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I was going to delete all my post but I’ve decided to just leave them they represent part of my past

I’m changing now, I still write and I love poetry, but i think I will leave blogging to the experts

Thanks for the comments emails and collaborations….maybe I’ll peek in for a visit sometime….then again probably not

No more

Just Dave


For my brother’s wedding

Time I tried to live
Live without my rib
Sitting at the crib feelin kinda glib
Me without my make up
The time that I could take up
Not to many more days I feel that I could wake up
Bruises on my side
Let go of my pride
Found my one and only
Down for me to ride

Now I’m thanking the provider
Feel like a survivor
Making up the measure
More than my pleasure
I start a new ledger no marks on my etcher
I can do without the lecture just show my appreciation
Before the congregation I take the legislation
And give her my admiration

It could hour it could take a day
I’m waking from a dream
To have my breath taken away
I don’t know how else to say it
Bone of my bone I feel so refreshed
Underneath these insights flesh of my flesh
Born for the day of distress i only wish happiness
And if you never get me at all
You will always get my best

Eric Thomas Motivational (

u only know what u know

Sometimes you’re in a fight and don’t even know you fighting

Sometime you freestyle and don’t even know you writing

You watch your work for what you can’t see hoping to improve


[My own hands deceive me what you want me to do]


My fingers move so fast I never dodge the jab

I just had to laugh as I gave it all I had

The pencil to the pad “your mine” is all I said

I created my own outline broke it just like bread

I never needed a stencil please don’t be mislead


No homonyms no similes I tried to keep it simple

My daddy told me speak direct most people here are see thru


[In alchemy it’s the gold in Savannah it’s the system]


Its freezing cold but they telling me its temperate

I’m in savannah drying out but they telling me its humid

You want me to trust the process you really think I’m stupid

This is where the buck stops this is where the proof is

Come to me I’ll prove it I feel I’m bout to lose it


Third quarter you don’t slow down you see the chains and move’m

Don’t stop the game run the ball hopeing that you lose’m


If I break my stare glance away or begin to get distracted

I swear these jokers think I’m weak they never did a fact check

Cheeto dust on my finger tips my keystrokes is salty

Tipped off like a poolstick but I won’t let you chalk me

A sidewalk full of loud colors what would you do without me

Don’t fear the noise you worry when you think that I stopped talking


Change a tide by swimming change my life by living

I’m doing all the dirty work and praying to be forgiven

You want to see me scraping crawling thru the basement

But all my basements finished and I’ll be upstairs in a minute

I hope the time spent was worth it stay steady smirking

Where I’m from no perping more or less for certain

I’m more about that murking “green leafs” on the gable

If I did it for the Vine then its only cause I’m Able


Dirty shoe strings pet rocks and mood rings
Thought I was locked and loaded who knows what the mood brings
Gold ropes and plaque bracelets that match the earrings
Life sets you up which way to go sit back and laugh step into the throw
Which way does the wave fall which way do you fall
Roll over to your back and crawl
I never thought I would see the day….when words mean nothing at all

jay z over barneys

so you know where i stand

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Thank you (911)

Thank you for these bible studies
For making me survival ready
When the days was feeling heavy
Thank you for feeding me

Thank you for reading me
And helping me to believe in me
Thank you for receiving me
This is the giving tree

I just want to show my generosity
And thank you for using me
Or else I’m useless and lets not be ridiculous
Thank you for having me

Thank you for giving me a purpose
Thank you for letting me worship
Thank you for waking me
Thank you for taking me rescuing me

truth is

They all got the truth but somebody lying
And I don’t mean to be disrespectful
So I will say that somebody is misrepresenting
Somebody need to get checked when it come to checks
And with all due respect cause really I’m chilling
I’m a civilian so its not like I’m making a killing
But when you facing the realness you might
Want to one yourself
leave before they take your wealth
Bullies make you punch yourself
Nothing better me cracking up
Sitting on the sidelines with my side rhymes
No method style or fashion internet crashing
Money stashing and no plastic to cash in
I think I might need to put my name on a t shirt
Cats wearing skirts and capes this world is
And there seems to be no escape

Squats and lunges you was gone lie
But the truth got pulled like a plunger
The coldest winter ever meets the cruel summer
The truth is I want to Skate (wheels on flat screens) on 72” sony screens
Put a volcano on the digital feed
The truth is I appreciate the genius
I want to be king but I don’t want the worship
I want to love God perfect and you making me nervous
Cause my confidence on level 11
you look like a 6 or 7
With very low inhibitions
And really what is the mission
Girl listen
why you think they need so much money
Even the Christians be like – “picture me rolling”
How you hiding and holding
Full house and folding
You cant be square and rolling
I’m just saying somebody lying
They switch colors and sides at their own convenience
And I just smh like I ain’t seeing it

I have no desire to be around liars
Keep my ideas on chains and wires
The truth is very few have me inspired
I could name them but for what
Check my lines if you cant read the influence
Then the truth is its not there I don’t got to ride no coattails
I ‘ve been at this long enough to come up with tall tales or
Truth tell True tales
Cut this thing cook this thing and create sales
So why lie
I’m not on the rocks or ropes
My god you ask
Why lie beneath the guise of a blog
Simply because those who seek shall find
And those who have the talent in their hand
Still more times than not will pass on it
You got the winning hand and you throw your hand in
Me I’m not gone let you do it to me
You gone have to find me
Then remind me
Why you trying to to mind me
I will make you mine me
dig for the copper cultivate this precious metal
precious medal that I’m working for
pass the Pulitzer new York times bestseller
the only thing on my mind
Detroit renaissance rhymes
Even Floyd Mayweather was made in time
So I’m going to need a minute to polish
Before I shine
Like the the truth

6th grade weirdo

O don’t stop now striving for the best this is not how the sixth grade speaks
But I’m doing it for the sixth grade geeks I wish somebody wrote a page for me
No standing down
I’m by the teachers desk no stopping now
Who will hold me down
Will you hold me down
How about you will you hold me down

This is not how the sixth grade speaks but I’m talking
You want to dodge pain start walking
These words are all chocolate girl I want to see your bangs
Can I touch’em now I’m a weirdo standing by the teachers desk I’m here you
Who can hold me down who will hold me down will the girl with bangs maybe hold me down

Cut the fat off the slab the peel off an orange nothing rhymes with orange
And the sixth grade doesn’t sound like this but I’m still here by the teachers desk
The poet starts some mess this is not for the MET this is no John Keats
This is the first time you put DMX on repeat and I need you to save a place for me
Will you hold me down
I need you so bad
I’m so thirsty I’m so desperate I’m so sick and tired
I’m nothing to mess with

And the sixth grade will never sound like this
There is no Tere Mckinney, no Shawna Gill
Just poets notion to keep it real
And will you hold me down
I think you can hold me down
I’m a weirdo I just made you smile
And I’m by the teachers desk till the poem ends
And I think you got a place for me

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