Help Yourself Poem

i thought that i had posted the lyrics to the help yourself poem but i must have forgot don’t worry i’ll publish the words later i’m trying to get the video thing down now so check out this reading of my poem entitled Help Yourself

So here are the words to the help yourself poem that i promised

Help Yourself

I’m running but I’m winded

And as I near the finish

I realize this is only the beginning


In the moments when I felt my soul was troubled

And I couldn’t make my feet travel the path

I felt like someone had blocked my passage

Like I couldn’t really carry the message


When I was feeling locked away

Like I had lost a day

And all the other runners were passing me

It is only now that I see that the path for me

Is well paved for me and this is the energy that is saving me


I dare not waste away or pitch my talent off the cliff of negativity

Instead I would rather run the race positively

I should have death meet me after I have fought the fine fight

After I have made my wrongs write


It is so simple anyone could have done it

Or so I thought but it seems that the path cut for me was just for me

I’m  the one doing the running but my feet ain’t hurting

And one thing is certain

I’m being helped because I decided to help myself


Believe me

I’m not playing me

When I say I was on my knees praying

Head down frowning

Tied up my shoes and got up off the ground then


I felt that much more refreshed

And as I got close to the finish

I felt the need to express myself

And thank God for his help




the title of this poem is chest pain

Chest Pain


I got this pain an pressure

no relief no sleep it’s stabbing me on the left
uhhh the left side of my chest


I just need some rest
I have to do better than the rest
I need to rise up better than the best
this is my only escape from this madness

I got money I can’t spend it
I got thoughts that keep spinning
I can’t get to the pen fast enough to pen them

Anxiety is a high for me where is my sobriety
I’m taking in these thoughts like a drunk steady drinking

I’m shaking out these thoughts like the philosopher thinking
I’m going to free my peeps like Abraham Lincoln
then I got to cure this cough before I end up in a coffin

I’m walking down the sidewalk just to myself talking
and I find myself speaking to myself so often
that I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever have time
to quiet my mind

and maybe in time find the peace of mind
“that excels all thought”


the peace you work to find it
I’m just gone have to step out on faith

I don’t know how many times I need to be reminded
I suppose every day I awake and repeat the mantra
“1 tenth of all I earn is mine to keep”
and a portion of my mind is dedicated to peace
and as I arrive at the conclusion it’s l2:30
I hope that I can find my sleep

Keep it 100

I wrote this poem in days that were more positive then these past few. I’m trying to wake up the positive inside.


My trials are stepping stones
My tribulations are a teacher
My hardships carry me like cruise ships
And my problems are solved by my super computer long
before I ever see them

My handshake is a bridge from Detroit to Atlanta
My smile is the northern light
My shoe size is Texas and I keep a bible in my book bag
I keep a leather belt and I try not to let my pants sag

I got words for the wise and slang for the thinkers
I even brought bottle of scotch for those who are drinkers
I got green tea in my bag if whiskey is to strong
And I brought some chocolate with me so we could all get along

Did I tell you I got a glove size big as Joe Louis
I got eyes dark as the desert on a moonless night
I got an appetite like a termite the one that ate the tapeworm

If you must be specific
I got a love like Tameka hall but lets be realistic
I’m motivated like John Henry they love to see me running
I’m like the red ice cream truck they love to see me coming

I’m filling up with air like a wind sock
Then I’m letting it all out
And I run away from the negative
Before drowning in a sea of doubt


I had to update this post after Jay-z dropped D.O.A. he has a line where he says
 “kayne told me to kill ya’ll to keep it 100”
i was dying laughing when he said that it was an over serious line but i was on some silliness


Words that I’ve been writing lately haven’t come to me easy

I don’t have the latest satire from the tv

I’ve been studying with my kids daily even weekly

But now I’m at a road block and its just not easy

In fact its harder now for me to just write my opinion

Knowing that at some point it might be read by millions

Under the critism of the bloggers and those who provide the critisim

Plus I got the tv going and the kids bathing

And the 3 month old misbehaving

And me im just barely creating a space

I lit some candles put on some sandles

Pulled out the peanut butter crackers and tried to create a mood

In my busy living room its like a living boom

I can’t think a clear thought its like looking thru a gloom

Though I’m not glum at least not as bad as some

I’m trying my hardest to get up the mountain

So if you are there

Then here I come

Give me peace

Let me find release

Rome wasn’t built in a day and

And this book wont be wrote in a week but if it’s not relevant I can hardly speak



ok you guys like the writer’s block poem so i decided to up date it by addding another one so here it is


Don’t pause don’t hesitate don’t be mad at all

To create is to be like God so I’m trying to be like the creator

Write these words prose or poems motivation motivator

Cultivation cultivator curator orator orchestrator in orchestration

My deepest concentration leveled by the illumination of my words


Words that fall on the sheet faster than I can call them up to the stage

They stand on the page they hug kiss and wave they give thanks to God

Props to biggie and pac they throw their hands up and wont stop

These words wrangle wrest and jest with thoughts of unrest battling

Like they could actually win a contest they flee from the depressed

And run to the oppressed they jump up off my chest like jubilance manifest…..


Yet I’m calm but these words bear the wrath of khan and the strength of kong

King and we march on and sing like Africans in a marathon gas station this nation

Is remiss on the equation when at 4 dollars a gallon I can’t drive to work I might catch

The bus the words start to cuss and I trust that there must be a filter because I’m so off kilter

If I ever leave I’ll finally get there……breath


Then stomp the yard while I’m holding one mike Tyson eric dyson not fighting

Just biting off ice cube and my teeth are sensitive and commence to give me head aches

Till I can’t take my hand shakes like the fan base of fat joe and joe budden I still love them

Give me a chance is all I’m saying somebody tell them I ain’t playing I’m running for President

Unders Sarah palin with both arms flailing text kwame Kilpatrick and see what is he saying

This is the word for words trailing the end of a sentence though they come in myriads

They all eventually get stopped by a period.




link to my video on youtube

Stepping Out On Faith

Stepping Out On Faith


I saw a shadow of talent I felt afraid and challenged
now I’m just trying to find my balance
as far as success im starting to form the callus

Yes believe me when I tell it
because if you saw it you really wouldn’t believe it
move out of God’s way to receive it
step out on faith and breath in
hope that you don’t caught up in something foolish
I’m just trying to stay positive

You know how many people I asked if this could be done

If I could write out my frustration
give little kids some motivation
use my lyrics to motivate a nation
the negative came like summer rain

And it looked like I was going to be flooded
and just when the water was getting muddy
I stopped and prayed turned my anger and rage
to a positive page


 My momma told me
“if you don’t have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all”

I refuse to sit here and say nothing at all
so let me say some words to make the little people feel tall
I could speak up for the under dog my voice could be seen in the fog
and I’m here for good so don’t expect me to just leave in the fall
this is my chance to show snow flakes how cool I am
or I could gather my seeds and show growth in the spring

I hope i’m not wasting my rhymes

sometimes i feel i’m wasting my rhymes
why am i writing what am i fighten
why does my chest tighten when i feel frightened
and i can’t stop writing its like a storm inside me
it there resting and hiding until out it comes
like when the nose runs and won’t stop running
the flows just keep coming like locust
i just seem to focus until inanimate objects come to life
and my pen just starts to write like my hands not attached
i’m away from reality just waiting to come back
and when i check my lyrics are as serious as heart attack
i’m just afraid one day im going to step out into the rain
the rain of my brain that causes these thoughts to grow
and the rivers of my thought to flow
will someday overcome me and wash me away like the
sunshine when the sky is grey
they won’t both coexist
so can i exist with this constant mist
that seems to evaporate and recycle itself
is it good for my mental health
or my existential self
i don’t mean to be selfish
but i’m trying to solve this
before i go off into whatyamacalit
you know when your mind ain’t right
and you can’t right cause they restrain your hands
they download a new program to retrain your hands
and they control alt delete gods plans
leave it to man
it makes me nervous
sometimes if forget to notice
that God don’t plan instead he’s got a purpose
what his is for me is what is so frightening
why my chest is tightening
because i need to step out on faiths steps
and stop holding on to the platforms that man provides
i just need to give over my strides to his side
in my mind im’ trying to pick sides
and the good i want to is like can do
inside burning like a candle
its almost to much to handle
so in my stead i hand you
all that i can do
in the form of my 1,2 ayo
1,2 and you don’t stop
unless you want to

OH! OH! OH! Cotton Pickin Dave

I got something for you guys today, I thought I might have already posted this poem but i guess not cause i was reading thru looking for it and didn’t see it. This one i chock full of simile and metaphor so dig deep and ride with me folks. We going to bring the Harlem renaissance back no matter what.

On a side note I saw a video on World Star Hip Hop dot com there is a rapper from detroit named Trick Trick I’m sure you heard him he raps with Eminem some times. I been a fan since back when he made that song “Everywhere We Go We Deep” I love that song, I just want to say to Trick Trick there are some good bloggers out here and we still checking for you so keep ya head up…

Now What You’ve been waiting for.

Cotton Pickin Dave

this is my way of putting the world on notice
a man against the odds i played my hand the closest
at least as close as i could
i kept my flyers posted
and my soapbox from rotten
by talkin up the topics
that have long been forgotten

i’m in the field picking cotton
this is hard work but i got no other option
i could put the life and the savior on these pages
but if i don’t stand up and say something outrageous
then they not worth reading who are you believing

unless i can get to where you believe in the calamity
alcholisim, runaway kids, cause the can’t find love in the family
teenage pregnancy no longer is a tragedy
not with abortion as the going option
and ya’ll wonder why i say i’m out here pickin cotton
because my chest is going concave im in shock
like the slave in stocks
and i got whipps on my back like slaves on the block
looking with they eyes cocked
nowdays its not they eyes but the 45’s and the glocks
and its still the same block

now tell me that it’s not
they got brothers running from sisters
like felons from the cops
scared them off
not with a whip going pop
or a tar and feather kit
but a child support letter
from the old confederates
saying you better get 255 a week to this lady 
or we will garnish your check for the whole 3-80

babies seperated from they daddy’s by two states

pain in there heart just like a tooth ache

can’t make it right with toothpaste
turn the love around then you call them two faced
cause he in another girls apartment with new space
and she just trying to give you space

what’s next
lil mama on another check
so she can’t get no respect
at the office for family independance and welfare
she ain’t doing so well and it don’t seem fair
welfare for healthcare
but it aint health here
cause the family’s bleeding

and i can’t blame nobody else if i’m the reason
a man with a hand full of kid
nowdays that’s just treason

got these kids but you can’t feed them
4 cans of similac cost a hundred green ones
2 bedroom apartment 8 hundred green ones
1 bag a diapers will wipe out your beer money
and you say you love your girl but you got no dear money

she can’t window shop that’s me bending my back
i work to many hours that’s me breaking my back
i get home tired that’s the whip going crack
my kids want to go to the park that’s the whip going crack
they need school clothes thats a cut on my hands
my little man want the new jordans but unless them new shoes
make money from the soldiers boy dance
then my little soldier getting them shoes is an awful slim chance

my baby girl growing up with my ex-wife smile
and i’m trying to love my baby girl but i can’t stand my ex right now
cotton is real soft but i’m a hard head man with real talk
i don’t want my little girl growing up stripping her heels off
i try to talk to her real soft
so she knows how a gentleman will talk
an i don’t want her to fall off the curb just because black got a coupe
you can go black and get your education too
and you can have kids walk back and forth to school
i’m a real dad i do what real dad’s do

and my son can’t never cry
cause if i ever die there won’t be time for grieving
i wont’ him back on the grind that very same evening
say a prayer for me but as long as the family is breathing
then when it time to live you have your reason
and in your heart i will be a true supporter
so go forth into the world that’s your marching orders
an never ever feel sorry for yourself
no matter how low they take you
cause them cracks from the whip are designed to break you

i know you won’t believe me less i’m up hear bleeding
but i’m the most dangerous cotton picker cause i’m up here

and i’m bout to change this life we in
i’m like eli whitney and the new cotton gin
only i prefer scotch to hen
so when we come up out the fields
let the party begin

Batteries not included

I am really just a little guy, the underdog of underdogs just doing my little part to reform hip-hop. I just really want to bring it back to the point where hip hop unifies instead of divides. I don’t get paid for doing this, I would like to someday but for now let’s just do this for the cause.  Put your hands up if you feel me……

Batteries Not Included


come down to my level for a second
this is eye level for a layman
I’m just saying
I know that I could never really understand
the rules of the game that you playing
but if you are true players
why you drive a hummer and  your mother’s house
don’t have no stairs
why do you park an escalade on the grass
and allow glass on the street
the trees on your block tearing thru the concrete
it looks bad but I guess its not important
as long as you got on new Jordan’s
and your son is 3 so he has to be fresh
even though I’m not sure who he’s going to impress other than me
because I am thoroughly impressed

I drive thru the hood and some of the houses
lived in mind you didn’t even have windows
maybe these cats are just squatting
working the same as me
trying to reach a ledge just to hang on
but some of these cats leave these houses
to radiate at parties
and if that’s what’s needs to be done
could you just explain to me what the game should be
because I guess I’ll never know

I’m looking low I keep my head down
and don’t be mad at what I’m saying now
I just want to shed some light
and if I had the capital I could spread that right
or I could stand on the soapbox and throw rocks
at the cars with the spinners
because you just paid for your wheels
a years worth of dinners
and meals for those that have none

and I guess I understand why some
grab some that belongs to others
if that’s the way they feed they baby mothers
but if crimes on the rise
and jail population increases
I would rather put the convicts
in college increase there conviction in knowledge
give them the opportunity to teach squatters
what really matters
give them a chance at ownership of store fronts

pay me back for the mishaps with a steady stream
I can foresee in a dream the time that was taken misshaping your views
because to say things are ridiculous now is an understatement
and maybe the street is better used if you just take a broom and sweep it
and I know its not your responsibility but if you lay some concrete on the sidewalk
and take your trucks off the grass
and trim those trees
and put some stairs up to your moms house
and if I could just get you to re-hang those gutters
yeah the gutters you might not get to sleep all day
and trap all night
but you could hang some shingles
and get the windows right
paint a lil something
it could be cheap latex
you just might be surprise by what comes next
now you rolling in the hummer with TV, spinners
and a little self respect



lead them to the water but you can’t make them drink

how can I feed others if I haven’t eaten myself
I need to eat first then increase myself
and some of these foods that my brother will reach for
they have no substance no nutrients
your hair will turn grey to soon and your teeth will all fallout

it’s a lot of people standing
like they don’t know how to find a seat in this house
get your grandmother a seat
don’t have her stand long
and bring one up for your aunt too
if peoples is gone eat they gots to have a place to sit
if you gone feed people you can’t do it while you hungry
tell me what you eating on

always feed on your bible that’s your daily nourishment right there
got you some Toni Morrison you can’t go wrong with that
I tossed in some W.E.B. Dubois cause you need to know something
and I haven’t got to it but just like my salad
I’m planning on having some Booker T. Washington
and some Tavis Smiley, and some Dr. Dyson

yeah I’m gone head and get with this Dyson
even though I still love me some Bill Cosby
yall can be mad I used to go see Cosby live
when he was doing his show for free so don’t tell me bout Cosby
I can remember a time when Cosby was the only black face I saw
on the TV now it’s trying to be a black president
got black folks everywhere singing dancing
movie acting traveling all over seas…

I’m taking it all in cause I need to feed the peoples
some of”m is straight starving
I can lead them to the water
and I can offer them the bread
but if they don’t want to eat
tell me what the wan do instead

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