All I can do is urge you to go forward
Even when life seems to hold you back
I can’t go back on my words that is the life of a poet
Why go back on what you heard you live life flowing

Let the word of life sooth you and seal you
Let the word of life heal you
This is my work in your pain
I feel you in life sometimes you feel drained
What remains of this life when life is hard
When you feel challenged, broken to shards
Boxed in by obstacles lifes walls cave in
Don’t stop boxing till lifes oppression caves in
He is the light of life let the Copper come for you
This life is yours how can someone else say

“I will run for you”

However I do try because its a poets desire to rely
On a Metaphore or simile, Silly me to pun for you
And you can break out in life
or make out in life either way
what you take out of life
should be that life could be the
the best that life can be

If you got some where to go
drive in life, I’ll give you the gas money
Let me know how you make out
no better than last sunday
Life is a steakhouse
but sometimes in the sea of doubt
you are stuck at formica tables
eating some takeout
sometimes we face doubt that doesn’t mean
that we should go for the fake out
You can turn to me when nothings funny

When the light bills late
And the car aint running
And its 32 degrees
And you might well freeze

Even so you drop to your knees
“protect me lord from the likes of these”
Now I know the truth
And I’m just encouraging you

With a word or two