i wanted to load a video and had to much technical difficulty so i’m just going to add this sketch as you can see it is very one dimensional but this is how i got started with my interest into hip hop i guess you could say drawing in class is a “gateway drug” to hip hip

i am up dating this post to include a new sketch again this is just something i did during my down time just playing around i didn’t have any markers just two highlighters and a glue stick




kid in warren dies after being tased

ordinarily i don’t comment on police brutality BUT it is a huge part of hip hop. for some reason if you are concerned with hip hop going back to nwa and all the **** the police stuff you know that how the police are viewed in the community is a concern. my issue is that a man can only work with the tools he is given. i don’t know if using a taser is a good idea or not but it has always been my personal opinion that it is not a good idea unless the circumstances are quite extreme. 

i had long since wrote a poem about the extremism of using a taser i’m going to give that to you now followed by whatever i can find about the kid that died and of course my condolences go out to his family…

i’m not a journalist i’m a poet for a more journalistic approach to this issue check out 

now for the poem

The Taser Argument

have you ever had a beating
have you ever been whooped with a belt
some of you looking at me crazy right now
some of you will say yeah i been beat with everything but the kitchen sink
some of you might say naw my parent’s didn’t believe in that

when i was little my mom told me she would beat me cause she didn’t want no cops whooping on me out in the street
i see these kids now days the cops don’t beat on them
they don’t care enough about them to beat on them
what they do is they whoop them mercilessly
and don’t tell me that it’s just cops abusing their power
don’t tell me it’s been going on for years

i know back in the day if a cop snatched up a kid and put him in the hospital
that cop was gone have a conversation with that kids daddy
he was gone have to look another grown man in the eye and tell him why he felt the need to go hog in the cornfield on this man’s kid
it aint like that now
kid don’t have no daddy
i’ll hit this kid in the throat
this kid ain’t got no daddy
i’ll break a kids shin bone with one hit
i’ll crack this kid right in the face
naw why should i waste my energy
i’m going to tell you one more time
then i’m going to tase you
i’m going to put 50’000 volts thru a kid that’s 120 pounds
the taser
a device whose technology is a derivative of the cattle prod
“the cattle prod was originally created to apply a painful shock to cattle, and thus “prod” them along; the pain stimulates movement”

i looked it up wikipedia says “The use of electric cattle prods has been debated by many people.[1][2] Organizations such as PETA contend that the use of cattle prods is as much mentally harmful as it is physically. [3] Most farmers contend that the short shock is minutely felt, and soon forgotten.[4]”

farmers said that the cattle prod was minutely felt on animals and i’m no animal rights adovocate
i just want to know when did i kids become animals
the animals that they are talking about here weigh about 1000
maybe 1500 pounds
so somehow it was a good idea to tase a kid

the wikipedia article continued Electric prods have been used for the control of adverse self-injuring behavior in mentally handicapped people.

i wonder what that means when an officer tells a woman to put the cell phone down and he had to tase her
was she self injuring
i guess so she got herself tased
i wonder was she mentally handicapped
i guess so she got herself tased
what does it mean when peaceful protesters are told to move or else
and then someone is tased for insulting an officer
i’m insulted can i tase someone?


link to article about the kid that got tased to death in warren mi



i just added create it don’t matter its my art my publishing this is great

new ugly pic


believe me when i tell you there is no better feeling than publishing your own art work no matte how sucky it might be

i appreciate just having the platform to stand on
here’s to the modern day soap box
mind you i’m going to draw bette stuff but i’m just so fascinated by the opportunity to just do me i couldn’t pass this up
peace out
the first thing my wife said when she saw this picture is that it is ugly so im, adding another ugly pic give me a second to scan it in…
yup that’s pretty gross hahahaha

taking the steps

here is my latest and greatest…enjoy



Taking the Steps


Water into steam there is no escape only pressure

I’m doing my best to create

But I’m not sure that I can always come up to the level

I wander if I fed my mind the right foods

Or am I compromised by malnutrition

Sometimes I stop and listen to the healthful words

The same ears that hear scripture can take in the perverse

The same tounge that can pronounce and expound the depths of prose

Seems to be tangle in the rain forest depths of rage and curse


So I step back and try to really evaluate the situation

I want to write poetry full time make that an occupation

No one wants to pay to read words written by unlettered men

But as far as I’m concerned I’m a poetic veteran

I mean every part of my being every fiber in my soul drives me to write

And where I seem to be lacking I asked God for insight

And I seek out the knowledge really devour a textbook

Insight and wisdom seem to come in a texture

The depths of which are only part of my lecture


I knew that I would be doing something different

 when I used to rap with my friends

We could all make rhymes but mine would never end

I thought something was wrong

I wanted to go on and on

I didn’t want to limit my freestyle to a 3 min song

And now I’m checking myself everyday for the proof

Am I really a poet or just quite a loof

The only way to know is to come off the stoop

Start writing down my lyrics straight off the roof

I got some pain and some losses I might not recoup

Slam poetry for the people they all want a def jam

Personaly im just trying to help by taking the steps man


I want to leave you with some Erica Badu I have always love her style you know. My wife sais i got poor taste cause I like Fergi too. Thats ok you like who you like right? Here is Erica Badu at a poetry slam

I am a slam poet

I need everybody who visits this post to leave me a comment….
This poem is me going crazy really wanting my poetry to be something that everybody can feel
if you are a poet and you been writing and reading and just trying to get down you know put your little 2 cent on the map then you know how i feel….
in case you are some kind of a rube earl simmons is dmx and if you don’t know who he is google him

I’m a slam poet

I am a slam poet yes I am a for sure
I ain’t never been on def jam
I’m to insecure
If I ever meet russel simmons I’d probably pass out cold
If I ever met earl simmons I would probably lose my mind
The dude could never know how he influenced my rhymes
I’m on pace to take poetry over the top
I’m going to make a change some progress
I ain’t going to stop
I’m going to do for slam poetry
What diddy did for hip hop
I’m going to write a classic like jigga big and tupac
I’m yelling at the top of my lungs
But I’m low on the totem pole like ancestor dung
I’m writing all original content please holler if you hear me
Writing out my feelings
I’m feeling lonely
This blog is a lonely place
Some days I feel like I’m talking to myself just to fill the space
Check for me daily
Qualify me
Recognize me
Acknowledge my skill
I don’t have a lot of education
But I got a whole lot of will
I can read aloud but I can’t memorize nothing
So how can I be a slam poet if I can’t memorize nothing
You want poetry on a platter let me make you a plate
You want poetry from a master
I’m drunken great
Tim Duncan great
Quiet as wagon rolling downhill
I can wait for momentum to build
I been here for a minute hour day awhile
Now check my dope style
I’m creating something new
This is the how to
Take your time and apply yourself
I can show you how to
I arrange words like a linguistic composer
But if I don’t get some feedback I’m going to lose my composure
I am a slam poet yes I am a for sure
I ain’t never been on def jam
I’m to insecure
If I ever meet russel simmons I’d probably pass out cold
If I ever met earl simmons I would probably lose my mind
The dude could never know how he influenced my rhymes

Dull Pain

If this is your first time reading this blog, check out this short poem that I just wrote and leave me a comment. Also please  send a contribution so that I can get the publishing of my book completed

thanks dave

Dull Pain

No heart no emotion no cure for pain

Cold is the mental ice the veins

Up an down a few floors and what remains


The bitterness the scorn the heart is torn

Can’t get away from the day and the night forlorn

Look away from the past your regrets are gone


Could you pop popcorn or bake bread

Could you vacuum enough floors or make enough beds

Could you clean and scour before you begin to break


In the chest of a kitten is the heart of a falcon

And the deeper the picture the harder the outcome

You can’t touch the masses without corrective glasses


Mind your manners and begin to break ties

From those who hold the negative

like pans that bake pies.









Coming this friday I will have written a short one pager about Micheal Eric Dyson, as you know he is a strong advocate of positive hip hop culture and music. I don’t know much else about him so we can learn together.


I’m hoping to embed some video and get some usefull information from the good ole wikipedia

also don’t forget to check out Jadkiss new album which seems to be creating a monster buzz

and it looks like jim jones has some kind off documentaries coming out they don’t seem to be very positive in my personal opinion, but they do show his marketing genius so if you can learn something from them check them out.




Bible Reading Tonight

 I have the bible reading assignment tonight it is taken from Exodus 9:1-19.  In this assignment I read aloud the passage from the bible to the congregation. I take this assignment very seriously. In order to prepare I first listen to the bible on mp3 which you can find here.02_ex_e_092 the recording is from there you can download the NewWorld Translation of the Holy Scriptures.

I have to listen to it like a hundred times then I read the passage aloud in the mirror about 5 or 6 times till i’m pretty sure of the words and inflections that i want to use. I’m going to do the reading and a discussion of what i do to prepare at 9:30am this morning on my web cam then i will attach that to this post. i look forward to seeing you then…..

10:00am ok so it took me a tad longer than i thought that it would but everything is everything and this is my practice reading that i promised you i would show using the web cam. the theocratic ministry school is very important to the developement of christian ministers and i would encourage those of you who qualify to join if you haven’t already, now for the video….

Detroit Public Schools Black History Month

Detroit Public School – Black History Month


Close the doors and pull down the shades

It’s February again and the teacher has some words to exchange

She wants to know – What do I know about black history?

And then if it’s not much

she is going to put us back in touch

But she’s in a rush

cause she’s only got an hour and she needs to say so much


Its hard to believe but at the tender age

The time when I’m so easily influenced

She wants me to know the past

so that it can always influence

Whatever it is that I’m doing

She wants me to find a dream and pursue it


Hold my head up high and have some respect for myself

“the knowledge that you receive is a weapon itself”

And just like a soldier moving in stealth the underground railroad

Never got away from myself


I know that a book is a tool

That lays ignorance and cowardice to waste

A book is a mode of travel to get you out a bad place

A pen and pad are like a sword and shield

Or more like brick and mortar

And I’m ready to build


Please don’t find me to heavy I did this all for you

put my mind and my sanity on the line all for you

I use to write in the dark now I write in the light

And fight so hard to make sure that I’m doing it right


And I’m making the rules so even if I’m breaking the rules

I feel that I should have the first right to refuse

To do anything other than to be black and die

Instead I just get up of my little cot my little pity spot


And I stand or I sit

I ran or I writ or I wrote

That even if I’m no politico

I know that it was important

For people to die to vote or to be put into jails

Prison in such

 for refusing to touch

 or enroll in the militias and such


Please soujourn soujorner

 and win for these losers

And if you can do it under pressure

 then I will accept

The first right of refusal


The right to defy

Those who deny

That I can say what I want

In the way that write


Just as long as my song shows that It came with a gift

I used the powers of good and I came to uplift


So in that moment in time in the back of my mind

I’m thinking about the movie as she’s pressing rewind

And I’m trying to find

the love for mankind


As I’m not sure if she showed me my soul

or the twoness of it

If I could march like a King

Am I Fredrick Douglass  

Could I be one of the Pantha’s brothers


I’m so conflicted  by this point in the lesson

Yet she is steadily pressing

 me to answer some questions

Will you fulfill a destiny fore written in failure?

Or will you write your own story and drop it in a mailer?….


What was I supposed to tell her?

What would you have told her

Fall off into mediocrity and hear her every day for 15 years

standing over my shoulder

Now I’m getting these words off my chest and they feel bigger than boulders

But this is the only way that I can see to give

Her efforts some closure



since writing this poem i have to shed light on a sad situation

someone took a picture of a dps book depository

i don’t know how accurate this is i am not a journalist but this is heart rending i’m going to see if i can post the picture below

dps books

dps books


i hope this isn’t true ya’ll hit me up and say it isn’t so