that’s not me really
I’ve had problems in the past
But I’ve never dwelled on regret
And if you double down then I’m the safe bet
In fact I am the stock market
A place to invest
The proper terminology I do my best
Keep close to the vest
Run out the stress
Sleep on the Serta but don’t get depressed
Colgate Fresh
And Listerine clean
Tight like a pair of mama’s new jeans
I’m in the kitchen thinking about things
And now I awaken from a sweet dream



All I can do is urge you to go forward
Even when life seems to hold you back
I can’t go back on my words
Why go back on what you heard

Let the words sooth you and seal you
Let the words heal you
This is my work in your pain
I feel you

When you feel challenged
Boxed in by obstacles
Don’t stop boxing
till the copper comes for you

I will run for you
Metaphor simile
Silly me to pun for you
And you can break out

I’ll give you the gas money
Let me know how you make out
Especially when faced with doubt
You can turn to me when nothings funny

When the light bills late
And the car aint running
And its 32 degrees
And you might well freeze

Even so you drop to your knees
“protect me lord from the likes of these”
Now I know the truth
And I’m just encouraging you

With a word or two

I got you covered

sorry guys i haven’t had any time to focus on anything so for the next few days if God permits me i’m going to be posting everything
the good the bad and the indifferent
i have to pour it all up because it has just been building up inside of me
i’m working now and that tries to crowd out the poetry
but that could never really be the case
now for the poem

I Got You Covered

Walking against the wind with my head and shoulders down and tucked in
My face begins to harden and if my back you will pardon
I’m not trying to slack when I should be charging
Instead much to my chagrin
I am being bought and sold at such a bargin

I’m fighting for such a tiny plot such a little spot
When in an instant the wind could blow away all I got
I tried to build with brick but all they had was wood
And as the fire gets closer I can see its not all good

I’m hosing down my area and just trying to chill
But the fire and the wind are moving in for the kill
Albeit quietly they are not fooling me
I’m defending my space covering my face
And I even help others if they wanted to walk away

Now the warning shots are more like shots fired
And it’s no longer about getting on the level
It’s about getting on a wire, Like a bird on a wire
I’m so inspired trying to take you up higher, and higher
And the wind beneath my wings holds your number one desire

I guess I’d better keep it real never been no liar
I’m going to roll with what I got
but to get a grip you might need pliers
I bend these quips to my will and I flow like the krill
I nourish big fish and they never get their fill

You could swallow up the ocean and I’d exist still
If I can stand against the wind then I can stand what you spill
Believe me your mind understands
And you would too if you look at both your hands
Be honest is the poet just rhyming
Or are the metaphors like a heavy jacket
With a polyester lining

And so you are covered
Peek out from underneath if you begin to feel smothered
I’m standing overneath all of my brothers
Not to look down but to lift you up and let you know what I discover
We all on the boat I’m just keeping a look out

Believe me when I tell you the captain use to be a scout
And what is this wind all about
When you walking thru the land of the oppressor
And you feel opposition that you cannot measure

Pick up your pace and pull up on my lever
Stay close to the lead like you need this tether
And when I say I got what you need
Believe me it’s my pleasure

call me

sometime you wish you had a friend that would do anything for you and never ever let you down somebody perfect, if you got somebody in your life thats even trying to be perfect for you. a friend somebody you can lean on depend on
pick up something and show them some appreciation right now
show people you love them
show people your appreciation while you got them with you
ain’t no sense in thinking how much you wanted to say when they gone…..

this is my poem its titled Call Me

CalL mE
You can call on me if its heavy if its deep if it gets hard for you to sleep
If you standing in the day feeling like you standing in the way
If you coming up to the mike and you don’t know what to say
You can call on me

I can take away your pain I can lift you over plains
I can wash away the memory of all the long days lonely nights
Weeks of going about with your hands in your pockets cause you won’t take a hand out
Call me
I am there in the shadow when you are afraid of the dark
Im the defender of your fire I’ll always be holding a spark
Call me
I’m sorry you to tough to need a friend but I got your back to the very end
Call me… crazy cause I love you like a thief loves gold

I would break my neck to come to your aid
to stand like a tree being your shade
Call me
when the seasons changing and you not for sure it you can make it
I will be there whenever you feeling afraid
Call me I got you covered you won’t be naked
Call me
I’m gas I’m steam I’m here for your self esteem
I’m a diamond, I’m a dream I am no material thing
Call me
I’m never gone to far, if I have to walk, bike or drive a car,
if i have to fly from Tokoyo to Akbar
Call me
I am the answer believe me I know your question,
you dropping to your knees feeling lost in the wreckage
Call Me
I’ll be by your side like a loaded weapon
We can both ask for the blessing together
because I’m coming thru the storm no matter the weather
Call Me
I’ll be the days later when you learned the lesson
when the regrets stand up like nocturnal predators
Call me

I’m a hard act to follow
Call me
I’make the hard pill easy to swallow
Call me
You can’t get a friend like me
I will be your guard when you in the heart of the enemy
when your back is to the wall with death in the vicinity
Call me
I don’t have far to come
Call me
I’ll be the only one
Call me
I will pick you up so you don’t have to run
Call me
When you alone and lonely
Call me
I’m your one and only